Gold Crowd Funding Review

Gold Crowd Funding is a very interesting and unique business opportunity that will help earn extra money from home.

Update: They just changed their name over to WeShare Crowd Funding.

This opportunity has many unique moving parts to it that I found very refreshing and exciting in many ways, I’ll get into those in a minute but first let me introduce myself.

About Me

iconwallacebeachofficeHello, my name is Wallace, I’ve been marketing online for several years (over 7) as of writing this review.

I’ve marketed everything from weight loss supplements to real estate courses online by using methods that include SEO, PPC, and various other online marketing techniques.

I’ve been in Network Marketing for over 14 years, and made more money in 1 month that most people make in a year.

I’m telling you this not to brag or boast, but to just let you know that I am speaking from success experience and not from a “fake it till you make it” mentality.

OK, enough about me, lets get back into more details about Gold CrowdFunding.

What Is It?


First of all, would I call Gold Crowd Funding an MLM opportunity? NO, because its not designed like any MLM compensation plan I ever seen, plus it only pays 3 levels deep.

I would call this opportunity more of a affiliate type of opportunity if you can call it that. Jump on one of the webinars to learn more about how it all works for a clearly outlined explanation on how it all works.

The first part of the unique moving part is called Crowd Funding. Crowd Funding is a legal way to help raise money by donations for projects.

The projects might be anything from needing help raise money with donations for a doctors bill, all the way to help raise money with donations for a bigger project like starting a business or even a college fund for your kids.

So this aspect alone is unique, I don’t think I know of any other opportunity that has this same aspect to it which I find is very refreshing.

The Gold

Our donations can be paid by Gold. We will also have the ability to get paid by Gold and Silver and even this new currency called Currency that is also backed by Gold.

This part I do admit is a very new concept for me, and I might need to update this explanation in the future, but as of right now this is how I understand it.

How To Get Paid

This area is also very interesting.

The way this opportunity pays out is based on donations to help the Gold Crowd Funding community help each other raise money to reach their financial goal of their project.

So basically you can either take out the the money gathered through donation to put towards your projects.

Remember your projects could be anything (that is legal and no drugs of course)… but think on the lines of projects that will help raise money to help build your business.

You can also have multiple projects at any 1 time.

Now basically you will have to first create a project, then you will have to find people that will help donate toward your projects, once people start donating toward your project that is when the donations will show up in your back-office in your Gold Wallet.

In order to qualify for higher donations you will have to have first donate at that level and amount to a community member. This is all done through automation in your back-office so you don’t have to hunt anyone down, it is really very painless and a streamlined process.

The way they take donations as of right now is through a credit card which is nice.

The way that you get paid right now is through paypal, until the International Debit Card gets situated, then when the debit card gets here is when all International folks can participate seamlessly and at that time should have a positive impact on growth.

To learn more about how the plan works, you really need to jump on one of the webinars to actually get a full description and understanding on how it all works. Once you have seen it and understand it, I promise you will be blown away!

The Company

The company is being incorporated in Belize and Panama. One of the owners, to my understanding is James C. Hill – JC and a very accomplished entrepreneur, he lives in Indiana.

The Gold will be stored in vaults both inside the US, and outside the US. The Gold that is in the vaults will be insured by Lloyd’s of London and will be responsible for hiring a certified 3rd party accountant to audit the vaults with the gold at least once a month.


So what is the bottom line?

Would I join this company? YES

Did I join this company to help others make money? YES

I really enjoyed the uniqueness, which is very refreshing and the presentation, and also the vision. Its a new concept and with anything new has a risk, but the rewards can be massive!

Lets build this together so that we can grow to a massive scale with Gold Crowd Funding!



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