Empower Network Review – Is there a better Alternative?

Empower Network ReviewI am writing this article and reviewing the popular company called Empower Network. I have found many colorful articles on this company out on the web, and I would like to share my take on it all.


Let you know if there is a better alternative out there, but you will have to find out at the end of this article ­čÖé

But first, who am I?

Wallace NuanezMy name is Wallace, you can see a picture of me and my family over to the right of this page or simply go to the ‘About Me’ page at the top to learn a little more about me.

I basically blog about Internet Marketing traffic strategies, review companies and products, and give free advice on my blog to help people grow as leaders, and to learn and understand Internet Marketing.

I’m not new to MLM or Internet Marketing as I have been in the industry for 17 years now, and have been a better than full time earner with Internet Marketing for over 6 years now.

I have built teams over 20,000 in less than a year by utilizing just Online Marketing.

But enough about me… lets get on with my Empower Network Review.

The Company

David Wood and David SharpeThe company was founded by David Wood and David Sharpe and they launched on October 31, 2011.

They have had MANY problems with merchant accounts that has hindered there launch at first but after they ironed all the problems out, today they are a thriving and VERY profitable and attractive business.

There story’s are that David Wood was once a broke ┬áhomeless guy that lived in a van with his wife, and David Sharpe is a former alcoholic that used to work in the construction industry.

Fast forward today, both Daves have mastered the skills of selling products and opportunities online, make multiple 5 and 6 figure monthly incomes, and had a vision of sharing their knowledge to the world and making an affiliate program out of the idea.

Very ingenious I thought, but lets dive more into the meat and potatoes of everything.

How Do You Get Paid?

I thought the best way to explain how the compensation plan works is to provide a video from the #1 earner in Empower, so here it is, enjoy.

Video Coming Soon As Soon As YouTube Like Empower Network Again….

OK, Here is the Alternative

Tazew is the BEST Alternative to Empower Network and here is why:


  • Empower: $25 per month (for your blog), $20 per month (affiliate fee), $100 per month (premier membership) + $500 one time + $1,000 one time + $3,500 one time (And get told repeatedly you’re a “Wussy” if you don’t buy the $500, $1,000 AND $3,500 right away.) = $5,145 to get started at the TOP!
  • Plus you pay 8% Fees on all of your commissions!
  • Tazew: $49.95 to join… $29.95 per month to be “ALL-IN”, and NO UP-Sells! THAT’S IT!!! Straight forward, Simple, No Extra FEES ever!


  • Empower: You give up your 2nd, 4th and 6th sale PLUS every 5th sale YOU make after that forever to your sponsor. You do not get ANYTHING on any of your pass-up sales. (no matching)
  • Tazew: You pass up your NO ONE and fully qualified for LIFE! HOWEVER, this is VERY important..With Tazew you will earn a $25 fast start with a 3 generation matching override, with a 1 to 1 ratio per cycle of $10!… So if you have a team of just 100 people on your lesser leg you will earn $1000 residually!!!


Empower already has over 50,000 members! Tazew has about 1,000 in the first 3 months! Be First To Market With Tazew and dominate!


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Empower Network Alternative

The Products

Empower Network productsEmpower Network has a built for you blog that is all set up for you from the hosting, the plugins, the domain name, and the monetization.

All you have to do is to start writing content.

You can still customize your Empower Network Blog by adding your picture, adding banners to the side widget areas, changing the background color, and so on, but the theme will stay constant.

The basic membership which is $25 will also give you a fast start training area that will give you audios on how to set-up your e-wallet, getting started with your blog, and instructions about when to write a blog post on your new blog.

Hidden Charges?

Yes, there will be a merchant account charge of $19.95 when you start, and then $19.95 monthly charge to keep your merchant account.

You need your merchant account in order to get paid, but this charge is not mentioned anywhere in the sales letter or videos.

So no matter what level you come in at you will need to get that merchant account, also the transferring of money will also get a small charge so when you make a $25 commission, you will get paid more like $22 to your bank account when all said and done.

This will go for any commissions you will make.

The Marketing System Funnel

The marketing system funnel for Empower Network is one of a TON of ‘up-sells’, this is so that they can maximize your up-front payout.

No matter what conference call you land on for empower network Dave Wood or David Sharpe will tell you to ‘Go All In’ at around $3500, or you are a “WUSSIE”…. lol

Now, that was kinda crazy when I first heard that, kinda threw me off. But hey, marketers can be very colorful at times, and its all good in my book.

The Inner Circle Upgrade

The Inner Circle audio libraryThe Inner Circle Upgrade will put you at a $125 auto-ship + $19.95 per month.

At this point you will now have access to the Inner Circle audio library trainings plus now be able to receive $100 monthly commissions when someone ‘that is coded to you’ upgrades to the $100 per month level.

So that is that as far as the residual levels go.

To Recap

You have the $25 level, and the $100 level, so as far as the residuals go, you will pay $125+$19.95, but you will now be able to make $125 in residuals minus the merchant fees.


The Up-sells…

Now lets look at the Up-Sells.

First Empower Network has the 15k formula which will cost you $1500 to buy. This will have a video library on training of how to sell, drive traffic and generate leads from 8 elite Internet marketers and is a great video course!

The second is the Costa Rica Intensive which will cost you $500. This is a great video that has some of the top marketers in it brainstorm as you sit in on it basically. Good stuff.

Then lastly is the Costa Rica Masters Retreat which is a $3500 cost.

Basically you are booking a trip to mastermind with David Wood and David Sharpe at Woods Costa Rica casa. There you will also be with other people that booked the trip with you also.

My Final Thoughts

First of all I hoped this review helped you in answering any questions you might of have about Empower Network, if not, you can always contact me.

I feel that Empower Network is a program that has a great concept behind it as far as the ready to go and monetized blog for someone, and also the  amazing training.

But, hmm…

The parts of it I don’t really understand or like is the lack of transparency.

This pisses many people off, even if it is only a few bucks, it puts a sour taste in a persons mouth.

And to make it even more of a bad taste, they call you names and say that you are a wussie and suck if you don’t go ‘All In’.

Don’t get me wrong, marketing is marketing, and these guys DEFINITELY know how how to market and build teams, BUT, I personally feel they need to be more professional with there message, especially on the calls, and also be upfront on what people are paying for when they join.

But that is enough of me ranting and going off a bit.

Here is the bottom line

Do I think Empower Network is a good program to get involved with?


Now in my personal opinion is there a better program for a new person to get started and make money with, that is more transparent, more professional, that has a MORE powerful compensation plan…


What is that Program you ask?

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Empower Network Alternative

Please rate, comment and let me know your thoughts on my Empower Network review.

thanks, and God Bless.

– Wallace

3.5 / 5 stars     


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