EPX Body Thrive

epx body thriveEPX Body Thrive is the new addition to the EPX Body product line.

Thrive is a well crafted energy drink that is made up of 100% natural materials and is actually cheaper than the competitors as you can see with the diagram posted below.

As you can see EPX is always striving to improve and  contently becoming a bigger and better powerhouse which I believe will someday be a major player.

The Thrive energy drink comes in a canister that holds 8 viles that each hold 2 servings per vile.

The color of has a green look to it, but when mixed with water has barely a very light green look to it.

When mixing you simply get a 16 ounce bottle water and pour out half of the contents into the water.

The taste of it is like a sour apple fruity taste, but not to in your face, just good enough and the taste is great.

Each vile is not glass but a hard plastic, you can basically take it with you anywhere, just slip it in your pocket or purse and your good to go.

Here is the comparison chart when comparing the price per energy drink with other well known energy drinks out on the market today.

EPX Body Thrive Comparison Chart

epx thrive

EPX Body Thrive Conclusion

So you can see that this EPX Body product is not overpriced and is actually cheaper than the leading competitors out there, and its actually good for you.

If you are looking for a great tasting and all natural energy drink that works and is NOT overpriced, I can honestly say that Thrive is the Must-Try product for you.

In my experience I have had no jitters or annoying caffeine overload feeling that I get from some of the other energy drinks on the market.

Please leave a comment below if you have a question or simply leave a statement about EPX Body Thrive if you have one.




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