Is The Ultimate Cycler Just Another Cycler Program?

The Ultimate Cycler In this Ultimate Cycler Review I will cover information about the company, the products and how you get paid in Ultimate Cycler plus give my final thoughts about the program, basically a thumbs up or thumbs down.

This program has been getting some attention as of recently and wanted to dive into the details and see what has some people excited.

But first…

Who Am I…

Wallace NuanezHello, my name is Wallace Nuanez, you can read more about me simply by clicking on my name, but I wanted to give you the short version to save you time from jumping around all over my site.

I have been marketing successfully online for over 7 years now as of writing this review. I have built teams of over 20k in less than a year, and have marketed various direct selling products online from teeth whitening to real estate.

I have made more than 60k per month at one time, and accomplished this all through the power of the Internet.

I tell you this not to brag or boast but to let you know when you either partner up with me or read my reviews or recommendations it is coming from someone that IS successful from being a Internet Network Marketing Multi-preneuer.

Enough about me, lets get on with the review.

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The Company

Peter Wolfing CEOUltimate Cycler launched in early 2013 and was created by Peter Wolfing. Peter has created other successful programs like Infinity Downline and also Turbo Cycler that are both still running and also profitable to this day.

So far Peter has created very successful programs, lets see if this one is a hit also.

The Products

The product that is being offered by the company Ultimate Cycler are mobile apps.Ultimate Cycler Products

Mobile apps are a hot trend right now as of writing this review, there are currently at least 2 other successful programs that offer mobile apps as there main product.

The first app you get is a motivation app. As Network Marketers one of the first things we all need to do is to change our mindset from a JOB mentality over to a successful entrepreneur mindset, and this is done through motivational books, videos, and now mobile apps.

The next app that you get is a financial app. This app is not a budget calculator or even an app to keep track of your finances, its actually information about how to have a business mindset.

They also have an app for Christians that include Christian education, motivation, and inspiration.

How You Get Paid

Like the title of the company implies, this is a cycler type program. You first invest $25 busks to get started and you are placed at the top of a 2X2 matrix.

When you fill this matrix with either your own signups or spill-over from your sponsor with a total of 6 people you then complete what is called a “cycle”.

You get paid when this happens, with this program they pay you $100. $25 is taken from that money and then put into another $25 board or another 2X2 matrix.

At this point you are now able to take $50 and buy yourself a spot on the $50 board or 2X2 matrix, and then the same applies here.

There is also a $100 board and a $200 board to build.

Here is a video that will explain the Ultimate Cycler Program with visual detail.

My Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Is the Ultimate Cycler program a scam?

Probably Not, just because they do have a product, and the pay plan works, but not my favorite plan by far.

Would I recommend this program to others?

I would personally have to say no, just because the “cycler type programs” are not my favorite type of programs to work.

Can someone make money with Ultimate Cycler?

Yes, of course, and the more you want to make the more you need to recruit in these type of programs.

That is it, the end of this review, stay tuned for more.

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Take care,

– Wallace

3.5 / 5 stars     


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