UTS Profit Ads Review – Is It A Scam?

UTS Profit AdsUTS Profit Ads is not the first program to have the type of compensation plan model or affiliate pay plan that it has, there is another company that to my knowledge was the first which is called Ad Hits Profit.

These type of programs have such a mass appeal because its basically passive money.

You first have to buy advertising blocks that run anywhere from around $50 to over %100, the difference in price is basically the better placement of your ad thus giving you more eyeballs seeing your ad.

Short Author Bio

WallaceJust a quick intro about me, my name is Wallace, and I run this blog, I been involved in MLM Opportunities for almost 13 years now, but since jumping head first into Internet Marketing I had never really seen any real success.

That was then and this is now, I have been full time for over 6 years, enjoying spending time with family and friends when I want and not having to deal with a boss while earning more in 1 month than most people make in 6 months.

If you want to learn how I did this then simply opt in to your right and connect with me on Facebook… Networking with the right people is key for success in this business!

OK, lets get on with the rest of this UTS Profit Ads Review.

The Company

Unknown OwnersAs of writing this review the company is very new, recently launched in late June 2013 and the members that got involved with at beginning that invested big bucks have earned bigger bucks fast, and cause a bunch of excitement, but has since slowed down a lot.

Why Don’t They Have ANY Contact Details?

Hmm, seems REALLY fishy to me. Why does a seemingly legit company not have any contact details on their corporate website?

Why is there no mention of the management team or owner anywhere on the corporate site?

Look, there is no reason why a legitimate company not have any details about them and how to get in contact with them without having to “Opt-IN” to a mailing list to get a response.

Even some of the most shadiest programs out there have contact details listed on the corporate site, makes no sense.

The Product

banner-advertisingThe product is advertising blocks of space. You are paying for a space of advertising that will get you real views to your banner or text ad.

Look around at several websites on the internet, even the big ones like Yahoo, CNN, among the other “big dawgs” all have banner advertising, your banner will be displayed within the UTS Profit Ads Site though so its still targeted to people that are interested in making money online but since they are all doing the same thing, I question the quality of actual click-throughs.

Another point is that when you join, in order to participate in the revenue share that will pay you 150% of your ad spend, you will have to look a several websites a day for usually a 10 second duration to qualify.

This makes the quality eh so, so, or not so great.

So if you are going to join, don’t join expecting this to bring you the most amazing traffic, just expect fair results, or very minimal.

You are basically joining because you want to make a return on your money when it all boils down to it… right?

How UTS Profit Ads Pays You

mlm-compensation-planThey will pay you when your ad buy has reached completion or when its done maturing.

The life per ad unit comes out to be around 120% back on your buy or 1000 clicks to your ad.

They also have a referral bonus of 15% on all of your personals, so they pay just 1 level deep.

They have distributors or affiliates all around the world so they several option for International payout like Payza and Solid Trust Pay.

I have not confirmed this but I think that Payza has stopped taking new US enrollments at the current time, so you might want to check on that before trying to use Payza, which is my personal eWallet of choice.

Is UTS Profit Ads a Scam?

Not sure, but if something looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, its usually a duck.

I’m not saying UTS Profit Ads is a scam, but what I am saying that if you are going to join this company, just join in knowing that you can lose money in the end.

Would I join this company?

NO, just because I am taking my chances with Ad Hit Rewards at the moment with very little expectations and I really don’t need another headache.

A good friend of mine said to me, “If you like to Gamble, then go for it”.

I think I will end this review on that note.

Thanks for taking the time to read my UTS Profit Ads Review, make sure to leave a comment below and join me on Facebook.

– Wallace

4 / 5 stars     


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