FundsPay Review with Simple Compensation Plan Breakdown

In my FundsPay Review, I will talk all about the FundsPay compensation plan and what it offers.

I will go over most of the inner workings and also what details I can dig up about the company and from the Internet.

I will comprise in detail mainly everything you want to learn about the FundsPay compensation plan, corporation, and products because those details are what most often matter.

I will definitely try to focus on if this is a scam or not, and also how you would get paid because the majority of readers at this time is what people want to learn more about…

The Dinero

I will also share a great strategy at the end of my critique if that is something that you desire.

Before we get started with my amazing FundsPay review, I would like to take a second to introduce myself so that you can be more informed about what I am all about first.

So let’s dive into what I am all about first before we discover what the FundsPay company and compensation plan is all about.

About Me

First, I want to intro myself first to those that don’t know who I am as of yet.

I’m not going into a full account about myself and how and why I got started, you can actually read my full bio on my site but would like to give you a better understanding of what I can do, if you will.

Just demonstrate the experience I have, and to have it in the back of your mind when “you’re reading” one of my evaluations about any particular topic, I don’t have a novice aspect.

My name is Wallace, and I have been marketing on the internet for over 12 years and been in Network Marketing for practically twenty.

I’ve built massive downlines, developed marketing funnels and systems, and conducted countless training.

Personally, I am responsible for helping many pupils learn how to earn an incredible quantity of money on the internet, and many of them took that knowledge to massive success online as well.

I’m not telling you this not to brag or boast but to basically let you know I have experience on what it takes to quit a full-time job and eventually earn from home full time.

My 3 central motivations for doing all this are my 3 kids, my marriage to my wife of over 10 amazing years…

Plus, I just enjoy doing it!

Welcome to my FundsPay Compensation Plan Breakdown

FundsPay Review

FundsPay is a cryptocurrency program that claims to help you earn money by investing in their platform and they’ll take care of your balance by investing your fund into the Forex Trading Market and Cryptocurrency Trading Market.

There has been some chatter about this company on the forums and some social platforms, so I decided to find out what it was all about.

Chances are you were approached by an affiliate or a member of this opportunity and now want to learn more about this venture so that is what brought you here to also make sure it’s legit.

Well, I have some good news and some bad news…

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, products, and compensation plan so you will have a better understanding of what move you are going to make next.

The bad news is… well, you are going to have to keep reading…

So let’s find out if FundsPay is legit or a scam…

FundsPay Review – The Company

The FundsPay domain name was registered up around March 15th, 2018 according to whois details for the registrar labeled “” but couldn’t find much of anything else because it was privately registered…

That simply means I couldn’t get any information on who owns it because there isn’t ANY information on the actual website either.

Heck, I even checked Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and there was nothing.

Frequently when it’s hard for me to find out who runs and controls these cryptocurrency programs, it ends up being good-for-nothing scam, or like many others mention, a Ponzi Scheme.

FundsPay Reviews – The Products

FundsPay has no retail products or services, but you can promote the affiliate membership.

You can also invest in plans to do certain kinds of ROI…

Kind of reminds me of Crypto Builder.

I will get into that next.

How Does FundsPay Work

The way the program wants you to think they operate, is you invest money into their system, and they’ll take care of the remainder for you by investing your funds into the cryptocurrency selling marketplace that will allow you to earn high ROIs.

I’m talking about in a matter of 48 hours, you are able to produce up to 400% ROI!

That’s what the company wants you to think.

As for the products and services this company has to offer, they simply don’t have any, merely an affiliate membership that one must sell if they want to make any type of commissions.

You see, FundsPay isn’t a cryptocurrency trading platform, it is exactly a high yield investment program that constitutes funding through their affiliates, then use that money expended by new affiliates to offer other existing affiliates.

What will happen if no new affiliates invest money into this program?

Well, that’s simple, it will collapse like the many other imitation cryptocurrency programs before them.

I’ve seen numerous cryptocurrency programs propelling on the daily all claiming to help deserve you fund by cryptocurrency trading, but truly, the only behavior money is being stirred is by recruiting brand-new affiliates to the program and having them invest into one of their plans.

So FundsPay, in a nutshell, is nothing more than a high harvesting investment plan and not any type of cryptocurrency program.

At least that is the way I see it at face value.

FundsPay Compensation Plan

FundsPay members invest monies into their “Plans” on a prediction that you are able to get an ROI:

Plan 1- 140% ROI after 24 hours
Plan 2- 11% ROI per hour for 12 hours
Plan 3- 200% ROI after 24 hours
Plan 4- 400% ROI after 48 hours

They don’t have any bottom or minimum or maximum investments for their plans…

Another way they are able to make money is by referring members into the company.

FundsPay leverages a unilevel compensation plan structure and caps it at five levels.

Remember, you get a percentage of your downline member’s investments:

level 1( personally sponsored members)- 12%
level 2- 2%
levels 3 to 5- 1%

Cost To Join FundsPay

If you wanted to join the program as an affiliate, it is free, but free will only take you in so far here.

Let’s say you wanted to make money by their so-called investment plan, you will have to invest in the following plans to get started which are:

Plan 1: If you invest in this plan, you are promised a 140% ROI after simply 24 hours. : If you invest in this plan, you are promised a 140% ROI after just 24 hours.

Plan 2: You invest in this plan, you are predicted an 11% ROI after 12 hours. : You invest in this plan, you are promised an 11% ROI after 12 hours.

Plan 3: Invest in this plan and “you think you’re” predicted a 200% ROI after 24 hours. : Invest in this plan and “you think you’re” predicted a 200% ROI after 24 hours.

Plan 4: This is the final plan, and if you invest in this plan, you are promised a 400% ROI just after 48 hours.

You can join FundsPay for free, but you can only refer members to the company.

When it comes to their investment opportunity, they have no real specifics about it or the costs…

Is FundsPay A Scam?

I know it looks good seeing that if you invest your money here, and then on the surface looks like you are able to earn massive ROIs for your money.

Does the FundsPay scam exist?

What you do have to know is, you’re making a huge gamble!

Well, first we don’t know who runs the company.

Second, we don’t know what the investment is and how they are making such ROI’s.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of its article, this program doesn’t deal with any type of cryptocurrency trading, simply another high-pitched harvest investment planned scheme.

So for me personally, there are just TOO many red flags that need to be addressed.

All the money being stirred up here that is supposedly paying these ROIs, are from the new investments of affiliates.

Because of their lack of proof, it looks like new investments are paying off existing ones stimulating those ROI’s.

I also want to know how they generate those crazy ROI’s.

So again, if all the investing stops, which history tells us it will in the immediate future, everyone who invested into this program will lose all their investment at the time the FundsPay program breakdowns with no way of getting it back.

Just remember that if you do invest your money here, you are taking a huge hazard risk of losing it!

Personally, I don’t think you should take that risk, that’s just me telling you how it is through years of experience.

I personally want to know who is running the company because that’s VERY important.

I mean why does it have to be so secret?

That alone throws up red flags that should not be there.

My Final Thoughts

My FundsPay review and final judgment are this.

I’ve been in this industry for many years, and have observed thousands of programs come and go throughout the many years I have been working on the Internet.

I’ve personally written several article reviews about many different programs/companies.

Through the years of marketing on the internet, I now have my certain personal criteria about programmes, and opportunities that I promote, and many of them turned out to be a lemon and fell apart.

On the other hand, many I’ve decided to promote have turned out positive, and made a lot of cash from promoting them.

The bottom line is this, you nor I have a magic 8 ball, we do not know if they have a corrupt or ignorant programmers, we do not know if the banks they are operating with go through modifications and decided to stop doing business with the company, or even freeze the program’s money.

Back To The Future Is JUST A Movie!

We simply do not know if the creators of the program are simply ignorant of the newest laws, or maybe they are simply corrupt… we do not know.

We don’t know if months later if direct members that have control becomes corrupt … it has happened many times!

It can be the best looking, most legitimate corporation or product out there, and they even might retain lawyers to appear legit.

We simply cannot predict into future of any program, product or company out there.

Just acknowledge that this program is just one way to use to create an income online, that is it!

So make as much cash as you are able to with it, but if it’s not making you any money, simply market a different program.

And if you can live with the fact that if you promote FundPay you risk the chance of losing other peoples money.

But for those that do want to promote it…

Get educated in how to drive traffic and how to turn that traffic into leads, you want to match up that traffic with the perfect converting programs, and perhaps this one turns out to be not the offer that converts?

It Happens, Just Never Give Up!

Long story short, if you decide to join, I wish you the very best, and if you don’t join, I still wish you the very best, either way, let me help guide you by offering you something.

Here Are The Facts!

Without traffic and the knowledge of collecting leads and converting those leads into sales, it won’t matter what you try to market, you will not be successful!

You need to understand this, and make “traffic and subscribers” your first priority!

You have to put this a priority in front of ANY program or opportunities you join, and that is when your path to becoming a successful Internet Marketer will start.

That Is What I Do Know.

NEVER believe that any one program is the 1…(reference quote from character NEO from the movie Matrix, love that movie!)

Here is what I’ve created for individuals that need help.

I have a resource that can help you market any company or product!

I understand that thousands of people out their utterly require this, so I decided to give back, and share my personal resources that I generate daily money with, and share it with you for free.

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