Infinity Dry Wash Review – Scam or Legitimate Program

infinity dry wash reviewInfinity Dry Wash review on and about the company, owner and the products, and of course the compensation plan.

The concept behind this company is to save the fresh drinking water throughout the world by using a waterless car wash solution when washing your car.

This is a great idea but what is the whole concept and idea behind Infinity Dry Wash really?

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WallaceI realize that there are many company reviews out there and that many are rehashed information that doesn’t even make sense to most people.

I try to dive a little bit deeper into a company and give them the benefit to bring something that could change the life financially of someone that would of never of had a chance with a job.

Of course I usually tell it like it is and give my opinion about pay plans, or products that sometimes does not go over to well.

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OK, now on to the Infinity Dry Wash review.

About the Company

infinity dry wash ceoThe Company was founded by Carlos Widen CEO & Founder of Infinity Dry Wash and has re-launched in June 2013.

Infinity Dry Wash at first launched in mid 2012 and paid affiliates $4 a month per affiliate recruited into their down line, payable down six levels of the original pay plan.

In June of 2013 Infinity Dry Wash sought to re-invest itself and appear to have actually relaunched with a brand-new payment plan which is covered below.

Infinity Dry Wash is an advertising business that distributes Eco-friendly waterless technology with a network of authorized suppliers worldwide.

We take pride in being eco friendly due to the fact that it is a growing necessity; not just for human nature but likewise for the earth itself.

Our artificial cost-free items do not hurt the individual, the item it is being used on, or the environment. Unlike traditional automobile washes, Infinity Dry Wash takes pride on water preservation.

With our expanding population, water conservation is important to a sustainable future on our gorgeous world Earth. Our personnel of highly trained people are constantly ready to provide the very best customer support possible.

We believe that an effortless way of living choice can lead the way into tomorrows future.

Our devotion to water preservation is one that you too, should, and could participate in. You are assisting by just utilizing our quality products.

About the Product

Infinity Dry Wash Nano Waterless Wash and Wax Vehicle Valeting formula completely gives you the waterless freedom to clean and polish your complete automobile exterior anytime, any place and all over the waterless green way, by fully negating using water without compromising on accomplishing the ultimate display room finish and whilst taking care of our environment.

It includes numerous exceptional active ingredients consisting of Nano Wax, top-quality carnauba wax the world’s hardest natural safety wax, unique moistening representatives, lubricating substances, one-of-a-kind water-based polymers and protectants bringing a genuinely spectacular formula to the car cleaning, polishing, valeting and detailing world.

Absolutely devoid of oil, petrochemical acquired scents, oil based hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solvents and non aerosol.

It cleans, polishes and wax protects your vehicle and helps secure the environment too.

Effortless display room sparkle is quickly produced on outside paintwork, glass, mirrors, chrome, rubber, plastics, difficult vinyl, alloys, wheels, trim and wiper blades avoiding judder and drag.

It does so a lot more than just clean and shine your automobile it brings out the natural great color pigments in your paintwork and protects it from both natural and manufactured unsafe aspects.
Likewise incredible results accomplished on Interior plastics, wood, mirrors and door trim.

The Compensation Plan

The Infinity DryWash pay plan is best explained in the latest video that was put out by the company recently.

I actually cut out the beginning part of the video to where it starts out on the explanation about the compensation plan.

Is Infinity Dry Wash a Scam?

There is no dought that it is not a scam in my opinion.

I personally am giving my personal thoughts and would urge you to research further but I personally like the concept, and the pay plan works as well.

I hope you enjoyed my Infinity Dry Wash Review, make sure to leave a comment below and like this page for support.

– Wallace

4 / 5 stars     


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