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My Family Fooling Around“How An Out Of Work Truck Driver Was Able To Learn This Crazy Internet Stuff To Be Able To Go From Flat Broke To Earning 5 figures a Month”

Hello my name is Wallace, and I am a Internet and Network Marketing Professional. If I would say what aspect of Internet Marketing that I excel at, I would have to say that SEO (search engine optimization) and VSEO (video search engine optimization) is my expertize.

But first let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my story…

I started out in Network Marketing doing the traditional type of marketing like the going to malls, approaching my friends and family, dropping sizzle cards everywhere… taping sizzle cards everywhere, talking to anyone that came within 3 feet of me (the 3 foot rule), even picking up the yellow-pages and calling realtors.

I got burnt out very quickly doing that…

After just mediocre results, I thought that there had to be a better way, so that’s when I looked towards the Internet as a marketing arm because I thought what better way to get my message in front of everyone than the Internet. So that’s what I did, I went on the Internet and studied and then studied, and then studied… and after 2 years of studying and applying I was finally making some decent money.

Not having a guide or training back then was tough but I didn’t quit!

I really think a big factor for me sticking to it and not giving up was that the economy wasn’t doing so well, I had been let go from a dead end job of being a truck driver, and lost my newly purchased truck, lost my new house, and could not find a decent paying job anywhere due to the economy, so I was stuck working a crappy telemarketing job.

Telemarketing wasn’t paying nearly enough for us to move out of the crappy apartment we were living in with the amount of money I was bringing in so I got this crazy idea to try to make some extra money with the Internet somehow.

I had a new baby on the way, and still had to feed my 2 young kids that were under the age of 3. My back was against the wall, and companies were just not hiring me.

Those were dark and tough times for me and my family…

I even asked my wife to go stay with her mom till I was able to make enough money to support all of us, but she would not hear any of it, or even think about leaving my side, so we all stuck together through the tough times, and her decision made me more determined and focused to figure out this crazy Internet Marketing stuff that I couldn’t and would not fail at it, it was not a choice, I HAD to succeed no matter what!

I busted my butt everyday, learning from people that were having success and started applying and consistently testing methods that I could afford (mostly SEO), so I kept growing in skill set and was very hungry and focused to not give up and succeed for my wife and kids.

It was tough and I failed more times than I succeeded, but…

It was tough, but eventually I learned to just focus on the stuff that was working and not worry about the stuff that wasn’t working… when I started focusing on the stuff that worked, that is when the light bulb went off, and that is when I started making REAL money online!

I worked my way up to where I was making the money that I was making when I lost my job as a truck driver, then shortly after making more and more.

I started with a Network Marketing company and grew it strictly on the Internet to where I was one of the top earners and top recruiters within that company, then also went into Affiliate Marketing, selling other peoples products as well as making my own products and selling them too, but my passion is Network Marketing.

I FINALLY got out of Debt but not all my goals were achieved…

My original goal has always been to build a Network Marketing Company into a mind boggling income, and I know that in order to do this, I am going to have to help many people succeed in making money in Network Marketing by showing and teaching people what it takes to become a successful online entrepreneur, this is where the idea of my site was born.

Many would say I have accomplished this goal, but I still feel I need to help more people succeed??

Maybe its just my mindset, I don;t know, but that is just me.

My site is a site that is not only a lead generating funnel for my primary business and recommended programs, it is also meant to be in front of every Network Marketer that needs help in earning a sustainable income on-line ‘the right way’ so that they can get out of the struggles that I had, much faster.

I hoped you enjoyed my short bio about me and some of my struggles…

Also, make sure to learn more about what my passion is by clicking the ‘learn more’ link below.


To your success,

Wallace Nuanez
phone – 623 242 2507
skype – wrnuanez
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/wnuanez