Valentus Review ☕️ Is It Worth It?

Hello, in my Valentus Review I will be covering many of the details you would want to know before joining this company as a Independent Representative or simply as a customer.

I am confident that when you are done reading my entire article you will want to join this amazing company.

Not only would you want to join and start to generate an extra income for whatever it is you might need, but join my team for all of the extra benefits that we provide compared to any other team within the Valentus organization.

Why, you ask…

I will cover more in depth of what my team covers at the end of my review article, but in short…

We simply offer more!

About Me

Hello, my name is Wallace, I have been working full time from home for over 9 years as of writing this article. You can actually Wallace Nuanezlearn more about my story here.

The reason why I got involved with Valentus is for a few reasons.

First of all, selling weight loss products are one of the hottest markets their is to make money in. Just to tap into a small percentage of the market can make a person a better than full time income from home.

That reason alone can be the deciding point for most, but it doesn’t stop there, the weight loss ingredients are infused with a great tasting coffee that many are in love with, and having great weight loss results from, as you can see below in my testimonial section.

So lets dive in to my Valentus review, shall we.

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Valentus Review

About The Company

Like I mentioned before, Dave Jordan Valentus is the owner CEO and visionary of the company.

He has taken this company from a regular start up company to where it is today, among the top 10 best direct selling mlm companies in the world.

The flagship product is called Prevail SlimRoast. The Valentus Prevail SlimRoast is a combination of weight loss and appetite suppressant ingredients infused with some of the best tasting coffee on the market today.

The company started in pre-launch September 1st 2014 and then officially launched about 1 month after that date.

Our Team Benefits

Me and my business partner created a video a while ago explaining some of the benefits our team has to offer that I would like to share with you here today.

Valentus Reviews

  • Full one on one support
  • Getting Started fast start guidance
  • Full team support groups
  • Training sites
  • Team specific webinars and calls
  • Team marketing system (exclusive)
  • Team traffic and leads co-op
  • Weekly motivation
  • Access to top level leaders in Valentus
  • Access to company management (mainly for leaders)
  • And much more…

I know that many teams like to boast how their team offers more, but I can honestly say that in Valentus, other teams do not come close to the amount of support, tools, training, and the success that new people have with our team compared to any other team in Valentus.

The choice is simple!

Valentus Coffee Ingredients

All Valentus Products are made with Pride, Quality and Safety.

All natural diabetic friendly NO sugar or less than 4gr (from fruit)

  • NO chemicals
  • NO pesticides
  • NO GMO’s
  • NO preservatives
  • NO artificial sweeteners
  • NO antibiotics
  • NO animal derivatives

valentus prevail products

PREVAIL SLIM ROAST – Proprietary Blend 3,000mg Italian Dark Roast Weight Management Coffee

Natural Dark Roast Arabica Coffee ( non GMO chemicals and pesticide free), Chlorogenic acid (Green Coffee Beans), Garcinia Cambogia (50% HCA), PEA, Green Tea, L-Carnitine, Ginseng, Chromium

PREVAIL ENERGY – Proprietary Blend 3,165mg All Natural Adaptagenic Energy Drink

Inulin Prebiotic (Also Called Fructooligosaccharide), Stevia (Leaf) With 90% Steviol Glycocides, Natural Caffeine From Coffee Bean Powder and Guarana Seed Powder (total caffeine content is 90mg which is half of a small Starbucks brewed coffee), Natural Cherry Powder, Natural Blueberry Powder, Adaptagenic Blend Of:  Maqui Berry Powder, Green Tea Powder, Gotu Kola Powder, Maca (Root) Powder, Rhodiola Rosea Powder, Siberian Ginseng Powder

Everybody’s has felt that low energy in the afternoon at work. You just don’t know how you are going to make it through the rest of the day! Or how about that crash that comes after a major workout? Now, there is a great, healthy solution that doesn’t have harmful ingredients that could be dangerous to your body. Get the energy boost and clear focus that you need with Prevail Energy. It works fast and last for hours!

PREVAIL IMMUNE BOOST – Proprietary Blend 4,520mg Superfood Nutrition and Antioxidant Drink

Inulin Prebiotic (Also Called Fructooligosaccharide), Natural Grape Powder, Natural Grape Skin Extract, Stevia (Leaf) With 90% Steviol Glycocides, Aloe Vera Powder, Pomegranate Powder, Panax Ginseng Powder, Ganoderma Lucidum Powder, Beta Glucan Powder, Mangosteen Powder, Noni Fruit Powder, Goji Berry Powder

Is your everyday diet full of junk food and fast food because you just can’t seem to find the time to eat right? Do you get sick a lot? We hear a lot about heart disease, respiratory ailments, and depression problems, but what do we really hear about our immune system? How important is it to you to stay well in the middle of a flu epidemic, or worse? Today, we just never know what will be coming around the corner next. Protect your body with the antioxidants it needs to help guard against sickness and disease with Prevail Immune Boost.

PREVAIL TRIM – Proprietary Blend 8,089mg

Inulin Prebiotic (Also Called Fructooligosaccharide) Rice Bran Xylitol Stevia (Leaf) With 90% Steviol Glycocides Natural Pineapple Powder Orange Powder Lime Powder Natural Caffeine From Coffee Bean Powder and Guarana Seed Powder (40mg) Garcinia Cambogia (With HCA) Powder Raspberry Ketone Powder Maqui Berry Powder Annatto Powder Zychrome™ (Chromium Dinicocysteinate)

Do you struggle to manage your weight?  Does it seem like an impossible journey and you just don’t know how to get where you want to go?  Suppress you appetite naturally with Prevail Trim.  It can help burn fat and detoxify too.  This is a product to help you stop binge eating and get those cravings under control once and for all.

Safety, quality, no artificial ingredients, no side effects and great taste – what else is there? All three of these products have the perfect blend to give them just the right taste. Pleasant, enjoyable and fun is what Valentus products are.

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Valentus ReviewValentus Review Coffee Testimonials

So does Valentus work?

Losing Those Tuff Pounds With Slim ROAST Coffee!

In only 20 days, I have lost the most difficult 5 lbs. that have plagued me following my child bearing years, but more impressive than this is that I’ve lost a total of 13.5” inches in areas that I just otherwise would not have been able to lose!~

Aside from the actual numbers, I’ve gone down 2 bra cup sizes! (from an i to a g, and almost fitting back into a dd)! T-shirts that sat just around the top of my jeans are now closer to the bottom of where the zipper starts on jeans! My jeans are easily coming off my body without undoing them. And the biggest clothing difference was my go to little black dress. The last time I wore it was snug, everything stayed in place because of the tightness of it. I wore it to my uncle’s celebration of life last weekend and had to wear a strapless bra, because it was so loose. Thank You SlimROAST Coffee Check out these inches lost: Chest: 0.5”, Ribs: 3” , Waist: 7.25”, Hips: 1.5”, Thighs: .75”, Upper arm: 0.5”

*Individual results may vary.

Gwen in 5 weeks lost 36 lbs and 34 total combined inches!

My name is Gwen S. I am a 52 yrs old Ranchers wife here in Southern Alberta. I have had weight issues most of my life. I was an athlete when I was young, so when I stopped the weight started to pile on. I was 250 lbs at my heaviest which was in March, 2014. I managed to lose 22 lbs over that year but it was a struggle. Then I was introduced to the Valentus line of products on May 19th, 2015!! I started to lose weight immediately. I was down 2 lbs in 1 day and I was hooked!! I joined this great company the very next day, May 20th, 2015! I believe 100% in this product and this company. In only 5 weeks I have lost 36 lbs. and 34 total combined inches lost!

*Individual results may vary.

DR. BILL, 45 pounds in 3 Months Veterinarian in IA

I lost 25 lbs in my first 2 weeks just with TRIM and ENERGY! I lost 30 lbs at the end of the first month! Now I have lost a total of 45 lbs. in 3 months together with SLIM ROAST COFFEE twice daily in this program! I am not hungry during the day and can resist the sweets easily… Clothes certainly fit differently and people notice my weight loss… My huge belly is going away! This is amazing!!
Thank You Valentus and SlimROAST Coffee.

*Individual results may vary.

Aileen Lost 53 Pounds!

I’ve lost a total of 53 lbs. with Valentus Prevail Trim & SlimRoast Coffee. All my life I’ve struggled with weight loss. In the past I’ve never been able to have such control over the food and of food I eat. With Prevail Trim & SlimRoast Coffee I no longer suffer from the addiction to food I had. I’m no longer obsessed with it and I eat a lot less, which is a key to weight loss. I feel great, full of energy and I am focused, plus have great mental clarity. My health and my life has changed!

*Individual results may vary.

Todd Lost 10 Pounds of Body Fat With The SlimRoast!

Before I tried SlimRoast, I had been struggling with my weight for most of my adult life. It seemed no matter what, I couldn’t seem to lose those last 10 lbs. Then, when I started using these products including Prevail Energy and Immune Boost, I lost 8.5 lbs. and 3” from my waist within my first 24 days. My body fat % went from over 26% (fatter than average) to 21% (leaner than average) without feeling miserable or killing myself in the gym. Most of that fat loss was belly fat. After having hit a temporary weight-loss plateau, the last 3 weeks, I’ve been consistently losing about 1 lb. per week of body fat. Once again, this was without making me miserable from dieting or killing me in the gym. My body fat % is now near 19.5% (which is considered lean for my age…) this is me after losing 10 pounds, most of that belly fat.

*Individual results may vary.

Donny got Fast Results Driving Overnight For FedEx!

As a truck driver for FedEx Freight, I have to keep myself in top physical shape to pass the increasingly strict physicals required by the company and D.O.T., and also to do my job safely. After experiencing some weight gain and the physical effects from years of being an “industrial athlete”. I had to take control of my health. I learned everything I could about proper nutrition and diet and have since regained my health back and feel great. Having to work the night shift and drive into the early morning hours, coffee and “healthy” energy drinks are a must. Even though I did not need to lose weight, I wanted to give Valentus Slim ROAST Coffee a try after learning of all the beneficial ingredients. With 4 hours to go in my shift and a long drive ahead, I drank my first serving at 2am, and “WOW” within 15 minutes I was feeling really good, alert and focused for the rest of my shift. This is a great product for everyone, not just for those that need to lose weight. Thank you for a great tasting healthy coffee that helps to keep me safe on the road. The ingredients in Prevail Energy look very promising also; this product will be my next test drive.

*Individual results may vary.

The Valentus Business Opportunity

The heart and sole of how Valentus grows as a company is through sharing the products and the opportunity.

Much like how Red Bull and many other companies started.

Through ground pounding, going to as many merchants as they were able to daily, and sharing it with anyone that would want to try it.

Jello got its push into fame when they came up with the idea of creating a recipe book that had nothing but various recipes about jello. What they did was pass out these recipe books for free to thousands of suburb neighborhoods around the US, and by doing so, the house moms and dads wanted to make the delicious deserts so they had to go to the store and purchase the main ingredient, which was Jello.

When you join our team here in Valentus we will share the winning formula that we discovered that will show you how to become successful and make that extra income or even full time income you are looking for, its your choice.

So for those that want a break down of our compensation plan, here it is.

If you purchase the $499 Business Builder Package and maintain 100BV autoship, after 6 months, you will maintain the rank of Emerald indefinitely.


The compensation plan offers First Order Bonuses that are based on a unilevel structure. A total of 80% of the BV from first orders is paid in commissions. Depending upon your rank, you may earn First Order Bonuses of 25%-40% on the first orders placed by people that you personally sponsor.


Depending upon your rank, you may earn 2%-15% over-ride bonuses on the first orders placed as many as 7 levels deep in your personal group.


Even if you are “unranked”, you can earn enough money to offset the cost of your own product by referring 5 new people. (5 x 25% x 50BV = $62.50).


Monthly commissions on subsequent orders (after the first order) are paid out through a binary structure. Each Independent Representative has two legs, a left leg, and a right leg. Once you have a minimum of 100BV in personally enrolled volume in each leg, and a total of 150BV in each leg, you will start earning Binary Cycle Commissions. For every 150BV you have in each leg, you will earn a $30 Binary Cycle Commission. If your left and right legs are unbalanced, you will be paid 20% of the BV in the lesser leg. UNPAID VOLUME DOES NOT FLUSH.  Any volume you do not get paid on will carry over to the following month.

UNPAID VOLUME WILL NOT FLUSH, it will roll over into the next month’s commission cycle.


If you personally sponsor 2 active members on your left side and 2 active members on your right side, and help them sponsor  total of 4 more active members on each side, you will be eligible to earn 2 “Cycles” or $60.


Everyone automatically matches 10% of the binary commissions on every single person they personally enroll. You can also qualify to receive additional matching bonuses on up to 7 levels of Independent Representatives in your entire enroller team. That means, even if you just enrolled 1 person EVER, and never did another single thing except place your order every month, and that one person you enrolled becomes a huge leader and is making $100k per month in the binary, that means YOU would match him 10% per month!


All orders from your retail website count as personal business volume and count towards monthly qualification requirements.

Must have 200BV in active personally enrolled volume.

Must have 800BV in active personally enrolled volume. Platinum leaders must also maintain a minimum of 1,000BV in total enroller tree volume.

Must have 2,500BV in active personally enrolled volume. Ruby leaders must also maintain a minimum of 3,000BV in total enroller tree volume.

Must have 5,000BV in active personally enrolled volume. Emerald leaders must also maintain a minimum of 10,000BV in total enroller tree volume.

Must have an Emerald ranked leader in 3 separate enroller tree legs and a total of 50,000BV in total enroller tree volume.

Blue Diamond
Must have a Diamond ranked leader in 3 separate enroller tree legs and a total of 250,000BV in total enroller tree volume.

Black Diamond
Must have a Blue Diamond ranked leader in 3 separate enroller tree legs and a total of 1,000,000BV in total enroller tree volume.

 Is Valentus Coffee a Scam or Legit – Final Thoughts

Is the Slim Roast coffee opportunity a scam or legit? My final thoughts…

As you have probably guessed by now as of reading my Valentus review article, I personally love how this company is helping people to lose weight, be more healthy, and of course, help put more money in wallets at the end of the day.

The products work extremely well, they do not skim on quality, and actually only improve on it, plus the products are part of a billion dollar weight loss and health industry.

Imagine getting just a small percentage of that, you and your family would be set for life.

If I were you I would just stop thinking about it and get involved with Valentus.

But make sure to join the team that will offer you more, with everything you will need in order to succeed.

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