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Neucopia Merges with MLSP – Neucopia Shuts Down! What Happened?

Officialy, the merger between Neucopia and MLSP took place on Monday January 20th 2014.

There is not much if any information as of why Neucopia wanted to shut down and merge with MLSP or any other company for that matter.

One only can assume that business was not doing so great.

Now this is only an assumption by 1 blogger and many of his peers but it does make sense.

At least the company owners Rich Cook and Ryan didn’t just jump ship and go into hiding like many owners do when their business is failing.

It looks like the owners are going to be in the trenches again and also going to be a distributor again on top of the Neucopia genealogy.

Who knows, maybe this merger might turn out to be a positive one, the future can only predict that assumption.

Well Neucopia, its been a good run, many made some money and for some leaders like Aaron Parker has made good money.

But the end has come for Neucopia and its now officially MLSP now.

What now?

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