Post Magic Review – Videos and Recommendation

fb_post_magicThe hottest new software for capturing leads in Facebook is called Post Magic.

This amazing piece of software actually lets you generate leads through your Facebook News Feed or anywhere else you can leave an update for that matter.

This has never been done before and is gaining a lot of interest through the industries biggest leaders.

Recently these guys showed off their Post Magic product at the NO Excuses Summit gathering and created an awesome testimonial video with many of the key speakers that were at this years event, I will share that video with you later in this review.

FB Post Magic PromotersNow before I get into the details about my FB Post Magic review which is the new Facebook lead generating tool, I am going to introduce myself briefly.

About Me

Wallace NuanezHello, my name is Wallace, I have been in the Network Marketing field for about 13 years, and have been full time for 6 of those last years.

I’ve was able do make up to 60k per month, and built teams of over 20k in 6 short months, I’ve done this through Internet Marketing and of course forming relationships with other like minded people like myself.

I am telling you thin not to brag or boast but to let you know, I am not a newbie, or going anywhere, I love this Industry and want to bring as much value I can to my readers.

OK, enough about me, lets get on with the review.

The Company

Post Magic was launched May of 2013, the owners are Jeff Long, and Kimball Roundy, both have been in the industry as online or Internet builders and have both been very successful.

These guys I have know about personally with their work online since I jumped onto Internet Marketing for my business.

The Post Magic Product

The product is a digital product which can be sold pretty much anywhere in the world.

The software itself is a unique, and I must say “1st of its kind” Facebook lead generating software that will actually let you have an “opt in” form with any YouTube video in your news feed, wall, others wall, groups, basically anywhere you can post inside Facebook.

Here is a video that Kimball Roundy made that will visually explain how it works.

fb post magic vid exampleThe software captures leads and puts them on your own personal list! This software is compatible with aweber, getresponse, iContact, GVO, plus more popularly used auto-responders.

It has some great tracking software as well, it will track likes, opt ins, sign ups among other tracking statistics that us marketers need to fine tune our marketing efforts.

The software is also mobile optimized which will show your video capture page perfectly for a mobile user.

The cost for the monthly option just for the software without being able to be a paid affiliate will be $47 per month, but they are running a special right now for $27 which is of course 50% off.

They also have a 30 day money back guarantee, so just to try, there is no risk.

The Compensation Plan

This is a real simple but powerful compensation plan.

There are 2 ways you get paid, by your personal referrals, and by their referrals.

You will receive 50% commissions off your personal sales, and a 25% commission off of your personals 1st level referrals.

Of course you have to be at the PRO membership level to qualify for these commissions.

Some F.A.Q.’s

  • Is this legal to do on Facebook?
    – Yes
  • Are these posts easy to create?
    – Yes
  • Can I change the title or subtitle, or change where people go after they opt-in?
    – Yes
  • Are the posts branded with Post Magic?
    – Yes, but can be white labeled for an additional cost.
  • Do they have a refund policy?
    – Yes, a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Is Post Magic Mobile Friendly?
    – Yes


My final thoughts about the software is that it is an innovative and awesome tool to add to your arsenal of lead generating tasks to do on a daily basis. I also hope you enjoyed my review and also here is that No Excuses testimonial video for 2013 below.

Is FB Post Magic a scam?

LOL, No way, Jeff and Kimball have put together systems, and legitimate companies for many years, and is a 1st of its kind software, that is legit and helps marketers generate leads on the top 5 traffic social sites… it can’t lose.

I really give these 2 guys props for seeing an opportunity and capitalizing upon it. Good job guys!

If you liked this review, or have something to say about Post Magic, don’t be shy and leave your comment below.

take care,

– Wallace

5 / 5 stars