EnerSource International Compensation Plan & Pay Plan Structure

In this article I will be covering the EnerSource International Compensation Plan.

I will report what EnerSource International offers.

I’ll cover most of the meat and potatoes of what I can find about these guys and with any specific details you want to know about the main company, from information I found from their corporate pages, and from the distributors of the company and social media sites.

I came to a point to Compensation Plan the EnerSource International pay plan, products and company because I understand how important it is to educate yourself about an opportunity before you jump into it.
Plus, you do not want to spend your some savings on anything that jumps in front of you that seems like the perfect opportunity.

I will also cover in detail hopefully everything you need to know and would want to learn about concerning the EnerSource International compensation plan, company, and products, because that information is what most often matter.

I going to try to concentrate on the pay plan because I know that is what a big percentage of people want to focus on…

The Money

I will also share the secrets on how to get to the top levels of the compensation plan at the end of my Compensation Plan, if that is something that you would need.

Before we get started with my thorough EnerSource International compensation plan Compensation Plan, I would like to take a quick moment to introduce myself so that you can learn more about me.

Or you can continue to the next section and get to the main content area that covers most everything you want to know about EnerSource International.

My Quick Story

First, let me introduce myself to those that do not know what I’m about yet.

I will be brief, I’m not going to go into a full blown life story about yours truly and how and why I got started, you can actually read my full biography at my about page, but would like to discuss with you an understanding of my skill level, if you will.

To show that when you read one of my critiques about a certain topic, I don’t have a new marketer skill level on the topic or Compensation Plan I am writing about.

My name is Wallace, and I’ve been working on the internet for over 12 decades full-time, and have been in the marketing space of MLM for virtually 20.

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My main reasons why are my three kids and my spouse and best freind of over ten happy years.

My EnerSource International Compensation Plan

Welcome to my EnerSource International Compensation Plan!

This company has been on the road for several years, but for some reason it flew under my radar.

Well, I found it, so I go to guide you through the company, the products and the compensation, so that you can make the right decision.

So what I need to do next is be attentive and read it to the end, because I’ll reveal some shocking truths …

Find out if this company is legitimate or fraudulent.

EnerSource International – The Company


Before I start this EnerSource Compensation Plan, I just want to say that I will do it Think this is the best way to best use your health?

Now EnerSource International was launched in 2016 and specializes in health and nutrition.

The company was founded by Linden Wood Founder and CEO of the company.

According to Wood’s Bio:

A formidable moment in Linden Wood’s life when Linden attended a network marketing event hosted by the company Excel aged 27.

This should prove itself as a crucial moment for his astronomical success in the network marketing industry.

Over the next three years, with no official network marketing or public speaking training and no mentor, Linden immersed herself in books and audios by highly successful network marketers and self-help experts such as Tony Robbins.

Through his devotion, I have learned the principles that govern success.

I quickly discovered that it was not his own success that was most important, but the success of the people who came to his business.

Through this understanding, Linden achieved the highest achievements Excel had ever seen.

With his relentless persistence, Linden, alon G with his leadership team, this team built on over 100,000 representatives in just three years.

In 1997, this achievement earned Linden an income of over $ 500,000 a month.

What is quite impressive if you ask me.

Let’s look at the products next.

EnerSource Reviews – The Products


EnerSource International Compensation Plan Products

EnerSouce products range health and nutritional supplements and are branded as Energreen Essentials.

These are some of the following products:

  • Energreens – A “superfood formula” that “helps the body achieve optimal nutrition and increased alkalinity” costs $ 59.99 in retail Monthly delivery ($ 89.99 for 15.9 ounces). “Family Size”)
  • Energreens Plus – Energreens with a “high-quality probiotic” and “67 milligrams Digestive Enzyme”, retailing at $ 69.99 for a one-month supply
  • EnergFX B-12 – Vitamin B- 12 Supplement, Retails at $ 34.99 per Bottle (2 fl oz, 60 ml)
  • EnergFX Energy Booster Energy Drink – “Provides a fast, powerful boost in energy and a healthy alternative to coffee and other beverages, retail at 49 $ 99 for a one-month supply
  • EnergFX 02 – “Designed to Increase Alkalinity with a Few Drops” by “Antioxidant Neutralizing Molds, Yeast, Bacteria, Exotoxins (and) Mycotoxins”, retailing at $ 34.99 per bottle (2 fl., 60 ml)
  • KetoSource – “Designed to dramatically increase the efficacy of a ketogenic diet,” retailed at $ 116.95 for a one-month supply
  • meal replacement Shakes – “Weight Loss Shaking (d as) has over 26 vitamins, and minerals at 238 calories per serving, “retails at $ 89.99 for a 37.4 oz, 1062 g can

SuperNutrient Vitamin & Mineral – A unique formula of vitamins and minerals that gives you the maximum Nutrition Support You Need Every Day “, retailing at $ 39.99 for a One-Month Supply.

You can also buy them in comp packs called Daily Essentials.

EnerSource International Compensation Plan

EnerSource Compensation Plan has both a matrix and a unilevel.

It looks like the unilevel for commissions where the matrix.

Just like you know you have an affiliate, you need to generate 100 PV to qualify for commissions.

Matrix Commissions

EnerSource pays up to a 2 × 12 matrix compensation plan.

This can be filled directly or indirectly by affiliates.

All commissions are based on sales volume, which is a combination of retail sales and affiliate purchases.

The only thing I did not get was the commission, because it’s not really there, but I found that on their website:

total 30% residual commission on your downline’s business volume over 12 (matrix) levels.

Unilevel Commissions

You can also earn commissions in a unilevel compensation plan structure, however, EnerSource does not really say what it pays.

Once again, that’s all I’ve got:

$ 300 Customer Acquisition bonuses and up to an additional 10% residual commission of downline business volume.

It’s very vague.

Anyway, let’s move on.

Cost of EnerSource International

The cost of EnerSource International is $ 249.

There is one lower $ 49 option, but they have less access.

The moment you have been waiting for this EnerSource test.

EnerSource International verdict

Overall, the company seems to have a good product line heading in the right direction, but needs more information on his compensation plan, because it is very vague

Linden Woods has an impressive history, so if you translate into this company, it could really explode.

Alexa says there is not much activity going on her website, but that could change anytime. Anyway, I hope you liked EnerSource International and you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask below.

You all think of EnerSource, I also want to hear your feedback.

My Final Thoughts

My EnerSource International Compensation Plan and final conclusion is this.

I have been in this industry for 2 decades, and have witnessed thousands of programs come and go throughout the many years I have been working on the Internet.

I have personally written several hundred blog post reviews about many different programs and companies.

Through the years of marketing on the internet I now have my certain personal guidelines about companies, and opportunities that I market, and a lot of these opportunities turn out to be just terrible and got shut down.

But sometimes, many decisions I’ve made have turned out wins, and made a lot of cash from promoting them.

The bottom line is this, you nor I can see behind the curtains, we certainly don’t know if they have a corruptible or stupid owners, we do not know if the banks they are operating with decides to changes and stops working with the company, or even freeze the programs assets.

Back To The Future Is JUST A Movie!

Just know that this program is just 1 way to use to earn money online, that’s it!

So make as much money as you can with it, but if its not working out for youit’s not for you|your cup of tea}, simply work a different opportunity.

When you learn how to generate traffic and turn that traffic into subscribers, you want to match up that traffic with the best converting opportunities, and maybe this one turns out to be not the one?

It Happens, Just Keep Positive and Keep Moving Forward

Long story short, if you decide to join, I wish you the very best, and if you don’t join, I still wish you all the best.

NEVER think for a second that any 1 opportunity is the 1…(a quote from character NEO from the movie Matrix, love that movie!)

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