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Network Marketing Dummies – What To Do When The Conversation Goes Back And Fourth

Network Marketing DummiesNetwork Marketing Dummies, What To Do When The Conversation About MLM Goes Back And Fourth when trying to present your business opportunity with another Network Marketer?

Hello, my name is Wallace and this situation actually happened to me a couple days ago, and actually is a normal occurrence when dealing with other Network Marketers as you  can imagine.


Mainly I think that it is ego thing, most people try to “Fake it till they Make it” and that is cool and all but you still have to be open to hear what the other person has to say.

Ego has a strong roll in playing this game that ends up going no-where.

Imagine just having a conversation with someone and the entire conversation is about how there company is so great, they’ve done X amount in sales, they have products that are out of this world, its the best thing that came out next to sliced bread… and so on, and so on, and so on…

I don’t think what the topic was, ANYONE would get bored, and get very tired of the conversation very quickly due to the fact that the conversation is 1 dimensional and you know that you are trying to be sold.

TIP; No one likes to be sold… BUT they love to buy!

When you want to present your business opportunity to someone, especially a person that can bring is big numbers and volume you need to take a completely different approach because let me tell you that approach completely sucks and never works.

If you are talking to a leader, ask them for their opinion, their advice, and what they think, if they are even a little interested have them talk with one of your uplines… this business is about Networking and if you are not talking with people then you are not growing a successful business.

What about those Pushy Network Marketing Dummies?

Sometimes you get a Network Marketer that does not know how to take a hint!

So what do you do AFTER trying to be polite?

These kind of promoters are focused on one thing and that is not you, its the sale, so WHY NOT mess with them?

This is how to mess with them efficiently:

  • Tell them that you finally researched their company and heard it sucks.
  • If they ask where is the documentation… explain that there are so many negative feedback that you don’t remember just one resource and really don’t have time to waste on this to find it.
  • Ask them why they didn’t do any research before you joined, that they could of saved themselves money.
  • Finally tell them that you have absolutely no interest in this company and wish them the best and please do not contact me about this crappy company once more.
  • Hopefully by then they get the point and move on, but unfortunately some of the time this does not happen.

All you can do at this time is answer their call, and then when they try to pitch you on the same exact thing, tell them that they need to take better notes because they would know that you were not interested at all in that opportunity and doing business like that will not lead to success in this business, then tell them to take care and goodbye, then hang up.

At this point being rude is the only option.

Building a business in network marketing is simply sharing the opportunity that you are excited about. And of course sharing it with enough people to make an impact.

Its all a numbers game, and never get hung up on just 1!

Facts tell and Stories sell , don’t be one of those Network Marketing Dummies

Whats your thoughts on this subject?

Leave a comment below.

– Wallace