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Visalus Responds to Ocean Avenue Lawsuit

visalus lawsuitVisalus Responds to Ocean Avenue Lawsuit according to businessforhome.org.

On October 29, 2013, Ocean Avenue filed a suit in Federal Area Court in Utah versus ViSalus which affirms that ViSalus broke certain of its legal rights.

ViSalus thinks that this lawsuit, together with the resulting negative publicity encouraged by Ocean Avenue and its suppliers, is simply a desperate effort by Ocean Avenue to press ViSalus into clearing up the 9 separate claims going back to November 2012 that ViSalus submitted versus Ocean Avenue and 9 of its distributors for breaches of non-competition and non-solicitation contracts.

As ViSalus thinks this claim is completely without quality, it plans to strongly defend itself against these not true accusations.

ViSalus is undeterred by this newest action by Ocean Avenue and will remain to utilize all offered legal treatments to strongly pursue the enforcement of its other and contractual legal rights which include looking for the recovery of substantial monetary damages from Ocean Avenue and its distributors.


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