How To Monetize Your Blog With Simple But Powerful Strategies

How To Monetize Your Blog4 easy steps on how to monetize your blog to always follow that will put you in profit fast.

Assuming that you already have a blog set-up and has a look that you are happy with, that is where I will begin to talk about how to monetize your blog.

A little about me first.

My name is Wallace, I have been on the Internet Marketing different products for over 7 years now doing very well.

I marketed products from real estate courses, to teeth whitening, to MLM or Network Marketing.

Through the years I learned powerful techniques like copyrighting, psychology, lead generation, monetizing my blog, and what I am very good at… SEO.

I am telling you this not to brag or boast, but to let you know that the advice I am giving you is not coming from someone that has not experienced success, but from someone that has been successful for many years doing what you came here to learn today.

So lets dive into monetizing your blog.

Knowing Your Target Market

Depending on what your blog is about, you have to know what your market wants.

problem solving keywordsFor example, say your blog is about teeth whitening, you want to find what people want to fix about there teeth, because obviously, if they are looking for teeth whitening, they want to get their teeth whitened.

So ‘teeth whitening’ would be an obvious place to start researching, right.

Go do a search for ‘teeth whitening forums’, or ‘teeth whitening problems’ etc.. Look at what people are talking about and discussing.

Know and understand what your markets ‘PAIN’ is, and solve their problems.

Sounds simple enough, but the key is to do the research to uncover their ‘PAIN’ or the problems they want solved and give them the solutions.

Guess what, the questions that you uncover about ‘how to fix their problem’ will be your blog titles, and topics!

The ‘how to fix their problems’ is, what?

The ‘BUYING Keywords’ are the Topics of what you are writing about!

Hopefully that made sense, but yes it can be that simple to find the buying keywords in a market that has a product that solves a problem for someone. has a great keyword tool that will let you know how much traffic a keyword is getting and also let you dig deeper for more of a list of similar keywords. You can locate it here –

Getting Traffic

I’m not going to get too much into this topic because I have created a free course that will teach you about SEO, and different traffic methods, you can simply opt into the right of the page to get it. The optin is to the right under the video I have created, go there now to opt in.

Monetizing Your Blog With Text Links

monetize your blog with text linksSo now that you have traffic, how do you get people to buy?

The first step I always use is to have hyperlinks in the article that has calls to action that when clicked on, takes that prospect to the product or service that you want.

Here is example of a hyper-linked call to action I use. It is a ‘More In Your Face’ type strategy, but it works.

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Monetizing Your Blog With Banners

how to monetize your blog with bannersBanners can be very powerful as far as monetizing your blog. I use banners on other people blogs that are related in my niche to drive traffic to my offer and it works like a dream.

Of course not every one that you put out there are home runs, but when done right, researched and coming up with a banner that pulls… it can be a home run.

Its all about testing and tweaking!

Here are 2 monetizing methods that make you money on your own site:

1. Placing your own banner to get a person to click on it and then taking them to your offer.
2. Placing other peoples banners on your site and charging them a monthly subscription.

Both are effective, and I personally use both.

Monetizing Your Blog With an Auto Responder

monetize your blog with an autoresponderHaving a newsletter, or opt in for a free gift or giveaway is a MUST.

One practice I would always tell a student is to ALWAYS build a list, and keep building it bigger.

This is your asset to where a new product or service or program that releases in your niche comes out, and you find it quality, you want your target market to know about it.

The more people that know about it means the more money you will make, it breaks down to a numbers game.

Think about it, say you are getting 500 unique visitors to your blog, and you are getting 12 opt ins a day, if you are just sending the offer to those 12, there is a small percentage that they will buy anything…

Lets say you have been building your list and you have 5000 people on your list, and you are still getting the 12 opt ins a day, but now you send out to all 5012 people on your list to an offer…

You are going to get paid!

Build your list!

Monetizing Your Blog With A Pop-Up

monetize your blog with popupsI personally use and been very happy with the results in my testing with popups on my own site.

The way to use it would be to customize each pop-up to each individual post.

Some posts you want just for education a person, or a helpful tutorial, and you really don’t want to have people distracted on those topics, so what do you do?

I use and would recommend WP Super Popup, you can both customize each popup per post, and also have posts without a popup.

There is a powerful free version, but the customization of each post is only in the premium upgrade, which isn’t that much, but is vital for a better conversion.

To Conclude

I hope I helped you out on some strategies that work for me as far as how I monetize my blog for profits and lead generation.

The most important points I would make is to research your market, find everything there is to know about it, and then put the content on your website as extra post topics that surround the main topic, by doing this you are going to establish yourself as an expert, and people will more likely trust you, then ultimately buy from you.

Then next pointer I would give is to always test and tweak your monetizing methods to fine tune them for maximum conversions.

I admit I tend to get lazy on this, and it cost me thousands, but I will always go back and tweak them and test for a better conversion… I just have to get to it faster, so the faster you get to it the more you will make.

Well, that’s all I have for now, please leave a comment, and share your thoughts, or even add to it, thanks!

take care,

– Wallace

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