Wake Up Now Review – Is It A Scam Or Legitimate?

WUN_logoWelcome to my Wake up Now Review.

I will cover details about the company and owners, and how long they have been in existence, the products and what they are, and the compensation plan and how it works.

I will hopefully go into detail that you can’t find anywhere else and then hopefully after reading this full review you can have a better understanding whether or not you want to proceed with building this company or not.

There are many details about Wake up Now so I would suggest getting a pen a paper out and write down any questions you might have and then either email me with those question with the information I listed after this review.

UPDATE: Wake Up Now got shut down, last I heard one of the owners ran it into the ground!

First, About Me

WallaceI wanted to first introduce myself, my name is Wallace, I have been involved in Network Marketing for over 14 years now, and have been doing business online for over 7 years.

I have made sever 6 figure incomes, and have helped many of my students reach financial freedom with online marketing as well.

You can read more about my story in my about me page that is on this site.

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Ok, lets get on with this review…

The Company Details

Wake Up Now was founded in 2009 by Troy Muhlestein. As of right now WUN has an Executive team made up of 9 officers ranging from a Chief Financial Officer to Chief Global Strategist.

When I did a Google search I found that WUN is located in Utah, and for contact information please refer to the information below.

504 West 800 North
Orem, Utah 84057

Phone: (801) 373-2600
Fax: (801) 769-3723

Email: support@wakeupnow.com

Wake Up Now helps you make money by helping others shop and travel.

The Product Details

wun-savings-clubAll the products that are in the back office are featured on the Hub.

The Hub is an easy to access back-office that makes it easy to access all features from one spot.

In my opinion Wake up Now has some of the best products when compared to any traditional product based MLM company out there.

Most of the products are a digital product like the Tax Bot software, and even the Financial planner software.

They also have a grocery coupon area that will list all the current coupons in your area.

The Travel product is out of this world with the amount of savings you can save on travel and stays.

They just added a Condo discount product as well which is great for me and my family, just because when we travel we usually stay in condos with our time share.

Now, after the 2013 convention WUN has physical products like healthy energy drinks both in liquid and powder form, healthy ganoderma coffee, and even a healthy skin care line.

So WUN both has digital products and now healthy physical products starting on October 1, 2013.

The Compensation Plan Details

wun-3-andits-freeI have to admit that Wake Up Now has one of the best compensation plan models out there.

Its crazy really.

They make it very easy for the new person to get into profit unlike most other compensation plan models out there.

First of all, it only take 3 people for you to cover your auto-ship of $99 bucks monthly.

But get this, when you have 12 people in your organization, whether you placed them there, your up-line spilled some members over to you or even when your team duplicates, you will make at least a $600 residual check monthly!

Crazy right?

wun-600-for-12It doesn’t stop there but it goes into more detail like volume, and leg balancing after that, but still even after that its still one of the more easy to understand models out there that has a clear cut outline on how to build it for maximum pay-out.

To be honest these details about the compensation plan were a huge tipping point for me to get involved and start promoting it.

Yes, that is right, the cat is out of the bag, I am officially a member of Wake Up Now.

Why did I join?

Because it’s that good!

My Final Thoughts

There is not that many MLM opportunities that have physical products, that are more on the traditional side of things that I really like or even want to promote out there.


Because its simply too hard for my team to break into profit because the compensation plan is way too difficult to work or even understand.

I love the simplicity of things with Wake up Now, and love many things about it, from the look and feel, to the products, and of course the pay plan.

Would I recommend WUN?

thumbs upI think its obvious, but yes, I would highly recommend getting involved with this company.

Is Wake Up Now a Scam

Of course it is not!

WUN has all the pieces in place to make it a legitimate MLM opportunity.

They have the products, and now they even have physical products, they have a customer base, with the right leadership with an exceptional compensation plan that is out of this world.

If you want to finally make extra money from home then join my team and lets lay out a game plan for you that works.

Thank you for reading my Wake Up Now Review, please like this page and leave a comment below.

Take care,

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– Wallace Nuanez
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skype – wrnuanez

5 / 5 stars     


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