Cash Unite Review – Or the Cash Unite Scam?

cash uniteCash Unite is the topic of the day. I created this review for those that are looking into Cash Unite and wanted to get a better understanding about the program.

In this review I will cover various topics like the company, the owners and their vision, the compensation plan, the product, and whether or not this mlm opportunity is a scam or not in my closing statements.

Before I begin I would like to introduce myself briefly.

About Me

WallaceMy name is Wallace, I am a Internet Marketer and mostly a blogger, with several years of making an incredible lifestyle from Internet Marketing I have helped many students create incomes from home, created and sold many products, have been known to be the #1 seller for affiliate products, and even co-owned my own MLM company.

Pretty cool right?

I am telling you this not to boast but to let you know that I am not just some “fake it till you make it” dude trying to make a quick buck on the Internet. I am the real thing.

Anyways, lets get on with the review, and also make sure to watch out for a special offer at the end of this review.

About The Cash Unite Company

founders-raj-photoCash Unite has actually announced their official launch date of October 14th, 2013.

Cash Unite was founded by both Ronnie and Raj Singh.

founders-ronnie-photoCash Unite makes use of the most innovative innovations available to produce a simple and fast means for individuals to connect with others all over the world and make money doing it.

Cash Unite’s patent-pending, Peer-to-Peer Social Profits Share System deals with all social networks and e-mail provider worldwide and is designed to alter the method people utilize social websites online.

Cash Unite has actually established strategic relationships with all the most popular social networking sites. Its unique devices will enable individuals to continually communicate with pals, through the social sites which they are currently members of.

Members will be able to share experiences, talk about concepts, post photos, share songs, extra video, enhance and express viewpoints exposure to their company through advertising, while earning an uncapped regular monthly earnings. Cash Unite’s viral broadcast devices have actually been established to enable members to easily develop their Cash Unite group.

Cash Unite Business Goals

cash unite review

Cash Unite is on a goal, spreading out the knowledge of our distinct Multi-Social Hub to the 4 edges of the world! By using our one-of-a-kind platform and promoting it with others, more of every dollar is shared with our expanding Cash Unite family worldwide.

Our groundbreaking, Peer-to-Peer Social Revenue Share System, is the first of its kind and will alter the means we utilize Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google + and 100’s of various other social sites online …


Our vision is to help hundreds of countless everyday people, entrepreneurs and marketers, make substantial breakthroughs and establish a long-term modification in their quality of life and monetary security.

$9.99 per month with optional upgrade extras, which allow members to make even more through extended levels of connection.

The Cash Unite Compensation Plan

There are lots of means to earn cash with Cash Unite:.

  • Make $2.50 just for joining us as a Digital Partner.
  • Make from CashUnite membership sales – 10 levels of connection deep!
  • Make when your network withdraws their revenues – 10 levels of connection deep!
  • Earn when your network stores in our Cash Unite Safe – 10 levels of connection deep!
  • Earn when your network upgrades their account – 10 levels of connection deep!
  • Earn 100 % of the Sales Commissions – these will constantly be paid to you when you successfully refer others to our paid social media services. These are paid as monthly residual commissions!

When you reach particular thresholds of paid members in your whole Network, make Network Growth Benefits.
Make 2.5 % of our earnings – these are uniformly dispersed day-to-day to our Black Card Members ONLY!

You are paid daily up to 10 levels of connection deep! Update your membership plan anytime to make greater levels of commissions for example from our Black Card Plan.

Remember you earn from the very minute you join – we’ll give you $2.50 to obtain you began.

Interact with our social opportunities online and take advantage of and increase your earning possible by spreading the word out about CashUnite’s revolutionary Peer-To-Peer Social Revenue Share System.

With all that you read above…

Is Cash Unite a Scam?

Look, its not for me to judge any company, first and foremost I am not a lawyer, so it will be stupid of me to honestly say that I can tell the difference.

But what I can tell you is my opinion that comes from many years in the industry and voice that.

So would I say Cash Unite is a Scam? No I wouldn’t, but the better question would be…

Would I personally Join This Program?

Also, no, not because its a bad program, its just because at this time in my career I have some very profitable campaigns and programs that need my full support and it would be stupid of me to work this program.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my article on the Cash Unite Review please leave a comment below PLUS a FB like and a Google +.


– Wallace

3 / 5 stars     


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