Work From Home Network Marketing MLM Opportunities

Work From Home Network Marketing OpportunitiesThere are many programs out there that are work from home Network Marketing opportunities today.

The question is ‘do you want a program that would strictly work from home’ or one that requires you to still do home meetings and going to local presentations to grow your business?

Either one you pick there are countless opportunities that you could pick from out there, but make sure it is one that fits you and legit.

But First, Who am I…

Wallace NuanezBefore I go into the differences of the 2 types and what to expect, let me introduce myself.

My name is Wallace, I am a full time Internet Network Marketer, and have been full time working from home on the Internet for over 6 years now as of writing this article.

I have worked both traditional Network marketing Opportunities and also the New School MLM Opportunities that can be built strictly from the Internet.

I am telling you thins not to brag or boast but to let you know that you can feel confident that I can give you some real, and value packed information.

Enough about me, lets get on with this article.

The Traditional Network Marketing MLM Opportunities

Old MLM Presentation PicIf you decide to lean toward the traditional style of Work From Home Network Marketing Opportunities then you are not going to just be able to build your business from home.

The company, and your up-lines will expect you to have an influence in building your business locally as well.

This means talking to your friends and family, approaching strangers at your local stores and asking them a key peek interest question which is:

“Hello, you look like a sharp individual, my company is actually expanding in this area and searching for sharp individuals like yourself to know if you would be interested in learning how you can start earning an extra $500 to $1200 bucks a week working just 3 to 5 hours part time a week for it, would that be something you would be interested in learning more about?”.

Then Invite them to your local presentation, they will see the presentation, and then they will either sign up or move on.

That is basically the jist of what takes place, and what has to be duplicated over and over everyday to go through enough people to get to someone that will JOIN your business.

I admit, I started out with the traditional model of Network Marketing Opportunities, as a matter of fact the first company that I started out with was Amway.

The second company that I really was taught what to do and seen an actually check and the power of MLM was Tahitian Noni.

I didn’t want anything to do with Network Marketing before I joined TNI, I thought, at the time it was a waste of time, and was too expensive to keep up, but my wife dragged me into it for the second time.

I have been ever grateful ever since, because that company, Tahitian Noni, brings us into what I like to call the “New School” of Network Marketing Opportunities.

The New School Online Home Network Marketing Opportunities

New School Network Marketing OpportunitiesWhen I was pounding the concrete, getting strangers (prospects) to our local presentation meetings, I thought to myself what other ways can I reach out and share my opportunity with people.

I knew it was a numbers game, and just had to talk to enough people daily to get a good conversion of people signing up, but the local thing was getting to expensive, and getting kinda rough on my soul and feet.

This is when I thought, what better way to get my message in front of a ton of people by getting my message displaying on the Internet.

I thought I was a genius… but when I started to try to figure this new way of marketing out, I was utterly and completely lost!

I didn’t know what HTML was, or SEO, or what a WordPress blog was. I mean I was starting at less than a 0 knowledge base about how to drive traffic to my opportunity online using the Internet, it sucked…

But I stuck through it and started reading courses after coursed on SEO, website design, and attraction marketing to name a few.

2 years later I was finally making close to $4,000 residual, just with 1 program.

And it was built strictly by driving traffic on the Internet to my opportunity, plus talking on the phone to close them, but the point is, I NEVER had to go to a home meeting, or even had to go to the local presentation ever again!

I built this company using SEO, and Google ad-words (PPC).

What To Expect Out Of The 2 MLM Opportunities

Traditional – Now with traditional work from home network marketing opportunities most of them frown on the idea of putting ANY kind of 3rd party material on the Internet about there company.

You have to be very careful and read the terms and conditions of distributorship about what you can and cannot do when it comes to advertising or marketing on the Internet.

Just make sure you can do it, some companies will terminate you on the spot for this.

New School – With a new school program, usually if the program is decent it will offer a marketing system with it that you can simply drive traffic to, and the marketing system would do the rest.

Sometimes the company websites doesn’t look entirely professional, and some of them are sketchy, so much diligence must be taken to find out if the company is legit or not.

When you do finally find a good online new school Network Marketing Opportunity, it can be total magic.

Sometimes when the funnel is just right, all you have to do is send traffic to it, and the marketing system will do all of the work for you, all the way down to signing them up!

Those funnels are the ones I personally enjoy marketing.

But much care is required after your prospects sign up to keep them in for the long haul with this automatic process, you need to show support and to just be there for them via phone conversations.

Talking on the phone can mean the difference between you making a couple 100 dollars a month to multiple thousands!

Even with the “New School Network Marketing Opportunities” you still have to read the terms and conditions to see what you can put out there as far as marketing for long term builds, but in most cases they are very lenient to a point.

In Conclusion

Whether you choose to go the traditional path, or to choose the New School path (my personal favorite) you are going to want to make a commitment of 1 year.

Yes I said 1 Year!

By staying committed and not jumping from program to program thinking the grass is greener on the other side when all you needed to do is water the grass you have in the first place.

You will have the best possible percentage to create a steady, residual monthly income.

You will show your team that you are committed, and show dedication, and this will INSPIRE your team to duplicate YOUR Efforts!

This will mean some major growth, which equals to big checks!

I wish you the best in whatever work from home Network Marketing Opportunity path you take.

Stay focused, and stay active!

take care,


5 / 5 stars