AdsProfitReward In-Depth Review

adsprofitreward - ads profit rewardAdsProfitRewards is another program that has a revenue sharing model that is becoming the hottest trend since 2012.

The reason why this model is so hot is because its turning the failure rate in Network Marketing around.

It is actually throwing the old 98% of people fail in Network Marketing statistic on its head to an incredible 98% of people succeed in Network Marketing.

Let me explain, but first.

Who Am I

Wallace NuanezHi, my name is Wallace, I have been marketing several different programs, services, and products online successfully for about 7 years now.

I have been involved with several MLM Companies for over 12 years.

I am married and have 3 kids all under the age of 6 as of writing this review.

I am the sole income earner for my family and have been for those 7 years.

Life is good, especially when I am able to see my kids grow, make the money I want, and more importantly make my own hours.

I am not telling you to brag or boast but to let you know that when you are reading my reviews the content is coming from someone that actually knows what success feels like, and not from someone that is just getting started writing some re-hashed low quality content.

Enough about me, lets get on with the review.

The AdsProfitRewards Company

Ads Profit RewardsThe company is based out of and registered in Spain. AdsProfitReward is also a global opportunity which means that people that live in most countries are able to participate.

The company has a management team that is made up of top Marketers from all over the world with a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry.

The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is made up of 2 factors which is typical, in most cases, when it comes to the new revenue sharing models which are:

  1. The Daily Revenue Share
  2. The Matrix Commissions

When you first start off, you need to choose your monthly subscription membership.

1. Free Monthly Membership – The first one is a free account where you can earn daily from the revenue share, and also from recruiting new members, but you will not be able to participate in the Matrix pay.

2. Silver Monthly Membership – The second membership is the $10 level (Silver), where they will give you 110 bonus points to start, (this is basically placeholder points that can build but does not earn a cash value until after the retirement date. With the Silver level you can participate in the daily revenue share, and also now qualify to earn from the Matrix. At this level you are qualified to receive 5% from your personals, and 2.5% from your second generation commissions daily.

3. Gold Monthly Membership – The third membership is the (Gold) level, which is $50 per month. You will get 150 bonus points to start. At this level you also earn from the matrix. You are now qualified to receive 7% on your first level daily, and 3.5% from your second generation daily.

4. Diamond Monthly Membership – The final and last membership level is the (Diamond) level, this is the best level to be at. You will get 200 bonus points to start, participate in the daily revenue share, but as far as the percentages go, you will now be able to receive 10% on your first level, and 5% on your second level.

adsprofitrewards compensation planThere is a bit more to it and I would recommend you check out the compensation plan page at the company website for a deeper explanation on how it works here:

After you choose your monthly membership, you then have the option to choose to buy ad credits.

The more points in ad credits you have, the more the daily revenue share will pay you. The revenue share aspect is where the company takes 50% of what it makes it profit that day, and splits the earnings up to the field evenly.

So the more points you have, the more money you make daily with the revenue share.

The AdsProfitRewards Products

adsprofitrewards productsThe products are in the service area. The product is advertising which if you do some research on how much is spent on advertising yearly, then you would know it is in the billions!

Basically after you start you will need to purchase ad credits, with these credits you will be able to put your website out there in a rotator to be watched by many people daily for a set amount of time.

They also have a Penny Auction, but what I can tell that most of the revenue will be produced through the advertising service that Ads Profit Reward provides.

Now I can’t tell you how good or bad the traffic is with Ads Profit Reward because I’ve never tested it, but a similar program that I am working with provides me with some great traffic and opt-ins daily.

My Conclusion

My personal take on the AdsProfitReward opportunity is that its a great concept. I can not tell you enough about how much I like these programs.

I love helping people succeed, and these type of programs are the perfect fit.

I am actually promoting a few revenue sharing programs myself, which you can find information on either at the top or the bottom links in any of my reviews.

Do I think Ads Profit Rewards is a scam?

NO, it is definitely not a scam. They offer a real service, which is providing advertising, and in order to participate in the revenue sharing side of things, you have to perform action steps for the company daily pay-outs.

Hope you enjoyed my review about AdsProfitReward, make sure you leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts.

take care,


4 / 5 stars     


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