Prosperity Cash Machine Review – Another Scam or Legit Cycler?

prosperity_cash_machine_In my Prosperity Cash Machine review I will be covering information about information I can dig up and find about the company and the owners, the compensation plan model and how it works, and of course what products if any they have.

I have to first say before I go on, is that if you know me then you know that I am not a fan of cyclers at all!

I believe these programs are, when tore down to the bare bones… is a money game.

There are never ever any tangible products and these programs are notorious for never lasting very long.

But hey, maybe I am jumping the gun with my opinion, so let us dive into what Prosperity Cash Machine has and let you decide for yourself in the end.

But First

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Ok, now on with the review.

The Company

There is no transparency when it comes to who the owners of Prosperity cash Machine are, but it looks like they have 2 points of contacts which are Julie Wilson, and Paul stevenson.

Julie and Paul can be reached via skype. Julie @ julie.wilson84 and Paul @ fastmoneyguru.

As far as coming up with more information like where the company is located, or contact information, who the official owners are is still a mystery.

I have to add that as of writing this review 8-30-2013 the company is still in pre-launch, and is scheduled to launch on Sept. 15th 2013.

So any updated will be posted here.

The processors used to pay your way and the way the company pays out is through processors like Solid Trust Pay, EgoPay, PayPal and Bank Wire/Bank Transfer, no paper check.

The Products

The products are not transparent as of right now, but when I researched deeper I found out that all of their products are digital products like eBooks, and training.

I like the training aspect of it, but come on, if you are running something good, have a decent product, just my opinion.

The Prosperity CM Compensation Plan

prosperity cash machine reviewThe Prosperity Cash Machine Compensation Plan is in its simplest terms a Cycler.

They have 2 boards, a Green Board and a Gold Board and they are both in a 2X2 structure.

They also have a Platinum board which pays out $10k but the details are not entirely transparent.

So here is what happens, you join for $175, then you are placed in the Green board, it takes 6 paid people to cycle into the next board, once you fill the gold board you get paid $900.

People that can sponsor can make some money here, but with this type of model you need to constantly recruit.


Is Prosperity Cash Machine a Scam?

Borderline, I never ever trusted these cycler programs, and I never like them even though a person could potentially make some fast cash with these models.

But ultimately everyone needs to constantly recruit in order to maintain a consistent flow of earning, which history has shown never happens.

So if you are going to get involved then make sure you keep in mind not to expect too much.


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– Wallace

1.5 / 5 stars