Cooperative Crowdfunding Review with Compensation Plan Rundown

Welcome to my Cooperative Crowdfunding Review!

In this review I will be covering information about the company, the compensation plan and the products.

I will finally reveal what my final thoughts are on this company to give my personal views on the Cooperative Corwdfunding opportunity.

With every opportunity that gives you the opportunity to make money from home you really need to understand what you are getting into before you get started.

This is important because theirhave been several opporunitites out on the market today that has turned out to be not that legitimate with official regulators.

But companies will still try to cut corners and continue to try to sneak pass them

So without further rambling, lets get into my Cooperative Crowdfunding review.

Cooperative Crowdfunding Company Review

Cooperative Crowdfunding review

The Cooperative Crowdfunding website itself doesn’t have any information on who runs the company, but when digging around the good ole’ Internet, I found that David T. Rosen owns and runs this company.

Affiliates said he is the founder and owner of the company and the domain is registered through an address in Ontario, Canada.

David T. Rosen is well known for a company he launched back in 2015 called PIE 24/7.

PIE wasn’t much of a company that had any real products of any sorts that would justify any subscription cost.

Basically his PIE program was a cash gifting scheme which like all cash gifting schemes the person joining would send money to the person they join via, wire or check, or some other method, and also another payment to their upline.

Not that much too it, but not a long-term stable and… not a legitimate way to make money in the eyes of the US regulators.

However, by 2016 it looks like the company went out of business with what I can only report that many affiliates saying that they have not been paid for several months.

Anyway, maybe this will be the company that succeeds…

Cooperative Crowdfunding Products Review

Another thing that I consider to be a red flag is not having any products.

There are no physical products or digital products either when you join this program.

The only product that seems to be true is that there are none.

It looks like Cooperative Crowdfunding only promises the affiliate membership…

Cooperative Crowdfunding Compensation Plan

Cooperative Crowdfunding members donate €25 EUR to each other each month…

Where new Cooperative Crowdfunding members donate €25 EUR to existing members.

Note that 50% of the €25 EUR donated in each month is paid out residually through a 3×10 matrix compensation plan structure.

The amount of the 50% you get paid ill depend on what level the affiliate gifted you from:

Level 1 – 10%

Level 2 to 4 – 5%

Level 5 – 2.5%

Level 6 – 5%

Level 7 and 8 – 2.5%

Level 9 – 5%

Level 10 – 7.5%

The 25% left over of the €25 EUR donated is put on the side for bonuses…

That’s all I know about that…

Cost To Join Cooperative Crowdfunding

The cost to join Cooperative Crowdfunding is €25 EUR donation every 28 days.

To keep getting donations from other affiliates, you must put in €10 EUR every 6 months.

My Final Thoughts about Cooperative Crowdfunding

In my opinion, when you don’t have a legitimate product you sell, or not 1 product in this case, I can’t really say anything good about this company.

I always known that cash gifting was wrong to do, but this is essentially cash gifting but with a crowd funding twist.

I don’t even want to get into how you can make money with this company just because I would feel that I would be stearing people wrong and straight into a scam.

Especially with the owners past dealings with his affiliates.

Thinking about Joining?

If you are thinking about joining, I wish you the best of luck, and I also think you are crazy.

But it’s your choice of course.

Just know that David hasn’t been the best at keeping his promises whith past dealings he has made.

Here is a video of David T. Rosens marketing video:


Coop Crowdfund is a system that allows you to quickly get the money you need, for virtually any purpose, in three simple, doable steps.

Here’s the three steps:

Now Step 1 is to register, just $35.

Step 2, invite three or more of your friends to join for just $35.

And Step 3, have each of your friends invite three or more of their friends join for just $35.

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Thank you.

4.5 / 5 stars