Fg Xpress Review – Are The Power Strips Any Good?

fg-xpress-reviewsFg Xpress Review covering the company, the compensation plan, and the product details about the company, and at the end of this review I will give my opinion about Fg Xpress.

Before I continue, I understand that many of you are here to learn more about the power strips and the legitimacy of the FDA approval, because many distributors are claiming that its an amazing product and that its AMAZING?

I am guessing this is why many of you are here on my review right now?

I had the pleasure of sampling out some of these strips, and I also gave a few to family members that were suffering from pain.

I will give my results at the end of this article.

About Me

WallaceHello my name is Wallace and I just wanted to quickly introduce myself before you move on.

Now for those that already know me and my story go ahead and skip this part.

I have personally been in Network Marketing for 14 years and for 7 years I have been marketing my business on the Internet both Network Marketing and with affiliate marketing.

I have made several 6 figure yearly incomes online, and helped many of my students to reach a work from home full time status as well.

I tell you this not to brag or boast but to just let you know when you are reading my reviews and recommendations, its coming from a persona that has success experience and not some newb off the street.

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OK, lets move on with the review.

The Fg Xpress Company Overview

fg-xpress-companyRon Williams, Creator of FG Xpress, was taking a trip in Asia in 2012. Ron struggled with extreme chronic back pain due to a sports injury.

A Physician offered him a “Power Strip”.

Ron was hesitant but concurred to try it.

It was life changing. Now FG Xpress has actually been born to assist Billions of people around the world accomplish optimal wellness and unlimited monetary freedom.

The Compensation Plan Details

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The Power Strip Product Details

“This Patented technology is designed to activate all surrounding cells of the human body for energy and relief.”  Dr. Kim

To function with optimal health we need energy and FG Xpress Power Strips offer an economical solution. Using ancient herbs and breakthrough wave form energy, Power Strips will help you  gain the vitality, rejuvenation and relief you need to power through your day.

What Are Power Strips?

Power strips combine a proprietary blend of ancient herbs, minerals and elements (Korean Red Ginseng, Germanium, Marine Phytoplankton, minerals and ionic silver) along with a breakthrough technology that Dr. Kim calls  ”waveform energy”  into a patented and proprietary effortless product that is applied topically. Once applied, the state-of-the-art technology uses your muscle and tissue to activate and boost energy simultaneously in areas of pain and discomfort and at  a cellular level, bringing rejuvenation to the body.

Is Fg Express a Scam?

I just wanted to bring up this question and answer it very quickly because some folks are asking, and the answer is…


My Final Thoughts

Like I said at the beginning of this article, I actually had the pleasure and am very grateful for the samples that I was given to try out so I have a clue on whether or not they worked on me and the people that I shared them with.

Yes, the Power Strips are FDA listed Class 1 medical device to help alleviate pain.

When I got my samples the first thing I did was share some samples with my Mom. My mom has went through knee surgery on both knees and actually has to go back under the knife on one of the knees again do to a misalignment which causing some issues that lead to constant pain in one of her knees.

When I first researched the Power Strips, i seen that one person had a testimonial that it worked like a miracle for his knee pain, and this guy had some torn knee muscles or something and also was in constant pain, so I thought to myself, If it will work for my Mom, I am going to go ahead and build this company.

So the samples came, I gave a few to my MOM, we went over were to place them, ( I didn’t tell her they were FDA listed, or had all these amazing results, and I didn’t tell her to watch out for certain results she will notice while wearing them like, heat, increase in energy… etc.) I wanted her to test them out without knowing anything about them to see if she will have some miraculous results that all the people on all the testimonials were having.

Then I was to report back tomorrow with her to see the results.

I also wore the Power Strips and also my wife tried them out.

We both felt some heat, I actually felt an increase of awareness or alertness (most likely from the ginseng) and I felt like it worked on my pain spots somewhat, but not anything near to the state of mind of being shocked and amazed, and the same went for my wife.

The next day came and I called my mom at the end of the day, and she too felt some relief at night when she initially wore the patches like the increase in heat, a bit better mobility, but the results didn’t last because she noticed when she got up in the morning her knee didn’t feel any different.

Now I asked her if I were to send you some samples in the mail, and you tried them on for a couple days and had the results you had with them like you did, would that motivate you enough to spend $60+ bucks for a package of 15 per month?

She didn’t take long to answer me back, and her answer was why would I spend that much on those patches when I can run to Walmart and buy some of those Icy Hot back patches that last 3 times longer for a fraction of the cost?

She did make a point for me, and remember folks, this was my personal thinking on whether or not I wanted to go forward and market Fg Xpress and the Power Strips or not.

I even had a HUGE market of customers that I was ready to start promoting the Power Strips too, but had to finally come to a conclusion.

I personally couldn’t sell a pain relieving product that doesn’t work on my own mom.

On a More Positive Note

OK, with all that said, I do not know any other MLM Opportunities that has a FDA listed product in their line-up.

As a Network Marketer myself, I can see the huge appeal that other Network Marketers would have when they find out the FDA listed part of the whole deal.

That alone would make a seasoned Networker join right away without ever even trying out the product on themselves or others to see if they actually get ANY results.

So I can see where the target market would be with this product, other Network Marketers of course.

Of course this is all coming from my opinion, and my personal thoughts.


Fg Xpress is a wonderful company with an amazing product for some.

If you decide to move forward with this company rest assured that you are making the right decision.

There is nothing wrong with the company or management team in my opinion, and I personally think they have some of the strongest leaders on board in the management team to help guide, support and has the potential to grow Fg Xpress into the next billion dollar company.

That basically sums it up.

I hope you enjoyed my Fg Xpress Review, before you leave make sure to like, leave a comment and pick up my free eBook “4 Highly Successful habits of a 6 Figure Internet Network Marketer”, thanks!

– Wallace

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