M&G Home Business Power Marketing System Review

mg home business power marketing systemIn my M&G Home Business Power Marketing System Review I will cover what the opportunity is all about.

In this review I will cover information about what M&G is about, the compensation plan, the company details, what the product is, and is it a scam or legitimate.

Lets break down what M&G is on a basic level.

M&G Home Business is a new company that claims that they will basically do all the marketing for you by building your email marketing list and following up with your leads for you with follow up emails that the company pre-written telling your leads to join your business, all done through their servers.

With what information I have right now it sounds like it is a killer opportunity, but still too early to determine what exactly is involved.

The information I have is just off of the company page and not off of actual results, those results will come in at a later date with my final conclusion.

UPDATE – 2/28/2013 Updated information about the company available in my conclusion section below.

The Company

I really do not have to much information about who is running the show over their other then the names Michael and Glenn (MandG) that I got from the company sales page that looks and feels like a page straight off of one of the Warrior Forums WSO’s or JVZoo offers I see all the time.

Again this opportunity is new, but that shouldn’t be and excuse to not be transparent.

I can’t find any of the legal pages either like the privacy policy, terms, or even an income disclaimer?

The lack of transparency really throws up some red flags for me. Hopefully they get those issues solved like yesterday.

The Product

The M&G product is what the company calls an all in one marketing system solution.

They will build your list by sending 300 leads a day to capture page, follow up with the leads that opt in for 30 days and send them anywhere you want, will let you send an unscheduled email to your new leads.

The information on whether or not you will get ANY leads is still up in the air. I will have to follow up at a later date and leave my final conclusion when I am able to gather more information.

The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan model is a 2X10 forced matrix that in my opinion is a great plan, and can work for several years.

The only point that the sales page makes is that you make 100% on each and every personal referral you bring into the business which works out to be $49.95.

Again the sales page does not explain too much on how it pays out on each level after the first which is a bit strange to me.

Also I want to point out that they pay out through PayPal which is not a long term solution. PayPal is known to not like MLM, or get rich quick programs, what will happen is PayPal will lock up that money for at least a month to 6 months! I believe they are doing this because they might be having problems setting up their merchant account and just needed to launch now, but in order for this company to be long term they need another solution and fast if the amount of enrollees skyrockets, so be aware of this.

When I get more information I will post an update here.

Final Conclusion

For me their are too many red flags, and not enough transparency to jump in.

I know some very good marketers that are promoting this but on my personal experience I can’t just jump into something that doesn’t seem to have all the pieces in place yet even though that I make a lot of money from the exciting pre-launch of it all.

The offer also seems too affiliateish to me as well, and what I mean is that this has a Network Marketing compensation plan attached to it, and in Network Marketing we need to network and build teams to build bigger incomes, but this just seems very sales fueled to me just like any affiliate offer off of the Warrior Forum WSO’s or JVZoo marketplace.

Also, my review might seem to have a lot of negatives, but it is what it is, I don’t have more information to report on at this time.

When I get more information I will surely report back on this opportunity with all fairness here in my final conclusion area.

2-28-2013 Update

Looks like they took some great advice and hurried up and added the legal pages including the refund or cancellation page terms which is definitely steps in the right direction.

I noticed that they put all the legal pages attached to the “Terms and Conditions” page which I guess will work as long as its there, but they should definitely clean it up soon.

Also it looks like they added the location where the business is registered. I understand many companies nowadays run off just the internet and really have no central location, but they really need people and the regulators know where their business is located, the more transparency is Network Marketing nowadays the better!

So good for them.

Thank you for taking your time to read my M&G home business power marketing system review, please leave a comment, good or bad, to let me know your thoughts or to give me any updates that you felt I missed, thanks!

– Wallace



4 / 5 stars     


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