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Valentus Coffee Reviews

I was thinking what would be better than sharing my personal view point about the slim roast coffee so I thought I would also share some of the legitimate testimonials I have found from around the web like amazon.

I would imaging that sharing these types of personal thoughts and reviews would give you a better understanding on what the actual customers think about the Valentus slim roast coffee.

Here are some examples I have found from around the web.

Valentus Slim Roast Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Found Something That Actually Worked!
on August 16, 2016
The best slimming drink I ever had and it actually worked very well with me! I don’t use the whole pack, just half of it, mixed it with my Dolce Gusto Espresso amd Coffeemate Caramel Machiatto creamer each morning. The coffee will actually let you eat but only to a certain point – it makes you feel full and if you pushed on eating more you’ll have an uncomfortable feeling of “gluttony”. I’m glad I found something that actually worked, I lost 16 lbs in 6 months…Remember I only use half a pack each day so my weight loss is gradual. I heard from somebody that she used 2 packs a day since she’s part of the wedding entourage, she lost 12 lbs in one month!
I simply didn’t like the taste although I did drink it everyday until …
on September 23, 2016
Verified Purchase
So I’m a lover of a very strong cup of coffee but this one was even too strong for me. I simply didn’t like the taste although I did drink it everyday until it was gone and my pants felt looser. I wish I could try the other products they sell as well before making a commitment. I hate being negative but this is simply my honest opinion. It arrived quickly other than that.
Five Stars on July 29, 2016
Verified Purchase
Fast and good product!! really recommended!!, i bee actually using then product but didnt bought it in online, i did bought it to a friend at first I was 140 pounds when i start using it at first i was skeptical to use it at first month i havent seen any changes on my weight but some changes on my diet seems starting to change which is really hard to do on my part, and so i try to continue it, tried in online if its available and it is in amazon so i tried to purchase online,then yay i start losing weight and now im 127 pounds. its quite expensive but its worth trying for me as i been using a lots to eradicate my stubborn fats. i admit buying in amazon is more cheaper, the shipping is also fast. i dont have discount on it and no reason for me to be unbiased on my review, Im really glad to share something good in my purchased, if its really worth it ill give my good recommendation and for this i do really recommend it.
5.0 out of 5 stars I would recommend it to anybody that wanted to lose weight it …
on December 31, 2016
Verified Purchase
I drink this coffee on an empty stomach it really help my appetite. I ate only one meal a day. I drunk ithe coffee about 7:00 and it would hold me til 5:. I would recommend it to anybody that wanted to lose weight it really works
weight loss slim roast coffee reviews
As you can see the majority of real customers give this coffee a rating of 5 out of 5 stars and the 1 review that was not still produced results. Maybe that customer is not a big coffee drinker.

My Personal Opinion

👍I have personally tried the coffee and I love it. Its a light to medium blend, its a bit creamy like when you get it from a good coffee store, and it has been craving my hunger and actually helped me to lose 15 lbs. so far.

I haven’t really changed my diet, I still eat what I want, but I have noticed that craving food has drastically decreased in experience which I like.

So I personally would recommend this coffee to those that are on the fence.

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valentus slim roast reviews


5 / 5 stars