Neucopia – My Neucopia Review

Neucopia Power TeamIf you are looking for detailed Neucopia review about the products, the compensation plan and the company, you are in the right spot!

Neucopia is a company that is riding a HUGE wave of Excitement and Momentum that is Exploding and Not Stopping!

I will now give you a break down on what this program is all about from the vision, the compensation plan, and the products, then give you my final thoughts.

Firstly, Who Am I?

Wallace NuanezFirst off my name is Wallace, I have been marketing online successfully for many years.

I am an expert at SEO, and have many 1st page rankings on various high traffic and more importantly highly targeted keywords.

I know how to drive traffic and how to build lists.

I have also built teams of over 20,000 in less than a year, and have made multiple 5 figures per month just from Internet Marketing.

I have been doing this full time for over 5 years while supporting my 3 young children and my wife.

I tell you this not to brag or boast, but to let you know when you partner up with me, you will also get my years of knowledge and expertise to help you grow your business on the Internet.

Not only will you have me to mentor you, but you will also have the most dedicated team to support you.

I have decided to not move forward with Neucopia and partner up with a long term friend and business partner on another venture to help people succeed and make money in Network Marketing, check out the link below to learn more about it.

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1. Is affordable (you can start at just $50)
2. Has an Awesome Marketing System (us Internet Marketers need a system)
3. Has a product for the masses! (selling picks and shovels to miners ALWAYS sells)
4. Ground floor but Not a Start-Up (only 1000 reps in company, but growing FAST)
5. Worldwide Opportunity (They take Visa and MasterCard)
6. Big Time Support and Training (can’t just start blindly, we all need direction)
7. NO Xtra Merchant Account Charges or Hidden Charges! ($0)
8. Again… When You Get Paid $200 You Get Paid $200! (NO hidden charges)

So lets dive into this program that has a lot of folks super excited.

The Neucopia Company

Neucopia ceoRich Cook created Neucopia with the idea to educate people on how to make money. The company pre-launched on the 4th of July 2012 and has never looked back, they have made a change to the compensation plan, but it was a change that enhanced it.

Since that change many people have been jumping on board.

The mission statement of the company is to help people create abundance.

The Owners and management team are very solid, and have been paying on time ever since the first payment has been issued.

The Products

nuecopia products

The Products are AMAZING, Imagine Top Internet Marketers that make 5 and 6 figures a month doing a private session for you monthly, these trainers are at the TOP of their respected game, and are HIGHLY sought out… we are BLESSED and adds true HIGH $$$ value to what we have here!

Some folks are joining because of the products alone!

Not only does Neucopia have a base of training and tutorial courses on:

Affiliate Marketing Training: Did you know that affiliate marketers make money on over 80% of products and services that are purchased online! NOW you have at your fingertips the tricks and tips to make money in every area of affiliate marketing from some of the top gurus in the industry.

Real Estate Training: Did you know that more millionaires have been created in the Real Estate Industry than ALL other industries COMBINED? Our system is designed to give anyone interested in real estate investing the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

Stock Market and Forex Trading Secrets: Every day BILLIONS of dollars are made and lost in the stock market and through foreign currencies. The difference between the traders who make money versus the ones who lose money is the ability to recognize trends. With our training program, you will learn from one of the top traders in the industry who has trained countless new investors on how to recognize these trends and maximize your chances of profit.

Debt Consolidation and Elimination Strategies: Did you know that by paying the minimum payment each month on your credit cards, it could take you years and cost thousands of dollars in interest? Many companies charge THOUSANDS of dollars to help you consolidate and eliminate your debt. With NEUCOPIA, we give you the BEST tools and strategies to teach you how to simply and quickly eliminate your debt FOR GOOD and save thousands.

Tax Advantages: Did you know that just by being involved in a home based business, you can write off things like: Meals and Entertainment, Travel Expenses, Gas Mileage, Business Gifts, even a percentage of your rent or mortgage as a Home Office Deduction! Bottom line is, being involved in a home based business will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month in money that would otherwise go to the IRS in the form of taxes! We teach you how to simply and legally claim these deductions and put more money back in your pocket!

That is what you get at the basic level plus the monthly extra courses which I took a screen capture and posted to the right, which is the latest.

**With the Premium subscription you will get webinar training from 6 and 7 figure earners in the industry like Mia Davies, Nick Unsworth, and Matt Trainer just to mention a small few.

This training alone is worth $1000’s!

Don’t believe me, then look at what they charge for there own courses and time.

The Neucopia Compensation Plan

This compensation plan that Neucopia has really set the bar when it comes to a payment structure.

Make a Neucopia fortune.

This is what is getting many people very excited about promoting Neucopia, including me.

I could explain it here but my buddy Aaron Parker has made a very great video explaining how it works.

Watch it here.

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Here Is The Corporate Comp Plan Video that Goes More into the Basic level also…

There are 2 ways to get started.

1. The Basic Level

The basic level which is $49.95 then $49.95 each month there after.

You will Receive:

  • FULL ACCESS to thousands of dollars’ worth of the most powerful digital resources and systems to generate multiple streams of income from home!
  • Full Contact Management System to help you track your prospects and your results!
  • Complete Automated Member acquisition system complete with capture pages and follow-up email system
  • Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all previous NEUCOPIA Basic offerings and MAXIMIZE your Timing and Positioning!

2. Premier Level

The Premiere Level which is $269.95 then $169.95 each month there after.

You will Receive:

  • FULL ACCESS to thousands of dollars’ worth of the most powerful training resources and strategies in the world to generate multiple streams of income from home!
  • Full Contact Management System to help you track your prospects and your results!
  • Earn income with ALL the Income Streams AND in the Compensation Program!
  • Complete Earnings page to track your earnings every week!
  • Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to Everything that NEUCOPIA has to offer and MAXIMIZE your Timing and Positioning!
  • PLUS, pre-qualify for the Basic compensation plan and qualify to maximize the compensation plan with $100 RESIDUAL INCOME commissions on everyone in your Pay Team
  • Receive PRIVATE access to the most EXCLUSIVE training calls, software systems, and income generating tools available only to Premier Level Members

My Final Thoughts

First of all, NO, Neucopia is not a pyramid scheme or scam.

I would recommend not moving forward with Neucopia, but if you do Neucopia is a solid business, with some good people.

They have Solid management, and a top notch team of Internet Marketers, and we will fully support you and your team to help you get to your goals and dreams.

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thank you and God Bless


5 / 5 stars     


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