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nussentials review

Hello, my name is Wallace, Independent Distributor for Nussentials, you can see a picture of me and my family to the right.

I have been involved with Network Marketing for many years, built down-lines of over 20,000 in less than a year, and seen most mlm comp plans and company products out there, and many simply are not that great or up to par with what I feel pays out fair, both to the person getting started and to hitters.

My success with building strong down-lines came when I was introduced to the Internet. I thought how powerful it would be to put a message of MY opportunity in front of people searching for an opportunity to make money on the Internet.

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The problem I came across is that most legitimate, long term, stable, and professional companies haven’t embraced the new ways of marketing, which IS Internet Marketing.

Most companies just want you to build the traditional ways, like belly to belly, home meetings, and local presentations.

Don’t get me wrong, the traditional ways of building MLM Companies are still very powerful and work great. These methods are still very effective ways to build great personal business relationships and teams, but not everyone either has the time, or can make it to their local events, or home meetings.

Some people just hate to talk to people face to face, and that’s ok, but only if you can find a company that will let you market your business on the Internet.

This is where, Nussentials comes in.

Watch as the President Phil Mims shares his powerful vision and thoughts below.

There are so many companies out there that either are flying by the seat of there pants trying to make their company successful because they have the deep pockets to make mistakes, and still never really get it right, or companies that the owner/s care more about the profitability of the company rather than making there reps happy.

Its rather insane what is happening. There are so many start-up companies popping up everywhere that it’s making my head spin.

That is why you want to find a solid company:

  • that is not a start up.
  • that has great leadership that actually knows what they are doing and has built huge teams and has been there before.
  • that is debt free.
  • that has not just a great product, but high quality weight loss products that people love taking because they taste great and actually work, products people want, which equals to long term customers and retention.
  • that has a very powerful and proud vision!
  • that has a great compensation plan that is NOT just for the builders.
  • that has a great culture. (like family)
  • that is Internet Marketing friendly (my personal requirement)

Anyone can start earning a positive cash flow in network marketing without spending hundreds of dollars on over priced products and by working with a team that will support you all the way.

The Nussentials Compensation Plan

nussentials compensation plan chartWhen searching for a good home based business or network marketing opportunity, always do your due diligence and really analyze the comp plan!… Since there are so many companies that have flaws in their compensation plan and the way they pay you!

99% of all network marketing companies make it more profitable for the company and the “heavy hitters” rather than the average distributors!

See what I mean by watching the Compensation Plan Video here.

Maybe you already know some of these major comp plan flaws, which make it difficult for the “little guy” and the average person to earn a positive cash flow in network marketing.

If a network marketing company’s comp plan has terminology like “two team”, or “left team and right team”, or any other way to dilute the percentages they pay their distributors…be careful.

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Will The Support Be There in Nussentials!

Most people that are new to network marketing or starting a home based business also need the proper support and training when they get started and until they are able to sustain a consistent positive cash flow. Unfortunately, there are so many so-called “gurus” that will try to get you to spend more money with them by telling you…”If you buy my program, you will make a lot of money on the internet”!…

It can be tough trying to decide who is telling you the truth and who is giving you a bunch of fluff!

That’s why I tell everyone to do their due diligence!

Because there are so many people trying to hide behind their email addresses I make myself available to answer questions via phone or chat as well as email.

I’m a real person, so I invite you to call or email me if you have any questions!

And we will continue to help guide and support you there after.

Phil Mims Mission Statement

We Teach You Shockingly Simple Insider Methods That Accelerate You Years Ahead Of The Learning Curve And Gets You Into Positive Cash Flow Sooner!

I’m Not Here To Hype Anyone. Here’s The Facts…

I am not here to give you a sales pitch or to tell you are going to get rich. What I am going to tell you is that it’s going to take effort no matter what you attempt if you want to achieve any level of success and that’s the 100% truth.

It doesn’t matter what you decide to do, but if anyone tells that “it’s easy and that you’ll be making thousands in a few weeks”, they are not giving you truthful answers and you should stay as far away from those types of folks as possible!

Here’s the real truth…

It’s going to take effort to succeed in network marketing. Consistent effort.

The good news is…This is not a J-O-B where somebody tells you when to go to work, or when to take a break or lunch, or when its time for you to go home!

You can set your own schedule and call your own shots.

Follow our methods and you will succeed, with consistent effort YOU WILL SUCCEED over time because we have a proven system that has produced success for countless others.

If you truly desire to supplement your income or even retire from your favorite job, if you want to spend more time with your family, or if you want to be able to take vacations whenever you want, you need to believe in yourself to be able to accomplish those dreams.

My promise to you is that when you partner with me, I will give you the resources you need to succeed and together as a team we will work toward accomplishing your goals.

The Next Step is to take a look at my Nussentials alternative.

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