Banners Broker Review – Quality Program?

Banners Broker ReviewIn my Banners Broker Review I will cover information about the company, the compensation plan, the products and whether or not Banners Broker is worth getting involved with or not.

I’ve been doing some research on Banners Broker and I might of also found a better alternative, or even a program similar but easier to get started with that could possibly be added to your portfolio, I will get into this information later in this review.

Of course its always better to have a broad base than be standing on one leg.

But first…

About Me

Wallace NuanezI wanted to tell you a little about me and my story before I go into the Banners Broker review because I wanted to let you know that I am not new to Network Marketing and actually am writing this review with experience under my belt.

Hello my name is Wallace Nuanez and as of writing this review I have been making a better than full time income from just marketing and making sales on the Internet.

I have built teams of over 20k in less than a year in a Network Marketing company.

I have also made over 60k per month marketing various products and programs by advertising those programs on the Internet.

I am telling you this not to brag or boast, but to let you know that when I am writing this review you can be reassured that you are getting a review from someone that is having success and not just starting out.

Enough about me, lets dive into the Banners Broker review now.

The Company

Chris Smith CEOBanners Broker was founded in October 2010 by Chris Smith and Kuldip Josun, Kuldip has since left the company in 2012.

They started the company by having a vision of not only helping people to get traffic to their websites, but also make a program where it can help people to make money with it as well.

How Does Banners Broker Work

Its a bit complicated on how Banners Broker works, so I included a video below.

I can tell you that the Banners Broker Compensation plan is not your traditional MLM pay plan by far.

The Product

banners broker productThe product is Banner Impressions. These banners are located on various websites around the world and hit various demographics like in weight loss, career, multi-level marketing, dogs, gaming… etc.

So basically it doesn’t matter what you are selling, you can get some very targeted visitors to your website/s via website banner advertising.

This form of advertising has been used by huge traffic brokers, and lead brokers successfully around the world.

In Conclusion

Is Banners Broker a scam?

No, there is no evidence to say it is out there.

Is Banners Broker a ponzi?

Again, at this time there is nothing to say it is a ponzi.

There is no legal action against Banners Broker, and Banners Broker has been running for over a year now.

Most programs or companies that work out to be illegal are usually shut down by this amount of time.

Is There A Better Alternative?

After actually getting a free position, and going through the back office of Banners Broker, I honestly was more confused on what to do or how to get started.

I know that I am not the only one, because I have talked to a few reps that agreed with me that when they first got started with the program, they were also very confused.

So what is this better alternative or an addition to what you have going now that I am referring to?

Check It Out Here:

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Learn More

I hope that I opened some eyes to what Banners Broker is all about, and helped some of you that haven’t got how it works yet to understand it a little better.

Please leave a comment below or even correct me if I got some of my information incorrect.

Take care,

– Wallace

4 / 5 stars     


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