RengaLife Compensation Plan Review – Legit Network Marketing Company or Fraud?

I created this article help people understand this company better, welcome to my RengaLife Compensation Plan Review.

I will be reporting what RengaLife is all about.

I shall also go over most of the meat and potatoes of what I can find about them and with any specific details you want to know about the main company, from information I found from their site, and from the web and social media platforms.

I decided to Commission Plan the RengaLife compensation plan, products and company because I acknowledge how instrumental it is to learn about an opportunity before you jump into it.
Plus, you don’t want to invest your hard earned money on anything that jumps in front of you that seems like it will work.

I will also go over in detail hopefully everything you would ever want to learn about concerning the RengaLife compensation plan, company, and products, because those details are what usually are the most important.

I going to try to concentrate more on the compensation plan because in most cases I found that is what most people want to learn more about…

The Money

I will also reveal the hidden gems on how to reach the top levels of the pay plan at the end of my Commission Plan, if that is something that you would be interested in.

Before we get dive down into my in depth RengaLife compensation plan Commission Plan, I would like to take a quick moment of your time to let you know who I am so that you can learn about me.

Or you can continue to the next section and get to the main Commission Plan area that covers most everything you want to know about RengaLife.

My Quick Story

Before I get into my Commission Plan, let me introduce myself to those that do not know what I’m about as of yet.

I will be brief, I’m not going into a full blown life story about myself and how and why I got started, you can actually read my full biography at my about page, but would like to give to you an understanding of my qualifications, if you will.

To demonstrate that when you read one of my reviews about a certain topic, I don’t have a new marketer skill level on the subject or Commission Plan I am writing about.

My name is Wallace, and I have been marketing on the internet for over twelve years full-time, and have been in the marketing space of Network Marketing for almost twenty some years.

I have built very large teams, I have developed programs, and created trainings, and have been implementing this full time for over nine years.

Personally, I’m responsible for helping pupils to learn how to earn an incredible amount of cash on the internet, and many of them took my teachings to make massive success online as well.

I’m telling you this not to toot my own horn but to basically let you understand that I know what it takes to quit a full time job and eventually work from home full time.

My main inspirations are my 3 kids and my wife and best freind of over ten amazing decades.

My RengaLife Review

This is one of the newest MLM companies that started and I decided to find out what it was about.

It’s likely someone turned to you for business opportunity and you ended up here to make sure it’s right?

The good news is that I will guide you through everything so that you can make the right choice or not …

Pay close attention and read this by the end …

RengaLife – The Company

Launched earlier this month, RengaLife specializes in the health and nutrition industry.

The brain of Jason and Eunjung Cardiff works from California, USA

According to her biography:

Jason Cardiff began his career with Mercedes Benz USA and was named the youngest retail vice president of his time. He continued to serve as general manager and executive at Auto Nation, the car dealership’s largest auto retail chain.

After leaving the car business, he founded First Choice Media, a private consulting firm that led marketing and all types of media for national not-for-profit organizations while achieving success with their own national infomercial stores and products.

As the founder of Redwood Scientific Technologies, Inc., Jason provides the leadership and vision for the company’s success. [196592002] Eunjung Cardiff began her career at Gray Advertising in NYC with her direct marketing department representing and buying directly responsive national broadcast media for pharmaceutical and consumer goods

She opened and led the New York office of Cannella Response Television, the largest Agency for direct media brokerage in the US, expanding that business from $ 0 to nearly $ 30 million in less than 3 years.

She served as her Managing Director for 5 years, representing clients such as Guthy Renker and other highly recognizable national infomercial product companies.

She studied East Asian Studies at the University of Columbia in New York. At Redwood Scientific Technologies, Inc., Eunjung acts as the Marketing Director overseeing the management’s activities.

It looks like RengaLife is their first network marketing company …

Another company that hit the market in this niche is NewUlife. 19659006] RengaLife Product Reviews – Products

RengaLife specializes in Oral Company Stripes and includes the following products:

  • TBX-Free – “A non-prescription mouthwash that will help quench your cravings for smokers sold out at $ 59.95 for a box of 120 strips
  • Multi-Vitamin – “Provides Daily Nutrient [sic] and Replacement”, retails for $ 59.95 for a box of 120 strips
  • Eupepsia Thin – Appetite Suppressant, Retails at $ 59.95 for a Box of 60 Strips
  • Product X – “Feels like you’re 18 years old and activates quickly,” retailed at $ 59.95 for a Box of 20 Stripes [19659024] Capilli Biotin – “Hair Growth, Radiant Skin, and Longer Nails,” Retails $ 59.95 for a Box of 120 Strips
  • B-12 Energy – “Our B12 Energy in One a thin mouth strip provides daily food and replacement “, in retail $ 59.95 for a box of 120 strips
  • Prolongz -” A non-prescription drug for the treatment of premature ejaculation “, retailing at $ 59.95 for a box with 60 strips
  • Provaxaltonin – “Combining the two raw building blocks of serotonin, L-tryptophan and 5-HTP, with a conversion catalyst, Vitamin B6, Provaxal provides the nutrients to optimize the body,” retailed at $ 59.95 for a box of 120 stripes
  • Blossom – “Made for Women Only Seeking to ignite this spark and fire when it matters”, sold at $ 59.95 for a box of 60 strips
  • Sumnuscent – “You’ll help sleep with our proprietary blend of melatonin,” retailing at $ 59.95 for a box of 60 strips
  • Comfort Time – “An FDA-approved aspirin for adults used as a painkiller, aspirin preparation for adults and daily preventive therapy “at retail for $ 59.95 for a box of 120 strips

You can also buy them in bundles.

RengaLife Compensation Plan

RengaLife Pays You to Sell Retail Products to Customers and Sponsor New People in the Company

RengaLife Ranks

There are five ranks in the RengaLife Compensation Plan

This is what the collapse looks like this:

  • Jr. Executive – Sign up as a RengaLife Affiliate
  • Executive – Buy $ 199.80 a month on RengaLife Products
  • Director – Recruit Ten Executives
  • Vice President – Recruit Ten Directors
  • Mr. Vice President – Recruit Ten Vice Presidents

Qualifications to receive Commissions

To qualify for commissions, you must either sell or buy $ 199.80 of products each month.

Retail Commissions

RengaLife Affiliates May Make 20% Commissions on Product Sales to Customers

Residual Commissions

Residuals are paid up to a unilevel compensation plan and are paid in three stages:

  • Level 1 (personally sponsored members) – 30%
  • Level 2 – 10%
  • Level 3 – 5%

One Time Reward for Products

When RengaLife launches a new product, you can receive a 10% discount on your product within 60 days Order received.

Travel and Reflection Time

There is not much information about it, but they talk about the following:

RengaLife offers many levels of travel and travel to reward sales and distribution.

Rank Bonus

Each Time You Hit One Rank, You Can Receive a One-Time Bonus:

  • Qualify as a Director and receive $ 500
  • Qualify as Vice President and receive $ 1200 [19659022] Qualify as Mr. Vice President and receive $ 10,000

Some of the other compensation plans you can take a look at in your spare time to compare them to RengaLife would be companies like:

Cost of RengaLife

There are a few ways you can go By joining this company

I know as an executive member, that you need to buy $ 199.80 per month.

The moment you’ve been waiting for in this RengaLife Commission Plan …

RengaLife Overview

Is there a Rengalife scam?

Well, of course not …

They have real products and they’re pretty competitive overall.

They are a little more than their competition, but that could be the fact that quality could be better for Rengalife.

The only problem with this company is the obligatory car shipping, which does not really like the FTC.

Both Vemma and Herbalife had problems with that.

My Final Thoughts

My RengaLife compensation plan review and final thoughts is this.

I have been in this industry for over two decades, and have observed thousands of programs come and go throughout the years I have been working on the Internet.

I’ve personally written many website reviews about many different opportunities.

Through the many years of promoting online I now have my certain personal rules about companies, and offers that I promote, and a lot of these companies turn out to be bad apples and collapsed.

But sometimes, many decisions I’ve made have turned out amazing, and made a truck load of cash from marketing them.

The bottom line is this, you nor I has a magic ball, we certainly don’t know if they have a corrupt or dumb owners, we do not know if the banks they are operating with decides to modify things and stops working with the opportunity, or even freeze the companies money.

There Is No Such Thing As A Time Machine!

Just know that this program is just one tool utilized to create an income on the internet, that is it!

So make as much cash as you are able to with it, but if its not a winnerit’s not for you|your cup of tea}, simply market a different opportunity.

When you learn how to drive traffic and turn that traffic into leads, you want to match up that traffic with the best converting programs, and perhaps this one turns out to be not the best offer?

It Happens, Just Keep Positive and Keep Moving Forward

Long story short, if you decide to join, I wish you all the best, and if you don’t join, I still wish you the very best.

NEVER think for a second that any 1 opportunity is the 1…(a quote from character NEO from the movie Matrix, love that movie!)

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