How To Evaluate Multi-Level Marketing Companies

Multi-Level Marketing Companies

Multi-Level Marketing Companies, How To Decide?

So you are wanting a guide to decide which Multi-Level Marketing Companies can be a great fit for you and also be around for a long time.

Its never a bad idea to do your due diligence when deciding what company to join.

There are many deciding factors, evenĀ  for seasoned veterans when they want to join a Multi-Level Marketing Company like:

  • Who are the owners, and what experience do they have.
  • Who is the management team and what experience do they have.
  • What are the products.
  • What and how do you earn with the compensation plan.
  • What the long term vision of the company is.
  • What does the marketing material look like.
  • Most importantly, how do you feel about the company. (you really do have to be excited and passionate about marketing a Multi-Level Marketing Company in order to grow a big monthly check in any opportunity)

3 Tips When Choosing A Multi-Level Marketing Company:

1. Position Yourself In Front Of A Hot Trend

Positioning yourself in front a huge trend is always a smart move just because when you do so, you are positioning yourself in front of a movement or a new idea. Think about it, if you had the chance to buy stock at Google at the beginning, or apple, you would be very well off right now, wouldn’t you agree?

The trick is to get the word out fast and to as many people as possible.

Positioning yourself in front of a huge trend is a great way to grow fast but doesn’t always work out because you are also starting out with a new Multi-Level Marketing Company, and the percentages of a new company increasing in profits after the first year is low, this is why seeking out information on the owners, and management team is vital before joining a start-up company. You really want to know about their experience in growing past ventures, and how profitable it was in the past, also if you are considering marketing the opportunity globally, what experience do they have with expansion, and how profitable was it.

Another path that you can take is to choose a company that has a product that is a type of “evergreen” product. In the Multi-Level Marketing world, a product like ‘tools’ or ‘training’ as part of there product line will always be sought out by marketers to help them build there business.

Its kinda like back in the day when the gold rush was going on, the folks that were selling the picks and shovels were the ones making small fortunes by simply supplying the ‘Tools’ to the gold-miners, which in this case we would be considered ‘Multilevel Marketers’, but unfortunately, not all of them pay out very good, so you really have to hunt for the good ‘paying’ companies.

Health and Wellness, Travel, and Precious Metals are among the choices of a long term evergreen type products, but not all of them really have the momentum that can help the company profit long term, that is also why the vision of the management team must be a powerful one, and you also must see them taking action and moving forward with there vision as well.

2. Why Training Should Be In Place

Training is very vital to the success of a long term sustainable business just because statistics show that around 97% of folks fail when trying to make any money with Multi-Level Marketing.


Because there is no training in place that will teach folks how to build their business. Whether the company provides this training or a team provides this training, this is vital to grow a long term duplicatable and profitable business.

If you think about it, and you might of heard about this example before, but why do you think McDonald’s has been so successful for so many years? Its because of there duplicatable simple to understand and follow system they have in place.

McDonald’s has the system down!

This is why we all see teenagers as managers at some stores, its because of the system that they have in place, it simply makes the training on ‘how to do a certain job or task’ a step by step process that you have to go by. After you ‘get it’ that’s it, you now know how to do that task or job.

So when some of these companies wake up and smell the McDonald’s profitable coffee, and think to themselves, “hmm, lets make the training like a simple system that when anyone follows, they will produce results” just like the system that McDonald’s has in place, that 97% failure rate would lower down drastically.

So training is vital when choosing a Multi-Level Marketing Company whether it is coming through the company or through one of the pro-active and smart teams that are in place with the company.

3. The Last Piece of Advice I Can Offer

You are going to own your own business, but you do not want to be in business by yourself.

Around 97% of Multi-Level Marketers fail due to certain factors and limited thinking that you can do everything by yourself is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make.

When looking for MLM Companies to consider, you have to either look for a team that is offering a ton of support and training, and hopefully a company approved system, or become the system yourself, by offering training, support, and putting together a company approved marketing system by yourself.

Now obviously if you don’t have that much experience then you will want to find a team that is offering a ton of goodies that you and every one can jump into that will train everyone the same exact way.

A system that will show you a step by step process that will produce results for you and your team members by implementing a duplicatable system that anyone can do.

This I believe is a very vital piece to the equation, for not only you to become successful but for all your referrals to become successful as well.

As you know, or soon to discover, when building any Multi-Level Marketing Company, you are going to need your referrals to become successful in order for you to make that life changing income that everyone looks for when becoming a “Network Marketer”.

My Final Thoughts

The most important step in my opinion is just after you do all the due diligence on the company, the owners/s and the management team.

The step that you have to decide if this particular Multi-Level Marketing Company really excites you!

Without that excitement and passion, it simply wont work long term.

So with that said, I wish you the best of luck in your entrepreneurial journey, make sure to leave a good comment below and make sure to take advantage of the FREE 90 day boot-camp training.

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