MLM Network Marketing Lead Generation In Todays World

MLM Network Marketing LeadIn this article I go over a step by step process that I personally use in my business that continually generates me not just 1 MLM Network Marketing Lead but 20 – 100 leads daily.

If you have had any kind of experience with working with Network Marketing Companies then you know that the companies usually have company replicated websites that are offered usually for an additional cost to the affiliate or distributors of the company. Rarely do companies offer replicated “capture pages” for free in my experience.

These websites usually brand the company and do a good job explaining what the company is all about but does not do a good job explaining what benefits or training the new member would receive when joining which is a great selling point.

That is where setting up your own website or using 3rd party tools and/or training comes into place.

Most 3rd party marketing companies have a commissionable affiliate aspect to it, so a person that is taking advantage of the marketing material and training and tools can refer their prospects or members of their primary company to it and also make an additional recurring income from the program as well.

WARNING – Some primary companies are uptight or what we like to say “a-holes” when it comes to recommending 3rd party tools, training and/or material, so make sure you check within your terms and conditions before going out and recommending outside material to your down-line.

This could get you terminated if the company forbids it… so again make sure the company you are working with are not uptight, old school, dirty A-Holes!

Setting Up an MLM Lead Generating Funnel System

Whether you are using a 3rd party lead generating marketing program that will supply capture pages, or if you are going to do it solo, the first thing you want to do is to set up your lead capture page.

Some of the best ways to capture leads is to offer a free report, or a free video explaining to them how to do something in your market that is going to solve a big problem for them.

Sometimes just selling the opportunity to make extra money works also. Then simply send them to your opportunity page after they opt-in.

Some examples of MLM problems would be:

  • how to drive more traffic
  • how to close leads
  • how to build a list that converts into sales
  • how to generate X amount of leads daily

You have to test with some traffic to see which method works best. I will usually take around 100 people that visit my MLM Capture Page website to see what percentage its converting at. (unique visits / leads = %)

Driving Traffic to Your Site

This brings us to our next conversation which is how to get visitors to your capture page to generate those MLM Network Marketing Leads we all want so bad.

I like to use a process. My personal process will always start off with content. I will find a topic in my MLM niche that many people are talking about. I don’t just guess and use my awesome mind powers to come up with the ideas, I use Internet Marketing tools to help me out.

One of the tools that many top marketers use today is a free tool called the Google Keyword Tool which can be found adwords kw tool

When you get there you simply type in a broad search term like “MLM” and click on the closely related box, and make sure you select “Exact Match” which is also located on the left sidebar. Then type in the captcha, and click search.

You will usually get a lot of statistical data combined with keywords. Since you clicked on the ‘Exact Match’ option your searches will look like this:

  • [mlm]
  • [mlm training]
  • [mlm companies]


Next to each keyword you will see more columns but the one you want to pay attention to is the “Global Searches”, this column tells you how many searches a month that keyword gets worldwide.

By knowing this data you have a better understanding what people are looking for most in the MLM Network Marketing world.

I would usually start with keywords that help people to understand something, or take a keyword and spin it to where it forms a question like; ‘Where can I get the best (MLM Training)?”.

Then when I find my topic keyword that gets some traffic, I will do research. Even if I know the subject, its always a good idea to learn more about it and also get a different perspective from another source.

The way to do this is to type in the keyword phrase which in this case is “MLM Training” and thenĀ  simply find articles and read them.

Article Marketing for leads

trafficUsually after I write up my main article on my own website or a Web 2.0 property, like Blogger, I usually write related articles on other Web 2.0 article sites and point that traffic back to both my capture page and my main article with links.

Doing this will both give the prospect the capture page link and also my information page link that also will lead to my capture page.

I wont write another article on Blogger, I will actually choose a different site all together like Tumblr, this will attract more visitors and attention, plus tells Google that your site is getting talked about and then rise your site in the search ranking, maybe onto the first page if you do enough of this.

Video Marketing for leads

Simply make a video about what your content is about. You can either send people to the capture page directly or to your content page that will still lead them to the capture page.

If your asking what I do, It depends on the situation, but to pay it safe, send them to both.

That basically breaks down the traffic generation in its simplest form, you just have to take action and apply, and then duplicate.

Social Media for leads

The last step I do is to share my content on social media networks, like Facebook, Google+ and I tweet it. Sometimes, you can get a good amount of traffic if your content goes viral, so never leave this aspect out of the equation.

Capturing MLM Lead Information

With any capture page you want to gather and build a database. The reason you want to do this is to follow up with your prospects. You can not only offer them your free material, but also recommend other offers that you can get paid off of, like your primary company, and affiliate offers.

Auto-responders are your Baby!

The next part we come to is the question you might of asked in the last paragraph which would be, how do I capture my prospects information?

With what is called an Auto-responder software. There are basically 2 types of auto-responders. The 2 types are a self hosted auto-responder and the 2nd would be a 3rd party auto-responder that hosts there software on their own servers.

I personally use 3 different ones, but the one that I would recommend to any one starting out in MLM Network Marketing lead generation would be Aweber.

Setting up these forms to place on your website is easy after you get the hang of it. Aweber has great tutorials that will walk you step by step if you need help.

So Now What?

Next is to start generating those MLM or Multilevel Network Marketing leads and follow up with them weekly with email follow ups that you can set up and leave going out on auto-pilot.

Schedule them for once a week or twice, its your call.

Remember to ALWAYS put at the end of every email you send out a simple recommendation link.

A recommendation of a program, software… just something with your affiliate link, so that you get credit for referring them to it!

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