Destination Travel Resorts – Is There A Better Alternative?

Destination Travel ResortsIn this review I am going to talk about Destination Travel Resorts (DTR).

First of all, I was offered a top position but had to turn it down due to another program, and in my opinion, a WAY better alternative.

For information on my alternative program to get involved with, patience, all will be revealed at the end of this article… but for now, lets talk about Destination Travel Resorts.

The Company

Johnny BoltenThe Company went into a pre-launch on January 3 2013 and the official launch date is March 1, 2013. On March is when they will be paying there first commission runs.

Destination Travel Resorts, LLC. is located at 114 N. Glendora Ave. Ste.115 Glendora, CA 91741, and for those that want to give them a call, here is the #: (800) 560-7897

The CEO is Johnny Bolton. Johnny has built teams in the 1000’s worldwide, and is a successful speaker.

To my understanding there is a silent partner as well. If or when I find out I will post it here.

The Products

The product, as you guessed it is travel. Depending on the package you come in at and what you qualify for you will be able to save up to 85% off your travel expensis.

Here are the option you have to get started if you would wish to join Destination Travel Resorts.

Option 1: Travel Executive Monthly Membership – $99.95 the first month, then $29.95 per month thereafter.

  • You will receive full travel access that gives you up to 65% off travel and vacations around the world!
  • Get full access to all of the tools, training calls, marketing systems and everything you need to move!
  • Also qualify as a Bronze!

Destination Travel Resorts productsOption 2: Travel Executive Yearly Membership – $399.95 SAVE 15% Off of the Monthly Membership!

You will automatically get qualified as a silver and you will also get what option 1 offers.

Option 3: Travel Admiral Monthly Membership – $1,599.95 the first month, then $29.95 per month thereafter.

You will get an automatic Platinum rank and also get a spot in the Founders pool (I am guessing this is only an option for the pre-launch time frame).

  • Receive Full Travel Executive Member Only access to save up to 65% off travel and vacations around the world!
  • Secure your position in the Unified Payline.
  • Get full access to all of the tools, training calls, marketing systems.
  • Receive MEMBER ONLY Access to save up to 85% on the most diverse selection of accommodations, hot weeks, and discounts.
  • Receive automatic qualification as a PLATINUM ranked distributor for the rest of this month and ALL of next month.

Option 4: Travel Admiral Yearly Membership – $1,899.95.

And the same options above as option 3 as far as perks.

The Compensation Plan

There are 10 ways to get paid with DTR. The main way that I am hearing a lot about that has some people excited is the unified pay line with infinity bonuses.

Destination Travel Resorts Compenstion PlanHere are the ways to get paid:

  1. Cash Back Booking Engine – This is for sales of the product, when qualified goes down 5 generations. First level is 50%, then 5% to the 5th level.
  2. Retail Bonuses – When you sell either of the 2 packages to a non member, then you will either get a $50 or a $600 commission.
  3. Training Bonus – Basically for watching a training video, you will open a 1 time bonus of 1% per level stretching down 10 levels.
  4. Fast Start and Coded Overrides – For every personal you recruit you will earn 25% for the product sold, then it will streatch down 7 levels when qualified for an extra 1% for residual overides. See chart for example.
  5. Appreciation Bonus – This is a monthly $4 per active personals, and then when qualified you will get also the $44 renewal on the members that purchased the yearly packs.
  6. Unified Payline with Infinity Bonuses – This is like a straight line downline, and when qualified you will get a piece of this also.
  7. Infinity Bonuses based on Generation of Rank – Based on rank, and qualification.
  8. Matching Bonuses – When qualified you can get into this pool also.
  9. Quarterly Leaders Pools – Basically for the leaders that bust there butt and manage to get to the levels it requires to open this pool up as well.

DTR Unified PaylineSo you can see, there are many ways to get paid, but if you are not qualified to reach those levels, then you will not get paid in those pools.

My Conclusion and Alternative

After analyzing everything, Destination Travel Resorts seem to be a legitimate opportunity.

The problem I see is that you will have to be a massive builder to make an income barely in the 1000’s for residual payments.

I don’t really see this company to geared for the person barely starting out in MLM or even has a couple years under their belt.

My Alternative

This is where I get into my alternative.

Now don’t hate me for sharing my opinion, I have no issues with Destination Travel Resorts, as a matter of fact, I think they will be a good fit for some folks, but would I personally recommend them?


So, what would you recommend Wallace?

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thanks for reading, and God Bless.

– Wallace Nuanez

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3.5 / 5 stars     


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