Limu Review – What Is Limu – Is Limu a Scam?

Limu reviewIn this Limu Review I will cover the company, the Limu compensation plan, and the Limu products, I will also cover at the end of this article whether or not Limu is a scam and also does Limu really work.

Let me introduce myself first.

About Me

My name is Wallace, I have been in Network Marketing for several years now, almost 13, and 6 of those years I have been a full time Marketer.

I have grown a team of over 20,000 in less than a year, and have made close to $60k per month.

I tell you this not to brag or boast but to let you know that this Limu reviews is from someone that is successful in the industry and has seen many companies, and compensation plans come and go, and by the end of this review you should have a better understanding about what is Limu in my Limu review.

You are going to get value and truth, so I hope you enjoy.

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The Limu Review

Limu CEO Gary J RaserThe Limu company was founded in 2003 by Gary J. Raser. The company is located in Lake Mary, Florida and has grown very nicely over the years.

I don’t know the guy personally and have never worked with him either, but from what I can research online about the guy, he doesn’t seem to have that much negativity surrounding him.

With that said, I would always do your due diligence on every aspect of the company and the owners before jumping into to an opportunity that you want to last.

More about Gary and the Origins of Limu in the video below.

Limu is now in over 19 countries including Japan, Taiwan, Canada and Australia and the latest numbers are looking great.

Since the Limu inception they have donated a percentage of sales to help support charities, with a focus on children, families, homes and community improvement, which is always important.

Limu has also been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, the Wall Street Reporter, Direct Selling News, USA Today, Your Business at Home, Women’s Health and Fitness and Network Marketing Business Journal.

The Products

Limu Products Seaweed in a bottleThe main ingredient in the Limu products are Fucoidan, Fucoidan is actually a marine bio-active within the limu moui plant that grows in the sea off of the coast of Tonga.

The people on the island of Tonga have been using this brown seaweed for thousands of years in the form of tea, poultices, and rubs.

This brown seaweed has actually been through numerous scientific studies and research on the health benefits. (more info about the studies can be found on the company site)

The main flagship product in this Limu Reviews is “Limu Original” this drink has a smooth refreshing taste with some great health benefits from the Limu moui.

Limu LeanWhat is Limu Lean is a weight management system that will help you lose weight that is combined with the ingredient limu moui. The lean is a great meal replacement.

Limu Energy (BluFrog) is a energy drink that will give you energy throughout the day, improves performance, and also has the benefits of limu moui.

The Compensation Plan

Limu Compensation PlanIn my Limu Review I also cover the compensation plan. The Limu Compensation plan is basically a hybrid uni-level and pretty complicated to explain all the details here so I have included a detailed video that should cover most of it.

You are going to have to sponsor, and duplication must happen in order for your team to rank advance in this compensation plan to make the big bucks.

There is the fast start bonuses, leadership bonuses, matching pay, and rank advance bonuses, plus other incentives.

The company promotes to come in at the Fast Pack Track which is either the $499 level or the $999 pack.

Here is the video:

My Limu Review Conclusion

Is Limu a Scam?

No, not at all, Limu is a legitimate company with great products and great compensation plan.

With that said, would I join this company, probably not, but I would def. support them and also take the product.

Make sure to leave a comment below on my Limu review, and I hope now you have a better understanding on What is Limu.

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– Wallace

4.5 / 5 stars