Solavei Review – Another Phone Deal… Or Is It?

Solavei ReviewIn this Solavei review I will go over the company, the products, and the compensation plan of Solavei and then finally give my personal thoughts about the opportunity, plus give a great alternative at the end of my article for those not interested.

But first, who am I?

Well, I would think you would like to know a little bit about who the heck is writing this review, and what kind of credentials I bring to the table.

Wallace NuanezI mean who the heck am I to review a company if I have no experience, right?

My name is Wallace, I have about 14 years experience in Network Marketing, seen many companies come, and then go, and have seen various compensation plans throughout the years.

I have been marketing successfully on the Internet for over 6 years now making a better than full time income.

My expertise is SEO, and driving traffic through various marketing methods.

So there you go, but enough about me, lets get on with this Solavei Review.

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Solavei the Company

Solavei CEO Ryan WeurchSolavei was founded by Ryan Wuerch and located at 10500 NE 8th Street Suite 1300 Bellevue, Wa 98004. Ryan had previously founded Motricity.

Motricity is also in the mobile data services business that he grew into a billion dollar business, and is publicly traded.

As far as what I can tell, Ryan has no prior experience in managing or owning a Network Marketing company.

With that said, so far Ryan, and his team seem to be doing a great job for their first run of it.

Ryan woke up one morning and realized that he wanted to build his next company with people he likes, loves, and trust.

The vision that he has for Solavei is that he wants it to positively impact millions of people’s lives and give value across the globe.

The Products

Solavei ProductsThe product that Solavei offers is either a choice of 3 smart phones with an activated Sim card OR just a SIM Card with activation for phones that are compatible.

If you don’t have a phone that is compatible, then you are going to have to buy one, or just get the Sim card and keep it somewhere and pay the monthly service charge to participate in receiving commissions.

The service provider that they will be using is T-Mobile’s 4g service at a $49 per month unlimited voice, talk, and text.

I personally have a friend that has been using the service and has had nothing but great things to say, EVEN when comparing the service side by side to his regular T-Mobile phone, he swears the service and coverage are the same.

Not too shabby!

The Compensation Plan

Solavei Compensation PlanThe Solavei Compensation plan is a simple one.

Its basically a cycle of 3 people which they call a ‘trio’. When you get 3 people on your team you make a trio commission.

Each trio that is made will pay you $20 per month. Simple but powerful.

A great question that keeps pooping up is for those veterans that want to know what happens when one of the people in the trio drops out?

Is there compression, does the way the compensation works make it possible for that ‘dead spot’ to get filled again without having to fill it personally?

The answer is NO, there is no compression, so for any dead spots, YOU will personally have to fill those spots with active affiliates to gain those $20 ‘trio’ commissions back again.

As you move up and make more ‘trios’ the company will reward you with 1 time bonus’s from $500 all the way up too $20k.

In order to move up in rank, you need to qualify of course, basically 3 personal’s will get you your first commission, if you make your first trios in your first 60 days, you will make $50 per trio instead of $20, but this is only for the first month.

I see the power in this plan, but in my opinion it is more of a recruiters pay plan.

My Final Thoughts

Solavei is a solid, and very attractive business opportunity in a niche that is very popular and very used… which is the cell phone market.

They have a great service for a very affordable price so customers will be fairly easy to come by.

There is no doubt that many people will join and make money with Solavei because of the excitement of the product and the simple to understand compensation plan.

So would I say Solavei is a good company to get involved with?


Would I recommend this company for those that want to make a SERIOUS income from home?

NO, and here is why.

With any product based company you will have to convince people why they should switch from their current service that are already own, have known and has been trusted.

This means cancelling contracts, paying early disconnect charges… etc.

People will love the idea but distributors will find it difficult to switch folks to there Solavei service from their old and trusted providers.

Sure, its a numbers game, and there will be many that will make a substantial income, but most will soon find out that your target market are usually just those that has had experience in Network Marketing.

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thanks for stopping by, make sure to leave a comment or even add to this review.

take care,

Wallace Nuanez

3.5 / 5 stars