Webokane Review and Opportunity

In my Webokane review I will cover the company, the products and how you get paid if you decide to join.

I am a personal friend to the owner and want to first say that I am going to try to keep this as un-biased as possible.
I wanted to add that if you are looking for a good team that will help you succeed in Webokane and want to be close to the top of the compensation plan, then this is the team you will want to join.

Why Partner With Me

wallace nuanez picture by deskHello, my name is Wallace Nuanez, I have been a successful Network Marketer for over 15 years, and have been a full time Internet Marketer for over 9 years now as of writing this review.

I have been on the top of most all the leader boards as far as having recruited and built the biggest teams of the companies I have joined.

I also provide training and support, I have created multiple 6 figure earning from just traffic generation from Internet Marketing.

So you see why partnering with me is beneficial.

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What is Webokane

(Web)Okane means “Money” in Japanese, hence WebOkane means WebMoney.

Webokane operates from a cloud office. We have no physical inventory and a majority of work can be outsourced to people all over. We may establish virtual offices around the world, and even a physical office when we reach a stage which requires it.

Webokanes owner and operator is Dillon Kreider.

The Mission Statement

Webokane is dedicated to helping  people earn a realistic income online. Dillon has struggled for years trying to “crack the code” so to speak, at generating an income you can live on from home at your computer. Despite what the guru’s may teach you, It’s not as easy as it sounds. When Dillon created Webokane he wanted to create a very simple process that struggling entrepreneurs could put to work and make a consistent income with the ability to earn way more than the average.

So many people make it sound like making money online is a breeze , and like it come’s natural for them. That wasn’t the case for me. And if you are anything like me, You have probably spent a small fortune , just trying to make an above average income online. From 1998 until about 2007 I met one failure after the next, finally I started a publications company in 2007 and started doing pretty good. I understand how it is to struggle and I am here for you if you need help.

Webokane Compensation Plan

Here is how the ranking factor works.

Below “Qualifications” are based on Gold Package sales and referrals. Once you hit ANY rank you are qualified for that rank for the life of your membership . The below ranks are not based on monthly sales. Our compensation plan is very powerful and has an unlimited earning potential. With just 2 personal referrals on your front line and 100 people below you , your earnings would be over $4500 monthly with your matching income bonus. This is just an example of the potential , and shows you how powerful this plan can be. The below ranks are very attainable, and your efforts accumulate over time. So it may take one person a few months to become a 3 star , while someone else may take six months and another may accomplish it their first month. 95% of other payplans have “Monthly” requirements which can be hard to maintain. Below you can see just from your earnings , even if you benefactor/ “pay the way” for new referrals as your profit increases you could easily climb our rank ladder.

PSV = Personal Sales Volume

Qualified – 2 personal Gold referrals – Matching Income Bonus from Level 1-5 and up to $5180 in matrix earnings

1 Star –    4 personally referred qualified members + 10 personal referrals $1500 PSV Matching Bonus from level 1-6 and up to $10,300 in matrix earnings

2 Star –    4 personally referred 1 star members + 20 personal referrals/$3000 PSV – Matching Bonus from levels 1-6 and up to $20,540 in matrix earnings

 3 Star-     4 personally referred 2 star members + 30 personal referrals/$4500 PSV- Matching Bonus from levels 1-7 + Up to $41,020 in matrix earnings

4 Star–     4 personally referred 3 star members + 50 personal referrals/ $7500 PSV- Matching Bonus from levels 1-7 + Up to $61,500 in matrix earnings

5 Star–     4 personally referred 4 star members+ 100 personal referrals/$15,000 PSV- Matching Bonus from levels 1-7 + Up to $102,460 in matrix earnings

It can take you a year to achieve 50 referrals , that is ok. The above achievements are not based on monthly requirements. They are ranks accomplished thorugh time and effort. We plan to also have recognition and possible events to show our appreciation to those who have put forth the efforts with Webokane and helped us achieve great things by achieving greatness themselves.

To earn ANY bonuses in GOLD plan you must have a minimum of 2 personal sales/referrals.

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The Silver Package Matrix

the webokane silver matrix

The Gold Matrix

the first part of webokanes gold matrix

the second gold matrix part of webokane

Some Bonuses You Get as You Grow

the webokane bonuses when you build


What Are The Products

Weboke has 2 packages, the Silver and the Gold level.

Silver Level

At the Silver level, Webokane offer hundreds of current software and e-books with master resell rights, meaning you can sell them and keep 100% of the profit. These digital products will be in available instantly and packages will increase as they add to their package regularly. A majority of them will come with e-cover, sales letter/material , website template and other material to help you sell the product or utilize it for something profitable.

Gold Level

At the Gold level they will begin hosting exclusive monthly seminars that they will pay thousands of dollars to top notch professionals and guru’s in a number of industries with a majority being related to internet marketing and building an online business.

Additional tools at the Gold Level include:

  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Capture Page Creator – Build your own personal Lead Capture Page in minutes!
  • Contact Manager – This wonderful contact manager allows you to capture info on all your prospects, separate teams , utilize a calender, import contacts from a variety of sources and much more
  • Text Message Marketing (SMS)
    200 text msgs/month included
  • Marketing Website
  • SmartSender
  • Training Boot Camp
  • Video Presentations
  • Activity Tracker
  • Warm Market Wizard
  • Customizable About Me Page
  • Ad Link Generator
  • Flyers
  • Online Banners
  • Email Campaigns – Equipped with several pre written emails designed to convert
  • Marketing Materials
  • Training Materials
  • Email Inbox – Personal email address to manage , organize and touch base with contacts
  • Calendar & Task List
  • Email Broadcasting Tool
  • Video Creator
    Create, upload or use YouTube videos with our incredible Video Creator!
  • Custom Domain
  • Aweber Integration
  • Email Support
  • Web Meeting – Your own 50 person room for your team meetings
  • Live Phone Support
  • Conference Bridge – Personal 99 person conference bridge with ability to record, email and post your recordings.
  • Audio Creator
  • Traffic Rotator – Great for running co-op ad campaigns with your team
  • Customized Team Sharing – Customize all content from videos to emails. Excellent for team leaders
  • Toll-free Voicemail – Your own personal toll-free voicemail

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Is Webokane A Scam?

is webokane a scam noIn my opinion Webokane is not a scam.

It has been set up legitimately and has real products and services that provide real value.

Many start ups get a bad wrap just because of the bad rap many get, what I do know is that I know Dillon has put a lot of his own money into getting everything in place.

That alone says a lot!

What sense does it make to create such a robust program that offers everything that Webokane offers just to gamble on its failure, especially when the owner puts all of his own money into it?

For those reasons, the products, and payplan, I am on board!

Join my team, you will not be sorry.

Thank you for reading my Webokane review about the entire program.

Please like, share, and Google like my article.

Thank you!

Wallace Nuanez


5 / 5 stars