Lia Sophia Shutting Down

lia-sophia-purpleIt was revealed on their business call today that Lia Sophia will be shutting down. This comes as a surprise as up until a couple of days earlier, suppliers were heavily promoting the items and company.

Lia Sophia is a family possessed business that was founded by Victor Kiam under the name Lady Remington several decades earlier. It is currently run by Elena and Tory Kiam.

Their website explains the company as:

Flexible design is the style of our most current collection, but it’s real of Lia Sophia every year. The stunning fashion jewelry we create works in every minute of a woman’s life, from the easy method our pieces coordinate to individual styles that transform into multiple appearances. The designs are classic, and so is the quality, with every piece backed by our unparalleled Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. And this season, more than 60 % of the collection is priced at less than $50.

Women are at the heart of Lia Sophia, linking and sharing over our designs all around the country. We consider our Hostesses and Advisers extended household, and we’re happy of the impressive earning opportunities they find here.

Many of all, we’re happy to be a family business, and to see the names of our little girls, Lia and Sophia, on every box of our fashion jewelry. We believe you’ll find many styles to enjoy in these pages, and we invite you to join our sisterhood of unbelievable females sharing a passion for fashion jewelry and making their dreams become a reality.

UPDATED: We have actually gotten word that the company will formally close its doors December 17th. The life time replacement warranty will be readily available until January. We have asked for an official statement from the business however have actually not had a response.

It was announced on their business call today that Lia Sophia will be shutting down. UPDATED: We have actually received word that the business will formally close its doors December 17th. We have actually asked for a main statement from the company however have not had a response.