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MMM Returns Overview

MMM Returns Company and Owner

Sergey Mavrodi is a founder and leader of the Social Financial Community MMM RETURNS. MMM is sure to be his life-work, but not the only one. Sergei Mavrodi, having a degree in mathematics, worked as a programmer and took part in the development of the first operating systems. The company he founded was one of leading computer equipment distributors in Russia. He was a Deputy of the Russian Parliament. His literary works were published and they are sold in book stores. Two of his screenplays were made into movies. His poems were turned into songs.

As you can see Sergey is quite accomplished.

A quick visual on how MMM Returns works.

mmm returns pay plan

Compensation Plan Overview

  • Deposit from .05 – 10BTC and start earning Daily for 50 days. Total ROI 50%.
  • One Simple Daily Task. Takes About 13 Seconds then you get paid for that day!
  • Get Paid A Share Of ALL The Profits ME & Up to 49 In My Upline Make Daily!
  • Get Paid 2 X Infinity Level Commissions up to 1% through unlimited levels
  • NOT Peer To Peer Means NO Waiting For Confirmations, Fake Screen Shots etc.
  • Withdraw Multiple Times Per Day WITH NO LIMITS
  • Get Paid 5% Binary Bonus Commissions When Your Income Matches On Each Side. Example: You Have $500 In Volume On Your Left And $500 In Volume On Your Right, a total of $1000 in volume. You Get Paid $25.00 which is 5% of the volume match! The System Calculates ALL Of Your Volume Through Infinite levels With A Daily Cap of 5 Bitcoin Which Is Currently $5,000.00 Per Day!

mmm returns review

Key Points To Remember:

1) NO Sponsoring Required To Get Paid A .05% Of ALL The Money Me and up to 49 others Above Me Are Making Daily! 2) Just ONE 15 Second Daily Task To Complete To Earn 3% Per Day For 50 Days On Your Deposits!
The Other Two Income Streams Are OPTIONAL If You Choose To Share The Program With Others!

mmm returns reviews

Why choose MMM Returns?

Here is a quick look at the affiliate income plan.

mmm returns binary

MMM Returns profit chart.

mmm returns compensation plan

One of the things about the MMM Returns compensation plan is that you get paid by your uplines income!

mmm returns review


mmm returns fraudI am going to give this one a thumbs down!

With all the negative press on the owner and also some bad news with one of his last companies and the recent changes to the compensation plan, there are too many red flags to even recommend this company at all.

There are not very many companies on my site that get the thumbs down from me, but I would have to make this one of them.

mmm returns get paid on uplines

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