icoin pro review


Congratulations on reserving your position early so that you can have a position located towards the top of iCoinPro's fast filling matrix compensation plan.

You will need to complete a few simple steps so that you can maximize your earnings with iCoinPro's fast filling matrix style compensation plan.

  1. You will need $50 in your bank account to get started immediately so that you can get the best position possible. (required)
  2. Whitelist or add my email to your friends list: "support@workwithwallace.com" so that all the updates I send will go into your inbox without issue.
  3. Start lining up as many potential referrals as you can now so that when you get your affiliate link you can notify them immediately as well to maximize your commissions. (not required but recommended)
  4. Connect with me on Facebook by clicking the button below.

IMPORTANT: When iCoinPro is about to officially launch, we will send out a 2 day notice, a 24 hour notice, then possibly an hour notice then the final "GET IN NOW" notice, so make sure you have at least $50 in the bank or card.