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Stiforp ReviewIn this Stiforp Review I will go over the company, the products, the compensation plan, and why it’s in your best interest to partner up with our top Stiforp team.

But first, before I get into my Stiforp Review…

Stiforp Review Wallace NuanezHello my name is Wallace, I am 1 of the Top Recruiters in Stiforp, Me and my partner have personally brought in over 400 personal sign-ups since Stiforp launched.

I have been involved with Network Marketing for over 14 years now, and have been full time for over 6 of those years.

I am currently making a multiple 6 figure a year income strictly from the power of the Internet and Network Marketing.

I have done this through marketing systems, and building my list with programs just like Stiforp.

I tell you this not to boast but to let you know that when you decide to partner up with someone, you want to make sure that person has the success you are looking for, and it only makes sense to be close to that person.

If you are ready to join the top International Stiforp Profits team then take the tour now.

Documentation Beats Conversation…

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Stiforp Training and The Products…

Stiforp Marketing SystemThe Products are Marketing tools like capture pages and auto-responders you can use to build your main business, future business, or even this business…

PLUS training from 6 and 7 figure earners in the industry!

This training alone is well worth the amount of membership per month, but you also get so much more.

Here are the tools you will receive:

  • Lead Capture Page setup… customize your own!
  • Video Spokesperson That You Can Use With Your Site
  • Interactive Flash Movies That Explains A Opportunity
  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Auto-responders- you can even load up to 20 follow up messages!
  • The Ability to Export your Leads
  • A Traffic Rotators
  • Banner Ads
  • Phone Burner
  • Conference Call Bridge…
  • PLUS – EXCLUSIVE Team Training Site That Covers Even More Training Secrets Just By Being Part of our Team!
  • Team CO_OP !!!
  • and more to come…

My Stiforp review of the Tools…

I have been using the tools for some time now and have to tell you that they do what they need to do.

I use the tracking extensively to see what marketing is working best, it lets you see where your traffic is coming from, which is a vary powerful tool when marketing.

The auto-responders are some of the BEST fear of loss messages I have seen. They really get people to sign-up, and many on the first day of opting in.

I have built a couple of the customizable capture pages, and they work. You can customize them with a personal video, and headline with an opt in form, and to top it off, you get to personalize the auto-responder messages going out to your prospects.

Stiforp also has a webinar room, a phone burner, and a conference line bridge. I haven’t took advantage of those tools, but I people on my team that use them on a regular, and love them.

The training you get is very clear, and great.

The outline on how to do a particular task like drive traffic with social media is easy to understand and duplicatable, but more important… works!

The Tools and Training will help to Build your Business… Any Business you Market!

The Company Overview

Nauder Khazan Stiforp CEOThe company is owned and operated by Nauder Khazan and launched around Jul 19 2011.

Nauder also is owner of a nutritional and beauty company called Alivemax with a similar marketing system funnel, with that fear of loss aspect.

Nauder has had both major success in building big teams as a regular distributor, and also has had success owning and running a successful Network Marketing business.

He is a family man, and a man of God, in my experience with him, he is an overall good and trustworthy person.

His vision is to help struggling Network Marketers get the tools and training they need in today’s world and give it to them at an affordable price.

Next lets dive into the compensation plan.

Stiforp Compensation Plan Breakdown

My Stiforp review of the compensation plan, it is basically a 2X14 forced matrix with extras.

The matrix fills up left to right.

What that means is when the first level of 2 spots gets filled up with either your personal recruits, or spill-over fro your sponsor or the people above you… then the very next spot that gets filled would be on your second level.

When your second level fills then they go into your 3rd level, and so on and so fourth.

The Powerline Bonus

Stiforp Power Line Compensation Plan When you first start Stiforp profits will awards you with a $4 payout from the first 3 people that join after you in the powerline whether you sponsored them or not.

These commissions are paid out one time.

So this is not a recurring commissions, this is the part of the pay plan that is paid out only once.

Fast Start Bonuses

Stiforp OveridesFor every new member you sponsor you will earn $25. This will get paid to you the very next week.

Stiforp also has a generational fast start bonus as well. Second generation fast starts will pay you $2 per person, and 3rd generation will pay you $1 per person.

This happens every time someone sponsors a new person, this income is added to the weekly payouts.

When you become a 4 start member you will get an additional $1 on everyone in your entire team unlimited depth.

When you become a 5 star member you will receive an additional $1 on every one in your team, unlimited levels.

These commissions are great, especially if you are doing paid advertising.

This part of the pay plan helps cover the cost that you would do if you were to spend money on ads.

In my experience, because Stiforp is such a low cost to get started, I have been able to get free advertising from the fast starts I made which covered my ad spend.

This income alone can amount to thousands of dollars.

The Matrix Commissions

Stiforp MatrixThe matrix is really straight forward and easy to understand.

Stiforp has a 2X14 forced matrix. As a 3 start member or above they pay you on all the levels.

All the levels will pay out $2.50 per member, straight across the board.

The Matching Bonus

Stiforp Matching BonusThe matching bonus can be quite lucrative also.

When you reach a 5 start level, you will earn a match down 5 generations on their Matrix pay.

The Match goes like this:

  • Level 1 – 50%
  • Level 2 – 20%
  • Level 3 – 10%
  • Level 4 – 5%
  • Level 5 – 3%

So for an example, lets say you sponsor John, John is making 600 per month from his matrix. As a 1 star member or above, you will receive a match on John for $300 straight to your bank account!

As you see the matching bonus’s can really add up.

My Stiforp Review Conclusion

First off, Stiforp is not a scam, and Nauder Khazan has put together a great powerline marketing system to help a person build their business.

I have been working with Stiforp since its launch and am vary happy with the company and the management. They have not missed a paycheck and it has been over a year of weekly payouts.

The tools work as advertised, great training, and a great way to build a strong Network of like minded people like yourself.

Like I mentioned in my review, I have been making sales on autopilot for years now, it has been like clockwork.

With Stiforp I have been in profits since the first month that the company has launched.

I really have nothing negative to say about them but…

Get started with Stiforp and get the extra help and benefits by joining our  Stiforp Dream Team.

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5 / 5 stars