Little Ticket To Wealth Review – LTTW Revealed

Little Ticket To WealthLittle Ticket To Wealth is the hottest lead supplier for biz opp leads, and MLM leads out there right now…


Because they work.

The most valuable resource to any online business is to have leads and traffic, with any leads or traffic you will have no profitable business.

The leads is not just a lead company that offers quality buyer leads and biz op leads…. is is also an affiliate program that pays very well as I will explain to you below.

These leads are targeted leads for people that are interested in making money from home.

They also has a 3rd party marketing system but I will get into The Secret Lead Factory reviews in a later post.

I have tested these leads among some of my peers and have had great results with them.

These are some of the best leads you can get anywhere, and you CANNOT beat the price for them anywhere online.

Here is a video from my business partner Dave Lear explaining key points some.

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Before I go into details about the company, I want to introduce myself.

About Me

Wallace NuanezHello, my name is Wallace, I have been in Network Marketing for almost 13 years now, and have been full time for about 6 of those years.

Ive done this through Internet Marketing.

Ive grown teams of over 20k in less than a year, and have helped many people make money by giving guidance and training.

I am telling you this not to brag or hype myself up, but to let you know that my reviews are genuine, and not some re-written copy cat newbie on the web not really providing any value.

Enough about me, lets get on with the review.

Little Ticket To Wealth

Tim Berger CEOThe company was founded by direct pay system Tim Berger in 2009, he has a mission to help struggling online marketers by providing people with what they need…


This is a necessary asset to build a big organization in any online business you wish to move forward with.

The Product

The product is business opportunity leads and Network Marketing leads, and also buyer leads, which are the best.

65% – 70% of our leads each month through our own online and offline network of advertising, using banner ads, solo ads, pay-per-click, co-registration, postcards, 1-800 lines, etc…

The remaining 30% – 35% are supplied to us through one of our 3 approved lead vendors that they’ve had direct working relationships with for the last 8 years.

The leads can be used in auto-responders, voice broadcasting, or an auto-dialer, or even just calling them one by one.

The file that you get will include their Name, email, street, city, state, zip code, IP address, date and time stamp and phone number.

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The Compensation Plan

The company uses what’s known as a “Reverse 2 Up” compensation plan.

When a prospect registers with you, they’ll be prompted to send 100% of the enrollment fee to YOU for your 1st and 3rd referrals. Your 2nd and 4th referral are sent to your sponsor to act as qualifiers. (This happens only once, PER LEVEL, then it’s 100% paid directly to you).

Their 1st and 3rd sales are theirs, just like yours were. But guess what happens with their 2nd and 4th? You’re right! They all come directly to YOU! In this example scenario, you’d receive up to $400 x 4 (2 referral pass-ups from Mary, 2 referral pass-ups from John) = up to $1600 in INSTANT CASH paid directly to YOU!

little ticket to wealth reverse2 up

You’ll get an instant email notification informing you of a new enrollment and of any payments coming your way.

Now if you only sign-up with the $100 level, you will only receive $100 commissions when you sign somebody up at the $100 level and will unfortunately “PASS UP” the $200 or $400 sales to your sponsor, so if you plan to promote this program as an affiliate, its best to join at the top level so that you do not miss out on any commissions.

After the initial purchase, their will be a monthly subscription fee of either $5 or $20 or $40 depending on which package you select.

Is Little Ticket To Wealth Scam?

2 thumbs upIf you need traffic or if you need more eyeballs on your offer, Little Ticket To Wealth is a great resource to have.

What better program to promote than a program that offers everyone what they need… LEADS!

2 thumbs up!

Before you leave make sure to comment below about my Little Ticket To Wealth Review, thanks!

– Wallace

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5 / 5 stars     


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