Body FX Review – Will It Be A Hit or Flop?

Body FX ReviewIn my Body FX Review I will cover information about the owner, where the company is located, what type of products Body FX has to offer you, and what type of compensation plan, and a little bit on how it works.

After reading a little bit about Body FX you might think that this company is similar to another company that has been out for years, but diving in a little further you will notice the differences.

Warning, some of the information might be shocking to some, hope you enjoy.

But first a little about me.

About Me

Wallace NuanezHello, my name is Wallace, I have been marketing online for many years now. I have been full time for 7 of those years as of writing this review.

I have built teams over 20k in less than a year, and made more than 60k in one month.

I tell you this not to brag or boast but to let you know that what I write is from experience and not from some re-hashed article floating around on the Internet.

Enough about me, lets get on with the review.

The Company

James Kunitz CEO Body FXBody Fx Founder and CEO is James Kunitz. The company is based out of San Diego, California.

If your looking to get into contact with the company here is their contact information:

Customer Service: (800) 868-9566

Hours of Operation: M-F 9am – 5pm Pacific Time


Corporate address:
Body FX
4360 Viewridge Ave. Suite C
San Diego, CA 92123

The experience of Kunits and his team has put together some of the all time highest selling products on TV like the Ab Circle, Rhythym Rocker, Figure 8 Fitness, Xtreme Cardio, just to mention a few.

They are also responsible for the entire production of the commercials.

The company reminds me of a little of Beach Body, but of course this company is different.

The Products

Body FX ProductsThe Body FX Products are in the Health and Wellness MLM Category and will provide Nutritional supplements.

They will have fitness, wellness, and weight loss supplementation.

Spectroactive – Concentrated Phytonutrients.

Pro Matrix Plus – This is an utra Absorbing Protein.

Stay Lean with Clean Carb – This is for Weight Loss.

Body FX JNL FusionThey are also going to bring traffic and customers through TV infomercial marketing which will be called JNL Fusion, which will be a high intensity DVD fitness program that Jennifer Nicole Lee developed.

The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is a bit different in the fact that they will be doing a ton of TV advertising and promotion of the JNL Fusion DVD fitness program.

Through this promotion, there will be many daily sales, and what Body FX is doing is actually assigning customers to distributors at the rank of coach.

Compared to another program that is out right now and very profitable, they claim to make the qualification of reaching the requirement to get those customers much more easily.

The Company is still in pre-launch as of writing this review so there is not to much concrete information on how the compensation plan will be structured, but I will update this review as soon as more information is revealed on their corporate website.

My Final Thoughts

In conclusion I do believe that Body FX will be a very solid and long term business.

This is not the first of its kind with the aspect of mass TV infomercial advertising and the customer acquisition equation.

But there is still only one other, so in my opinion, if they rock the marketing, and get some top marketers on board it will be a very big hit.

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