Affilashare Review

affilashare logoAre you looking into AffilaShare and just don’t know if it is something worth getting involved with?

Hopefully this Affilashare Review can help.

Your concern is valid, especially when there are so many HYIP that are getting shut down left and right, and also the revenue share type programs getting looked at very closely and also getting shut down when they are not done right.

So in this review I am going to go over the different aspects to Affilashare and then give my personal thoughts and suggestions at the end.

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The Affilashare Company

Not too much is known about this company and who own and operates it. What I get from the website is that they are a “privately owned membership association”, whatever that means?

Question MarkThis is what they have on there home page as “Who they Are”:

Affilashare is a private membership association dedicated to the financial, social and physical empowerment of its members and the worldwide community.”

I tried to find some contact information on the privacy policy or earnings disclaimer legal pages, and as of writing this article, BOTH are not active and go to a Error 404 page.

These lack of details alone would throw up a bunch of red flags for me.

**Disclaimer – This is an early review of the company, and any updates I find I will certainly update you all.

Ways to get Paid in Affilashare

The Affilashare Compensation Plan is a revenue share model and pays out daily, weekly and monthly.

Lets start with the digital downloadable e-Books that are released every 10 days. Basically this is an auto-ship which when your downline repurchases them you make a 25% commission. Not sure how many e-books they have in stock, but releasing a new e-book every 10 days to the entire field seems like the quality of these ‘e-books’ or ‘digital downloads’ will be very low soon after releasing them to the field, just saying.

Lets look at the physical product. This product is a nutritional supplement called, Nu-Yu Skinny weight loss supplement.

This product is offered every 30 days as an auto-ship. The products are manufactured outside of the United States by ‘American Dream’.

Even though the Nu-Yu product line is manufactured outside the US, I like this aspect to the comppensation plan just because of the diversity, and the fact that it is a physical product.

Here is a breakdown of the revenue sharing chart:

Affilashare Rev Share Chart

The Affilashare Products

When it comes to products they go all out…. um NO, just kidding. The main products that they have are digital e-book downloads. They also come out with a new e-book every 10 days, this is their attempt to justify people repurchasing product to keep the revenue share looking legit (in my opinion, but it does look like that is the case).

Affilashare Nu-Yu NutritionalsAnother product they have is an actual physical products called Nu-Yu Nutritional’s. This is my opinion is a very good thing. A company that is going to become successful in this type of revenue sharing program needs to be diverse in the amount of products offered and sold to the public. Products that would actually sell on there own, and not by JUST the affiliates.

So they are going at it right way as far as the products go… BUT I still feel the digital e-Books are a bit borderline to me.

My Final thoughts

You know there are a few different so called “RevShare” companies out there, and the reason is simple… Its a powerful way to get paid, and paid very good money.

But you really need a company to be very transparent, have a robust product line, and also be very transparent. This is why I DO NOT Recommend Affilashare as a proper revenue sharing company to be part of.

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1.5 / 5 stars     


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