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Relationship Energy Review – RE 247364

By Wallace Nuanez

Relationship Energy RE 247365 is a exciting new company just launched not to long ago and is making a huge wave in the industry.  [leadplayer_vid id=”541BB2E8DC815″] Exactly what is RE 24/7/365 all about? In certain areas throughout North America, energy rates remain regulated. It has allowed energy providers to enter the markets and provide their […]


The Race Cycler Review

By Wallace Nuanez

The Race Cycler is yet another cycler company to hit the market. If you know me and what I think of cyclers, then be prepared for my upcoming opinions about the cycler type programs. I personally do not see anything special about this cycler program but what I will do is break it down for […]


Gold Crowd Funding Review

By Wallace Nuanez

Gold Crowd Funding is a very interesting and unique business opportunity that will help earn extra money from home. Update: They just changed their name over to WeShare Crowd Funding. This opportunity has many unique moving parts to it that I found very refreshing and exciting in many ways, I’ll get into those in a […]


Global One – Ultimate Power Profits TOTAL Review

By Wallace Nuanez

So what exactly is Ultimate Power Profits or Global One? Sorry to laugh a bit, but as of writing this article, I have been approached by countless affiliates that really don’t have a clue on what it is exactly. What I mean by that is not many know what products they have, or how exactly […]