Fuel Network International Review – Is It Any Good?

fuel network internationalWelcome to my Fuel Network International Review.

In my review I will cover various different information like details about the company and company owners, product details, and of course the all important compensation plan details.

Of course many of you are here to make money online and would want to know how you ware going to get paid of course.

Let me first start off and say the as of writing this review Fuel Network International is in pre-launch so as many new companies go, some of the information might get changed, if this is the case please comment below.

At the same time I will try to keep up to date with any new material that arises.

About Me

WallaceHello I first wanted to introduce myself so that you can get a little background about who is writing this article.

For those that already know me go ahead and skip this part.

My name is Wallace, I have been involved with Network Marketing for over 14 years, and half of those years have been a successful Internet Marketer with both Network Marketing opportunities and also affiliate marketing.

I have helped many of my students create incomes on the Internet that they thought wasn’t possible and a few of them went on and created multiple 6 figure incomes.

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OK, lets get on with this review.

The Company Details

There is not too much details about the company, where its located or who the owners are at this time.

The Product Details

fuel network international productsThe product is $5 gas cards and you get these when you sign up and also when you cycle in the binary compensation plan.

The membership is yearly and you will  pay $125 to join.

As a global member you will receive a $5 fuel card each week.

The Compensation Plan Details

Fuel Network International has a binary compensation plan that pays out in cycles.

This is NOT a cycler type company which I don’t recommend to my readers just because the longevity with those type of programs is just not there.

This seems to be a legitimate binary type structure that when built correctly can most definitely take off on you in a good way.

It looks like the only way they pay out is through Solid Trust Pay.

After the first cycle of each day which includes a new member on each leg every cycle there after will pay out $20.

Is Fuel Network International a Scam?

As of right now there is not too much information on their official website they have on there to make a final decision.

I wish the company would have owner details, where the company is located, and contact information, but at this time it does not.

Would I say its a scam or not, like I said above, its too early to tell.


No matter what company you decide to join and make money with you are going to need how to build it.

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– Wallace

3.5 / 5 stars