Best Home Based MLM Business Opportunity Evaluation

Home Based MLM Business OpportunitiesThis is a great subject and depending on which MLM Distributor you talk with they will tell you that their home based MLM business opportunity is the best.

They are just doing their job as distributors, so in this article I am going to talk about how you should first evaluate your next MLM business opportunity before you join and start marketing it.

I will also share with you what is a very exciting and profitable MLM opportunity that I am working with at the moment, but I will leave that information at the end of this article.

First who am I…

Hello my name is Wallace, I have been in Network Marketing and MLM for over 14 years now. I moved my business model (as of writing this) to the Internet Marketing world about 8 years ago, and been able to generate a better than full time income since 6 years ago till current.

I found that through building my home based MLM business opportunity through the Internet, I was able to finally generate enough opportunity seeker leads and traffic to build several Wallace Nuanezsuccessful MLM Companies.

One of my success stories I have is this; through Internet Marketing I was able to grow a team of over 20 thousand people in less than 7 months in one of my home based business opportunities.

I am telling you this not to brag or boast but to let you know that I am writing this article from my years of experience.

So lets dive into my formula for success.

You Have To Be Excited

MLM Business OpportunitiesThe bottom line is that if you are not excited about an opportunity, then what makes you think that the people you introduce to your home based MLM business opportunity is not going to be excited about it either.

You are going to have a business that is going to be in reverse all the time, and nobody wants to be in reverse when it comes to growing their MLM business.

Find a company that gets your heart pumping when you look at it!

When your reviewing the opportunity for the first time and you start to look at the company background, then what products they have, then how you get paid, and you get a burning desire that is not just a good feeling but a “burning excitement feeling inside” then you know that this is a company to put on your list as a possibility.

Making a MLM Opportunity List and Checking It Twice

The last paragraph mentioned to put the Opportunities that get you excited on a list.

The reason for this is that you don’t want to jump into the first Home Based MLM Business you run across, you have to do your due diligence.

Generate a list of the top 4 or 5, then concentrate on researching those companies further.

Talk to reps within the company, look at any type of reviews about the Opportunity online.

Ask key questions, like how many reps in the company, how long have you been in business, if they been in business for 5 years and only have 3000 distributors in the company, then there is something wrong, and I would move on no matter what.

Bottom line, just do your research first.

Do You Want a Home Based MLM Business or a Fake One?

home based business startupsThere are many MLM Business Opportunities out there but there also many that don’t really allow any Internet Marketing.

So you know what that means… you are going to have to go out to your local Malls, gathering, and other public places and talk people into going to see your Home Based Business Opportunity presentation either at your house or at a place your up-lines are hosting a opportunity meeting.

I personally got burnt out doing that, and its not really my style anymore, especially now that I learned how to Market on the Internet.

That should also be another question to ask… “Is this company Internet Marketing friendly”.

Or Choose The Alternative

The alternative is the one I personally prefer and actually would be my 1 and only choice.

The second alternative is to find a home based MLM business opportunity that is Internet Marketing friendly.

Where you can make videos about how excited you are about your Opportunity, and get them ranked on the first page of Google, or creating a website covering the company and the benefits that prospects would have when they join with you.

Or blog a review on the opportunity that is highlighting your team and the benefits of a prospect joining you.

If you are able to get away with doing that as far as generating targeted traffic and leads to your home based MLM business, then that is a HUGE winner for me.

If the opportunity has a Marketing System, like capture pages, and email follow up system, that is HUGE positive for me also.

If the Opportunity is in almost all countries, that is a HUGE positive for me also.

This is my personal criteria, and it is usually different for many people… but I like a program that I can just direct traffic to and get sign-ups.

baby going dohI mean, WHY NOT!

Why do so many MLM Opportunities make it so difficult for someone to sign up?

Sometimes There Are Exceptions…

Sometimes, the opportunity is a really good one, but there is no marketing system, and sometimes its not a completely global opportunity, but you feel so so Good about promoting that opportunity.

In that case you are going to have to figure out a way to use your traffic and convert that traffic with no marketing system.

In my experience, I came across a couple of opportunities that had me me very excited, but they didn’t have a marketing system and was not completely global, so what I had to do is create my own capture pages, with my own email follow up system.

There is a big draw-back to this, and this is a big reason why I try hard to stay away from these lacking opportunities… its because what I do is not duplicatable.

I can teach a person how to generate traffic, and in a way that is very duplicatable.

But to teach all your down-line how to create a capture page, and how to get an auto-responder and write follow up email messages for your opportunity leads in a way that they will take action and either sign up with you or call you is NOT Duplicatable.

So Sometimes there are exceptions, BUT they also come with consequences.

So again do your due diligence and weigh the good points with the bad.

So In Conclusion

My personal opinion is to go with a home based MLM business opportunity that is:

  • A MLM Opportunity that gets you excited!
  • Not the first one you come across, make sure to research a few more companies, then do more research before you decide, remember that it is going to be a long commitment.
  • Internet Marketing friendly, make sure you can make videos, websites, and post on social sharing sites about the company.
  • A Opportunity that is Global or in most Countries.
  • A Opportunity that comes with a good MLM Marketing System.
  • Again… A Opportunity that excites you!

Make sure to always do your due diligence, and as a bonus, join with an experienced sponsor, if you want to learn Internet Marketing, then join with someone that knows how to Market on the Internet.

Last Food For Thought

If your looking for what I believe is the Best Home Based MLM Business Opportunity Right Now, then go to the link at the bottom or top of the page that simply says “Before You Leave… Learn what My #1 Money Making Opportunity for 2013 is by Clicking HERE” and click on the link.

I will make sure to take care of you if you decide to join with me.

take care,



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