Xplocial Review – Scam or Legitimate?

xplocialXplocial has busted into the scene and is starting to make some big noise in the community, so that is why I decided to make a review about it.

First things first, this does not appear to be another copy cat 100% payout company, but they are running with the concept but bringing there own flare into the mix.

Sorry, but the Xplocial Company is now closed.

Between the commission structure and the products they have to offer, it has me intrigued to investigate further.

In my Xplocial review I will go over details about the company and owner, the products and the compensation plan of course and I will leave you with my final thoughts if I think that Xplocial is a scam or not in my closing statement.

But first a little about who I am.

WallaceMy name is Wallace, I am an Internet marketer and have been working online successfully for over 6 years now, but I have also been in Network Marketing for over 13 years as of writing this review.

I am sharing this to let you know that the information that you get with me is not fro a re-written review that is already out there but actually from a well investigated experienced person that has been in this industry for a while.

Enough about me, you can actually learn more about my story in my about me page above.

The Company

xplocial ceoThe president and CEO is Larry Marcus. Larry has a very impressive track record in the direct selling and Network Marketing field. He has been called upon numerous times by companies as a consultant to help either help direct an guide or help build back into profit.

He has actually been a consultant to over 55 Network Marketing companies, that right there tells you that this is not some corporate guy that doesn’t know a thing about the field, he has been around the block even though in some circumstances he seems like the corporate guy that has deep pockets coming into an opportunity but doesn’t have any experience with the day in and day out operations of how a network Marketing company works.

With what I read I do believe that Larry brings both the traditional big business sense, and Network Marketing sense to the table.

There have been other owners that have had some HUGE success with traditional business but when it came to Network Marketing sense, they dropped the ball, to name one would be the company “Live the Source” with company owner Ted Farnsworth (what a big blunder there).

Larry is actually putting himself out there as the owner and lead direction and operations manager. he has more than 28 years of success, so lets see what he can do with Xplocial, but the building blocks seem to be there, they just have to be consistently built upon to keep growing.

The Xplocial Products

The Xplocial products are actually a ton of discounted or in some cases free coupons or vouchers in various different categories like restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, hotels, car rentals, even attractions like Disneyland.

xplocial productsWhat do you do with them?

Well, you can actually use them yourself or give them away to potential prospects or clients.

There are also many uses for them outside of you just using them, think about it, use it as a free gift for your list just to show some love, hold a contest for people looking to get a family discount to Disneyland and the first person to get it right gets the prize, or say you are on a webinar and want to get the crowd even more exited, you can do that by giving away a prize during or even better after the webinar.

There are so many applications you can use these real world certificates for, you just have to open up your imaginative skills and run wild with them.

Disclaimer: I have to mention that the amount of offers available will be much less for the $29 membership than the $100 membership.

You are going to have much more of an assorted list to choose from with the bigger package, but when reviewing what you get with the smaller package it still offers a lot of value so you are not losing out on everything that might interest you on the lines of getting some juicy discounts.

The Compensation Plan

The Xplocial Compensation plan is riding the popular wave of 100% commission plans.

Does Xplocial truly pay out 100% to the field?

No, they have a $19.95 monthly admin fee, but on the positive side they don’t hide this detail with you like other companies out there (cough… Empower Network) and are transparent about it.

Do they have pass-ups?

xplocial compensation planYes, the way it works is when you enroll your first person they will pass up to your sponsor, but your second person will stay with you, your 3rd person you enroll will be passed up to your enroller and you will keep your 4th and 5th person as your personals, and the last pass up will be your 6th person.

After you pass up your 6th person this is where this company stand out among the rest.

After you pass up your 6th person from your 7th person you enroll and then on… they will all be coded to you as your personals.

I like this detail because with other programs they actually will either give too much away in the case of Empower Network or actually not give enough away, like in the case of Neucopia.

So in my opinion I believe they have hit on the sweet spot of the 100% commission model.

Here is a video that should clear some things up about the compensation plan.

There are some details that you should know when earning these commissions.

1. If you are only at the $29 level you will only receive commissions for people that enroll at the $29 dollar level, so for example, if you enroll your second person, and you are at the $29 level and they join at the $129 level, that commission will be passed up to your sponsor as well.

Being at the $29 level will only qualify you to receive $29 level commissions and the system will pass up the $129 commissions to your sponsor.

At the $129 level, you automatically qualify yourself to receive both the $129 commissions, and also the $29 commissions when they are not passed up in the normal progression of the compensation plan.

This is a powerful model that has a higher percentage for bigger commissions faster than most companies out there.

I like it.

Is Xplocial a Scam Final Thoughts

After reviewing all the facts and reviewing their website I have no reason to call this company and how they pay out to be a scam.

Although it is not a true 100% commission pay-out for every person you enroll because of 2 factors; the $19.95 admin fee and the fact that you pass up your 1st 2nd and 6th person it is still the strongest compensation plan in this type of commission structure that is out there today as far as I am concerned.

All you faithful Empower Network disciples might argue with me, but that is ok, makes for interesting conversation.

Is Xplocial a Scam?

No, its actually an awesome company with awesome products, and with a killer compensation plan that I am intrigued with.

Would I personally work this business, I think I would, I mean why not, there is a ton of money on the table with this compensation plan.

So I will leave you with this, if you do plan on joining Xplocial, then do yourself a favor and find a good sponsor that either they or their team will offer things like webinars, conference calls, co-ops, and above all training and support!

I hope you enjoyed my Xplocial Review and hopefully I addressed any questions you may have had about it, if not make sure to leave a comment in the comments section below, thank you.

– Wallace

5 / 5 stars     


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