Skinny Body Care Review – Is it Worth It?

Skinny Body Care ReviewIn my Skinny Body Care Review, I will reveal information on the company, the products, and the compensation plan.

This information is for those of you that are either interested in learning more about Skinny Body Care before you join, or for those that are already a member and want to learn a bit more about the company you’ve just joined.

Either way, some of the information might be shocking to some, so make sure to read my final thoughts about Skinny Body Care at the end of this review.

But first a little about me.

My Story

Wallace NuanezI am just going to share the condensed version but you can find my full story in the about me page of this site.

Hello my name is Wallace Nuanez, I have been marketing online for over 7 years now successfully. I have built teams over 20k in less than a year and have made over 60k in one month.

I tell you this not to brag or to boast but to let you know that the information you are about to read is coming from someone that is successful and not information from some re-hashed review that is re-written.

Enough about me…

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The Skinny Body Care Company

Ben Glinsky CEOThe Skinny Body Care company was founded in January 2011 and the owner is Ben Glinsky and the company headquarters is located in Texas.

Ben has created some of the most successful Internet friendly companies on the Internet and has always paid out on time all the time.

Since the launch of the company in January, 2011, the company has been doing very well financially and has made huge profits.

The Products

Skinny FiberThe flagship product of Skinny Body is their “Skinny Fiber”. Skinny fiber’s main ingredient is Glucomannan, this ingredient is a fiber, and when ingested will expand to 50X its size inside your stomach giving you the feeling of being full or stuffed.

The other ingredients include Carralluma which is a natural appetite suppressant and Chá de Bugre, which comes from the coast of Brazil. This is another type of appetite suppressant but is said to be a slight energy booster and to promote a healthy metabolism.

Ageless Anti Aging Skin CreamUPDATE: The new product is called Ageless. This product is an Anti-Aging Skin Cream.

The Marketing System

With all of Ben Glinskys programs, they are well known to have high converting marketing systems.

The marketing system that Skinny Body Care has is the powerline system. This works in a way that when people join for free after you, the system will notify you that “JOE SIGNUP” just joined after you, and if you do not upgrade by the cut-off date then you will lose that commission from “Joe” if “JOE SIGNUP” decides to upgrade on or before the cut-off date.

This type of “fear of loss” marketing strategy works incredibly well. The conversions for this type of strategy are very high and also proven.

I personally like this system more for the binary pay plan type programs rather than the matrix type compensation plan that Skinny Body Care has, but I can tell you it does work and works very well.

The Compensation Plan

Skinny Body Care Pay PlanThe compensation plan is a 3 x 8 matrix.

There are 8 ways to get paid, they are:

Training Bonuses, Retail Bonuses, Fast Start Bonuses, Matrix Commissions, Infinity Matching Bonuses, Bulk Order Bonuses, Monthly Leadership Pools, and Rank Achievement Bonuses. Here is pay plan page from the corporate site.

The levels will have various amount of percentage payout, and you will need to rank at the higher rank levels to open up all 8 levels.

As a distributor you open up 6 levels, and at the Gold level on, you now open up all 8 levels.

Skinny Body Care Compensation Plan

Many people that have experience with matrix type compensation plans have a love hate relationship with them.

This is because if you fall on the right position in the matrix with some really good promoters on top of you, you can literally have thousands of people upgrade underneath you without you having to sponsor anyone, but there are many times where you will just get a few or no one spill over from the people that are on top of you in the matrix.

So its a gamble if you’re just in it to get spill over.

If you really want to succeed with Skinny Body Care, you really need to build a team, and have duplication throughout the ranks where everyone is enrolling new members.

This is the true formula to win at these type of compensation plans.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, the Skinny Body Care Company is a solid and long term company.

Is Skinny Body Care a Scam?

No, but I do feel the powerline marketing system is a bit deceptive, just because the Skinny Body Care compensation plan is in a Matrix style, if it were a binary pay plan, then there would be no deception in that aspect, and originally, that’s what the powerline marketing system was designed for.

Other than that small detail, I think that Skinny Body Care is a good company.

Would I join Skinny Body Care?

No, just because the style I am more into is not so much product based programs anymore, but if I were to market an Internet friendly company that has a great marketing system, Skinny Body Care ranks up there.

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Hope you enjoyed my review on the Skinny Body Care Opportunity and make sure to leave a comment below.

Take care,

– Wallace

3.5 / 5 stars