Liquid Essentials Pre-Launch

Liquid EssentialsLiquid Essentials is the newest MLM company to hit the market.

As of writing this review, the company is not officially in pre-launch and is set to go into pre-launch officially on August 5th 2013.

Although they are taking paper applications for the first 1000 members before the official pre-launch.

September 3rd is expected to be the official company launch and the pre-launch orders are expected to be shipped on that day till the 6th.

Also on the 6th they are expected to have their first commission run as well.

Liquid Essentials Company Information

With the information that is out there on the web about this company, there is really no documentation about the owners or even the company for that matter.

We are going to have to wait and see until this information becomes available to where I will update this review.

I did find a Liquid Essentials product site, with big jugs of the liquid supplements that seem to be the same thing that this company will be selling, but again we are just going to have to wait and see until more information is available.

The Compensation Plan Details

fast_start_matrix_and_bonus_pay_chartsWhen I first looked at the charts and read how the compensation plan worked, I said to myself that I had seen this compensation plan somewhere and seconds later it was clear that it was almost the identical compensation plan that EPX Body has.

With the exception of the 2nd through 4th generation of match pay being different (EPX BODY actually pays 2% more) that is the only difference that I see.

Why would they do that?

Who knows, maybe Dan Puttman is starting a new almost identical company on the side… that was just a thought so don’t quote me on that one 🙂

Here is the run down of how it works.

Fast Start

They got the fast start bonus’s which will pay out 25% award and then 5% on levels 2 and 3 then 10% award on level 4 when qualified.

Matrix Pay

Monthly commissions are tallied also by percentage by level which comes out to be 2.5% on levels 1 and 2 then 5% on levels 3 and 4 then on level 5 becomes 20 percent.

Matching Bonus Pay

This is where the big money comes into play. I have personally seen it done with EPX on a $40 dollar product so the plan works.

OK, First level is 25% then when qualified levels 2 through 4 pays out at 10%.

For more of my visual type learners like myself I have included some charts here.

liquid_essentials_rank_chartThe Liquid Essentials Products

The Products are liquid spray canisters. The picture I provided is NOT the final packaging of this product so I wouldn’t start being negative on that aspect until launch, then we can be critical consumers.

Here is a run down of the products they have in their line up right now.

Thermo Burn – This is what the name suggests, this is a fat-burning product that will help you to lose weight, and guess what the main ingredient to this product is “Raspberry Key-tones“.

I had the pleasure of trying this product, and let me tell you folks, it does work!

Vitamin D3 – Basically this product is SUN in a spray bottle… Your body needs the son for the production of D3 which helps with the regulation of calcium and phosphorous in our body… just good stuff that the body needs.

Your not going to fell this amazing rush or feeling of euphoria, its simply not going to happen with these products so don’t expect any short term amazing feelings.

Vitamin B12 – Basically this product has been around for years and it is energy in a bottle, not a jittery overwhelming type energy, just energy that your body needs.

Their Multivitamin – This is a fast absorbing, because its liquid, multivitamin that you spray in your mouth. This will give you mostly all your essentials vitamins for the day.

I always tell people to Juice, and eat plenty of fruits, there has been NO OTHER substitute for the amount of nutrition you get from doing that.

Sweet Dreams – Not too sure about the product ingredients in this one but the description says that it helps you with going to sleep, I kinda doubt that its as powerful as a product like Unisom but I am thinking it might be more like a Melatonin ingredient which would be a great natural and safe ingredient to help you sleep with no nasty side effects when you get up in the morning.

That about wraps it up for the product reviews, I know not much there right now, but as soon as this company launches there will be more information.

Liquid_Essentials_ProductsIn Conclusion

My Liquid Essentials review has brought me to a definite conclusion but first let me answer a question.

Is Liquid Essentials a Scam?

No one knows until after the launch to see if they don’t run off with all of your money?

But, from what I hear (from a reputable source) the owners are on the up and up and want to make this a killer company that will do huge things in the industry.

Let me say one more thing, this is way better investment than any one of those rev share models or HYIP’s that are on the market today, i can tell you that for a fact!

So would I put my stamp of approval on this company right now?

I really cant say that I would approve or disapprove this company at this time simply because it has not launched yet, but for those that want to jump in, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

That it, I am done, I hope you enjoyed my review on Liquid Essentials and please leave a comment below and join me on Facebook to your right.

– Wallace

5 / 5 stars     


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