The Pure Leverage Review You’ve Been Looking For

Pure Leverage ReviewLooking for a quality Pure Leverage Review, but every review you find out there is simply trying to promote you into their personal Pure Leverage Opportunity, and all you want is an honest review, then you are in the right place.


Because I am not a member of the Pure Leverage opportunity, so I am completely unbiased while I am writing this review.

In this review I will cover the company, the compensation plan, and the products, and then give my personal thoughts on how I feel about this business, and if I think it is really worth getting involved and more importantly if it can help you.

But first…

Who Am I?

Who am I to write a review about a company in Network Marketing?

Wallace NuanezMy name is Wallace Nuanez, I have been involved with Network Marketing for over 14 years now. I have been full time for 7 years and made multiple 6 figures for a few of those years.

I have built down-lines over 20k in less than 1 year, and done it all through the power of the Internet.

I am a blogger, and an SEO guy, I wouldn’t say I am the best at SEO but if I want to dominate a keyword, 8 times out of 10 I usually can do it.

I tell you this not to brag or boast, but to let you know that I am not a newbie, I know a formula that works, and have plenty of years of experience online and off to know when an opportunity looks good or not.

Enough about me, lets get into the nuts and bolts of this review.

The Company

Joel Therien and MikeJoel Therien and Mike are the owners of Pure Leverage. The office of Pure Leverage is located in Schertz Texas, USA. If you need to get in contact with the company the phone # is 1-210-651-4487.

One Interesting fact is that the owners own everything like the line of code on their websites, their own servers, and all the products, and everything in-between.

This is an important fact, not many companies can say this.

Pure Leverage is also backed by a multimillion dollar Internet Marketing company called GVO which is also owned by Joel Therien.

I have followed Joel through the years and have come to the conclusion that he knows his stuff, everything he touches seems to become very successful, I have not ever heard any bad press about him or his companies, other than sometimes in the back-office they tend to up-sell you too much.

But hey, business is business, and that is how you sell.

The Products

I must say, what they give you for the price you have to pay is really phenomenal.

You are going to get an entire suite of tools and training for a price you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet.

Here is what you get:

Coaching Program1. Elite Coaching Program

Everyone needs guidance, and who better to get guidance from than Joel and his team.

You will learn how to leverage your team, what to say to prospects, how to motivate, and proven attraction marketing techniques that will have your prospects calling you.

Capture Pages2. Capture Pages

This is the starting point in any business online, capturing leads. Without some sort of capture page, how will you capture leads?

Joel provides multiple high converting capture pages for you to use.

The bigger your list the more money per month you can make.

More money more honey!

Authority Blog3. Authority Blog

Basically Joel and his team will build an Authority Blog for you. You will have to come up with the content, but guess what, they train you on what to blog about, and when to share it.

Blogging has made me multiple six figures in this industry and this service alone sounds great.

Traffic4. More Training On Traffic

Like the title says, more training on various ways to generate traffic. Without traffic your business is dead in the water.

Video Email5. Video Email

With this service you will be able to record a short video of yourself, use templates they provide, and they also host your videos.

Basically you will be able to send out an email that your readers watch instead of read.

This is always the best way to go.

Live Meeting Room6. Live Meeting Room

If you heard of ‘GoToMeeting‘ then you know what this is. Its a webinar room where you can conduct presentations, share your desktop, or even share files with your attendees.

Now I know there is a limit on the attendees that can join, and as soon I find that info out, I will share it.

The Compensation Plan

Simple But Powerful.

There is a trend out there and its called getting paid 100% commissions.

There are a few companies popping up and their claim to fame is that they will pay out 100% commissions to the field.

But as you read through my blog, you will find out that this is not really the case.

So how is Pure Leverage Compensation plan different?

For every person you personally sponsor you will earn 100% commission on the product sale.

For the second month and on for all your personals, they pay you 50% commissions on there auto-ship.

Here is a diagram:

Pure Leverage Compensation Plan

Now for every person that your personally sponsored brings into the business, you will earn 50% for the first month and every month their after, this is for all their personals unlimited depth, which can really add up over time.

Here is a diagram:

2nd Generation Match Pay

So you see folks, simple to understand but a very profitable design.


The company is proven, the products are great, and the compensation plan is lucrative.

I really have nothing bad to say.

Can it help you?

Yes, especially if you are barely starting out in Internet Marketing or even struggling to start earning from the Internet.

Is Pure Leverage a Scam?

Hell no, the company provides phenomenal products, with a great management team that has been around the industry for many years, and will be around doing business for many more years.

If your thinking of joining Pure Leverage, go ahead, just try to find a sponsor that will support you. Find one that has experience, that will pick up the phone, and will have the time to guide you.

That is it for this review of Pure Leverage, hope you enjoyed it, make sure you leave a comment below.

take care,

– Wallace

4.5 / 5 stars     


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