How To Get Someone ELSE to Create Your WordPress Blog for FREE

Wordpress Blog SetupSetting up a WordPress Blog can be a bit overwhelming and downright frustrating for many, so hopefully I can help not make this process so painful.

As a special bonus, I will show you a way to get someone else to set up your blog for free, plus set it up with all the bells and whistles, this I will share towards the end of this article…!

But lets first get into why having your own WordPress Blog is a must have when trying to build a business on the Internet.

  1. You have total control of your content.
  2. Google, Yahoo and Bing loves to get these blogs ranked and listed high in the search rankings when optimized properly.
  3. Easy to Use… coding not required.
  4. Easy to publish your content and add video or images.
  5. Great way to capture leads!

So, we know that Google loves WordPress blogs, and that you should own my own blog to have total control over your content, and by owning your own blog its a great way to capture leads…


Let me show you the long tedious process first, and what it entails, then I will go into my Super Awesome Resource that will shows you where to get your blog set up absolutely FREE!


First, Get A Domain Name

The very first thing you are going to need is a domain name… I have published some information on how to choose the best one, and where to get them on this page: >> Getting a Domain Name Tutorial <<

Get A Hosting Account

The next step you are going to take is to get a hosting account. There are many good hosting accounts out there, but my recommendation would be to go with Hostgator.

Once you get your hosting account you are going to sign into your cPanel back-office, from there you are going to find and grab the 2 nameservers.

Then you are going to go into your NameCheap Domain Name back-office and place the 2 nameservers that you grabbed in the back office of your Hosting account into the name server fields associated with the domain name you just purchased.

Once you applied the changes to your domain name, the changes are now activated to where that domain name is now associated with your new Hosting account. This change sometimes takes a good 24 hours before you notice the change when looking up your site in the search engines.

Setting Up Your WordPress Blog

You are going to want to go back into your hosting account. Once in the back-office, if you have Hostgator, then you are going to look for a shortcut called ‘Fantastico’.

Fantastico is a application that makes setting up various different websites simple and does all the coding for you in the background so you don’t have to know it, in order to set up a WordPress blog, or a Joomla blog, or a Forum, or a help-desk… etc.

The one that we want is called the WordPress installer of course, so we are going to look for that one the left hand side of the page, right after we clicked on the Fantastico app.

Select it and now it is basically going to walk you through the set up process.

Make sure to fill out all the fields necessary, pick a username, a password (write it down!) and select the name of your site, tagline… username, password… etc.

Then click on the finish button, and WALLAH! You have just created your first WordPress site. But you are not yet ready to start publishing new content yet, there is a couple more steps to get done.

Picking a Theme

Now you need to pick a theme, there are 3 that come with the new blog set up, and picking one of those is the fastest way to get this part out of the way…. but they are limited in what you can do with them…. the way I show you below will have about 70 premium themes ready to go for you!WP Themes

Picking Plugins

Then after you find the perfect theme, (this can take a while…) you are now going to want to find the best plugins to use. There are SOOOOO many plugins to choose from that it will literally make your head spin off your neck and fly way up into the sky and get lost…

No, but seriously, there are a ton of plugins that do various actions.

WP PluginsThe ones that you are going to need are the SEO plugins, the social share plugins, the faster loading plugins, maybe a video or picture plugin, and whatever other plugin you feel would help your site out.

I personally have around 13, they range from a video Flow-player plugin, to a captcha plugin to help aid against spam comments.

I currently use a premium theme that lets me do a lot of the SEO work from the inside of my posts and pages, which saves on load time, file size, and more importantly, MY TIME.

So after you get all that done, NOW its time to get writing!

Congratulations! YOUR DONE Setting Up Your WordPress Blog!

Now your all set! Time to open up a new post and start creating content….

But Wait!

You are still Confused?

Don’t worry, you are not alone, that was a quick tutorial, and didn’t really show you exactly where to go and what to do to set everything up… it was both confusing and hard to understand.

So What If I Can Show You A Company That Will Do That Entire Process For You For FREE?

Would you be Interested in using them?

I know I would… and I did!

There is no shame in asking for help, but this company that does it for folks has made a business out of it, and they are awesome!

Its a whole lot better if I let them explain exactly what they do, but I pretty much summed it up…

They create your very own WordPress blog, ready to go, with plugins and theme enhancements… all for FREE!

If you need a blog set up for you, or if you want to get going with Internet Marketing, and make money online quickly… then you are going to need your own website…

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hope this helps…

take care, and God Bless,