Is Mobile Blog Pro Taking Over The Internet With Blogging?

Mobile Blog ProThe concept I really like about the service and product Mobile Blog Pro offers is the “set up for you and ready to rock” blogging system that they offer.

It is basically on a platform you are on and looking at right now, (my blog) which is a powerful Google search engine friendly website.

So your basically getting a powerful tool that I personally use already to help build your primary business or even just to generate leads and help brand yourself online!

What a powerful concept.

About Me

Wallace NuanezBefore I jump into my Mobile Blog Pro Review, let me introduce myself.

My name is Wallace, I have been marketing online for many years successfully and made multiple 6 figures online.

I have done it mainly through blogging!

This is why when you join my top team in Mobile Blog Pro you will first get your very own blogging platform just like mine, but also get the knowledge from a person that knows how to get huge results from blogging, me!

So can you see the amazing value you get?

For those that can, get started, watch the video and then take the tour.

You will be happy you did!

The Company

The Company launched on March 12 2013. This company promotes tools to help grow your primary businesses by driving traffic and generating leads, and even just to help brand you online.

The Mobile Blog Pro Products

Mobile App and a “Set up for You” Customized Blog!

Yes, that’s right, the company sets up your very own blog that is ready to go in 3 minutes after joining.

This is the main traffic source for my personal business, so you see why I am excited about this particular program. Its because it works, and its on a platform that Google loves and is proven to work!

The Compensation Plan

The Mobile Blog Pro Compensation Plan is one of the industries most stream lined plan ever!

There are 2 ways to get paid.

Mobile Blog Pro Compensation Plan1. Fast Start Bonus, which is paid out 3 levels deep.

The first level pays out $25 for every personal you bring in, and for every personal they bring in you get paid $5, and for your 3rd generation you get paid $3.

So you see how over time after building a decent organization this can add up but that is not where the power of this compensation plan lies folks.

The power is in the Residual Income, or the Binary.

2. Residual Income (Binary) which is paid unlimited depth.

If your not familiar with how a binary works, it works like this, your at the top, and then you have 2 legs (right and left) that you build to unlimited depth.

Check out the illustration below for a better understanding.

Mobile Blog Pro Binary Compensation Plan

Now this is how you get paid; for every 1 person on your left and 1 person on your right side, you earn an amazing 10 per month which is paid out weekly!

Here is a passage from the company:

Unlike other companies, at Mobile Blog Pro there are no minimums, no caps, no cycling and no flushing! As long as you remain active, by paying your monthly membership, you will never “lose” team members that have built up on each leg.

Pay PlanIts that simple folks, 2 powerful ways to make money, and the most powerful and simple way to get paid is from the binary.

Imagine having 100 on your left and 100 on your right… that is a cool $1000 in your pocket residually.

You don’t have to sponsor that many, I am actually going to build 50% of you business for you so half of the job is done for you!

My Final Thoughts

The main product is where the power is at which is the blogging platform. The blogging platform is WordPress based and all set up and ready to go for you, all you have to do is to start writing the content.

So is Mobile Blog Pro a Scam?

No Way!

This company is a legitimate service provider, and pays out very good.

Your only thing to do now is to decide whether or not you want to get started with Mobile Blog Pro.

Hope you enjoyed this review, if there was something I missed or you simply want to add something please do so by adding a comment below, thanks.

take care,


4.5 / 5 stars